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Myrtillocactus which one?


I have just dug up & brought home a BIG Myrtillocactus & was wondering if anyone knows how to work out if it is M.geometrizans or M. cochal?

I have read that some people class cochal as a variety of geometrizans eg; M. geometrizans var cochal & other class them as different species. Anyway I have looked through 100's of photos of both M.geo & M.coch & I am thinking I have M.cochal, I am basing this off the spine length & density & have come to this conclusion simple by looking at photos because I can not find any paperwork describing the differences. Help on working this out would be great!

Here are a few photos.

post-11291-0-85946900-1360129393_thumb.j post-11291-0-53612000-1360129457_thumb.j

post-11291-0-99915500-1360129577_thumb.j post-11291-0-28584300-1360129651_thumb.j



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I'd say M. cochal.

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