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Movie and music Synchronicity

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Was giving my computer an old spring clean and stumbled across some synchronocity files i put together ages ago, most of the syncs were found from The Synchronocity Arkive, others off random articles I've found.

Just finished uploading Alice in Wonderland synced with Pink Floyds The Wall so i could share it on here in case anyone hasn't seen or heard it :)

Both the movie and album is relatively old and awesome so I'd hope everyone on here owns a copy of both (if you don't... then you should :slap: ) but yeah, probably don't download it if you don't have copies (that would be illegal!! :P )

Also put together:

Dark Side of the Rainbow

The Matrix - Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here

Fantasia - Radiohead OK Computer

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back - Metallica And Justice For All

There are heaps heaps more out there, the ones above are just the ones i whipped up because i hated having to get the timing right for the CD and DVD.

Alice In Wonderland - The Wall


Also, if theres a problem with me sharing the link let me know and I'll take it down, i only uploaded it here to share it with people that already own copies of both, not going to spread it around the interwebz like a pirate.

Enjoy!! It's an orgasm for the eyes and the ears, embedded subtitles into the movie so you know what the characters are still saying :)

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