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Wanted: N. Rustica, Trichocereus Sp. and any microscopy slides

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Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is a bit of a tall order but I would be willing to trade or atleast pay for postage, although don't have any seeds to trade yet as I'm trying to get my garden started. Currently living in NSW. Interested in:

-N. Rustica (seeds),

-Trichocereus or any cactii seeds really these would just be preferable

-any seeds really, beggars can't be choosers hey

Anyway this is my first real post, and I hope to kind of put back what I take haha or atleast barter for.


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Hey mate i can give you some n rustica n tabbacum(if you want it) and some trich not much of each coz most is planted but im happy to share because i was sorted out when i joined! Mite have a couple lophs left too ill check tho give us a PM welcome btw



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