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phsyco ex girlfriend

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be glad she wasn't ur wife & u didn't have children with her... :blink:

THIS! its better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho for the rest of your life

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well im glad i dodged a bullet we will just leave it at that

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well im glad i dodged a bullet we will just leave it at that

Glad you dodged the bullet, take care of yourself and if I may offer a final nugget...

"Psycho Ex Girlfriend" - Is there any other kind?

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wow, what a mess. I hope this works out well in the end...

hey bigred, what's you zodic sign?

you seem really unwilling to make some drastic move. you got back with her because you were sorry for her. she attacked your family but dont wanna do something radical about it? dont want the drama?

I thought the drama was in your back yard by now

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im a Taurus it always gets me in trouble

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Also, check out this guy. I know him. It's the most fucked up situation ever and epitomises how biased the system is towards women.


thats fucked up man i found myself in a similar situation about 8 yrs ago fortunately it was never reported to police

otherwise i might have been one of the poor bastards locked up for nothing

i basically hooked up with this chick we were both a drunk but i know she had been wanting to hook up with me from friends

now the wierd part is SHE CAME ONTO ME we hooked up she ended up spending the entire weekend at my house

it was beginging to seem like i had a new girlfriend anyway sunday comes round she leaves late sunday night before she leaves starts telling me how much she really liked me and was basically asking me out she wanted to go further with it

then i didnt see her for 2 days and im driving down the street and i see her with her ex boyfriend walking along holding hands

i was pretty damn confused at this point like wat the fuck was all that shit you said to me over the weekend like wat the fuck is going on

anyway i go well ok i guess thats not going anywhere basically forget about it then about 2 weeks later

i end up at this party unfortunately small town the ex and now current boyfriend is there bails me up in the corner

and get this says to me


at this point i have no idea wats going on why would she say this like WAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW

in 2 minutes i've got him and 4 of his mates surrounding me ready to beat the shit out of me

i start to lose it a bit at this point i start screamin at him wat the fuck get your fucken bitch out here now cos i wanna fucken hear this shit

cos i didnt do anything i then began to try and piss him off by telling him hey she came onto me mate

the dudes getting in my face telling me to hit him i said dude id fuck you up

but why the fuck am i gonna even bother to take a swing so you and ya 4 mates can jump me

thats fair aint it was a load of shit i ended up getting out of there without a fight believe it or not

i had enough other people there that new me well and new this is not me i would never have done something like that

in the end ii basically just pushed through the circle of them and walked away

the dude got wat was coming to him though and so did that dumb slut she ended up a scabby puss faced crack head about a yr later

and well lets say her boyfriend plays football for the local footy team im not into it and dont play never have but am good mates with basically all of those guys

needless to say half of his own football team fucked him up

aswell as other friends who had heard about the situation and were not impressed

im well known around these parts as one of the nicest guys around and people werent happy about wat they were hearing

no one believed it for a second

i've seen the guy at multiple parties after this now everytime i see him he tries to shake my hand and i just give him a dirty look and shake my head haha

thats my story anyway but yeh if this was taken to the police or something things could have been alot worse

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