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POLL: How should Rumple/Chef redeem himself.


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I am sorry to say that even though I tried to make it easy for chef to sort out his debts and to come clean here, he appears to have elected not to do so. I find that very disappointing because I am convinced he's not actually a bad guy, but just got himself into a really screwed up situation.

psylo, the thing about being the judgemental loudmouth is that you don't get to learn about people or understand them. If it wasn't for you this might have ended differently. Not every attention seeker is a troll - some of them simply need attention. Chef obviously needed it and I think I understand why, but I doubt you will ever understand people like that because you don't bother to find out about them. I am not sure what's worse, chef's lies or your persecution of him.

This is not a criticism of the others who demanded answers and who showed their disappointment. I share your frustration. The questions are justified. The bullying is not.

I am locking this thread so that everyone knows the outcome of this drama. It's an ugly thread that probably should have never happened, but sometimes it is good to have a thread that brings the nasties out of the woodwork. I am NOT banning chef yet as this would remove his option of making good on his trades via PM, however I will put him on moderator preview so that he can't actually post.

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