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Mallow or hollyhock

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Common Mallow:




One of these panacea, cure-alls..

I love em.

And.. I tell ya, going half feral..listening to intuition..identifying safe plants and parts.. and then going on random forage, hunter/gatherer missions..

not all plants need to be 'psychoactive'. I think theres great magic in all flowers, regardless of 'alkaloids'.



I'm nearly sure now, all of what i've seen and been curious of, is common Mallow or another close relative.

This plant, and plantain, dandelion, wild lettuces.. even the edible grasses, reeds and tubers..

I'd love to see more curiosity happening.. more wondering.. more research..

and ethno-development.

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Pictures would really help... Cant do much without them...

On a side note~ Isnt Dr Hook awesome? ...

helps me think, dunno bout u...

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I seem to have discovered that

hollyhock can be treated more or less as mallow, and marshmallow..

and although it seemed like too much effort to attempt traditional marshamllow making,using these more common plants (in case it totally flopped)

I have a strong sense that it wont.

I just juiced a whole bunch up,

and it was like drinking some kind of cooling, restorative jelly. Flavour ok too.

If the leaves and stems are this 'mucilaginous', I reckon the root will do its job.

And ate a handful of flowers too. Little violet, kind of nutty and delicious in a nectary kind of way.

I've got some drying, and a grinder on its way.

Medicinal lollies, I can't wait!

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Did you end up making your lollies from your plant?

Are you talking about Hibiscus splendens or Malva preissiana??

Also what colour were the flowers?


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