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:lol: love the stuff

is fascinating

especially when folk go cray cray in a mercury retrograde ..

wd've never noticed had it not been pointed out to me tho and wd've remained sceptical only believing it could happen at full moons B)

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no its not, and I was the biggest sceptic of them all last time I checked... did you vote at the other thread?

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there may be something to it, i suppose i cant rule it out, but i would argue that the majority of influence is caused by your own mind. how do you delineate between an astrological influence and an influence that has come about due to what you believe?

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Well, I'm skeptic by nature.

But am open to many different ideas....

Zodiac is not on that list.

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I think the world would be better off without sagittarius people. Their brainwaves have been affected by the bodies and they inflict a negative influence on our society. I think we should gather them up in camps and begin a systemic execution of all those inflicted.

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Are my brainwaves affected by my body?? :0

Kill me now T!

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The heavenly bodies.

Hands up all those with heavenly bodies.

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My mother used to work at the E.R and the full moon would always be a crazy night .all the crazies

come out on a full moon

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me personaly?? easy as cake

for me I didnt have to differentiate from what I believed because I never believed in such stupid shit..

I am an atheist since ~12, hardline atheist afterwards, I didn't ever know what a sagi is... other than that I was supposed to be one... BOY! I dinnt imagine back then I was the most awesome sign , and souble so and super fire at this also!

I dont believe in none fucken mumbo jumbo and I happened to have researched natal charts...

yeah tarrot cards might be right, or I ching would have the answer...

natal astrology is another thing! its real analysis for those who wanna see whats there

it all started when I (long after being interestedin peoples personalities and disorders) I notices something is there... maybe it was easy to see me as a sagi, as I am a super sagi.. maybe...

but I am a still sceptic about everything else, yo.... astrology is a technique...

I have analysed more than 40~60+ charts of friends and people close to me (no random people are kept into record , only people I know) ) to analyse and verify their personalities...

being an amateur astrologist I see lots of people that simplify astrology to the sun sign and only..

forget that stupid scope... astrology needs serious reading or an "astrologer"

I am a sagi.. not some average sagi... noone is a sagi, nobody is a gemini... we are not a single sign


vote NO for greece, all fucken signs unite against economical fascism

song title is mikrocosmos, international greek lingo ....


Edited by mutant

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dramatic ending lyrics (repeated) saying:

its a human being that they keep him from walking

its a human being they keep in chains..

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Well mutant may call this a cop out, but i believe i feel the effects of progressive astrology quite strongly. Especially now that i have taken time to become familiar with each planet/signs preposed attributes.

Selfconditioning maybe, but why does it seem so bang on to what i am and have been experiencing?

Call me a kook or whatever, frankly i just dont care what people think, if astrology helps me make sense of things, i use it, if it doesnt, i disregard it.

I also use runes, tarot and the iching, and have found each tool has its place, pros and cons, but none can be relied on too heavily. They can point the way but you have to take the action required.

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We love you cos ur a kook :)

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hey boggy

why would I object to someone researching and finding some merit in progressive astrology?

If you ask me its a matter of interests, scope, strategy what one whats to use astrology for.

As far as my stance towards progressive astrology is concerned, its not simply I dont believe it or that I am just being more sceptic towards it, but it's rather an aesthetic and philosophical choice.

I admit some nights when sun is opposite moon (I got sun trine moon in the natal) things might get wild.. especially when I start drinking 40% alcohol which I havent done in years. So its not I dont believe, as it is I choose not to get into it. I have looked the sky a couple times searching for some explanation for a wild previous night... and didn't like the fact I did it.

The thing is I got into this (astrology) to understand the nature of human behaviour better... Despite the prophecy nature of the natal chart, it still is largely a psychological tool and pointing out the lifelong tendencies...

progressive astrology on the other hand tends to make a prophecy for each new day and my free nature as a Sagi simply cannot accept it neither as a strategy to live ones life nor I find it philosophically appealing.

Let me get to simply one of the best and most known examples of progressive astrology that helps my point..

mercury retrograde is about 75 days a year... in 3 phases... we are supposed to postpone certain activities while mercury is retro and prefer some other activities... ?? FUCK THAT..

on the other hand, I still remember when one full moon got me, many years ago, before I had any idea about astrology.. it was a wonderful and peaceful night and the wonder was shouting through that bright moon, when my mates got to sleep early, while I stayed up by the fire till the dawn while slowly eating and enjoying immensely the fire-baked potatos. That was my first indication that moon can effect people, something I was sceptical about before, even though I did not realise until the next days.. Of course back then I had no idea that this was actually ... astrology..

So all in all, progressive astrology might be useful to some

(is much more difficult to read and study, and perhaps as easy to oversimplify as natal astrology)

but not to me: I dont know what I could do with it

Ironically , people who learn I am into astrology ALWAYS ask stuff that only progressive astrology can answer, few of them are actually interested in personality astrology (natal)

well people are people!


PS: I find it amusing that many people believe that people are affected my the moon cycle, while disbelieving in astrology

Edited by mutant
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another thought I should add..

if some natal charts are lucky, like mine and some others are unlucky, then maybe the whole progressive astrology thing is fairer for all the people who dont have so lucky charts, maybe....

every 12 years, my governor and ruler of sagi, Jupiter, passes from the point it was when you were born..

so at 12 years, at 24, at 36, people who are into progressive astrology read a great opportunity, a frame of good luck and good omens, caused by the luck-bringer Jupiter... Maybe its fairer this way, since people with no sagi/9th house/jupiter activity would have no luck at all were it be only for the natal chart.....

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Hey mutey, sorry I missed replying to this til now.

I would love to show you a progressive forecast vid from my favourite astrologer sometime, just what i imagine your reaction to his demeanor alone, I think would be priceless. But it think it would work best when you find you are feeling weird/ out of sorts, affected by things in ways you wouldn't usually, or you are noticing friends and family are acting strange, so you can make your own conclusions as to weather it could be astrologically influenced.

The impetus for me in looking into progressive astrology is personal growth. I know the natal chart can operate as a character framework but tendencies are not always expressed to the same extent, so (in my view) negative inclinations (or those that are detrimental to overall well-being, quality of life) may be to some degree minimised by concious effort to redirect them into healthier expressions and innate gifts, talents, aptitudes may be maximised and properly utilised. For me the logical (and comprehensive) way of approaching this would be to work with progressive astrology as well as natal astrology so that your actions are running with the stream of current energy rather than against it. But this is just my way of approaching things now, and I'm not a fanatic, just a semi-regular observer & attuner.

As for mercury retrograde, although I was aware of it, in its last phase, I did one of the things you are really supposed to avoid doing during a mercury retrograde which is get involved in a romantic engagement with someone, and somewhat unsurprisingly (though it was surprising to me at the time) communication/expression difficulties got in the way of any real progress beyond the initial woooo-factor and it fizzled rapidly. I don't blame mercury retrograde but I certainly feel it had a big impact.

This 12 year Jupiter transit thing sounds good. About time. I turn 24 tomorrow and I think I deserve some luck by now. I remember when you looked at my chart, you said it was a pretty one, but there's a difference between pretty and lucky right? I have Jupiter in Leo tho, which is meant to be a 'dignified' position or whatever they call that, a good place for Jupiter to be.

How long does this supposed burst of luck last? Do I get a whole year? Or just a few days/weeks?

Ps. Drinking 40% alcohol can't be blamed on the moon, the moon didn't buy it, the moon didn't pour it down your throat..where's this autonomy you're so glad of eh? Please don't murder your liver :(

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astrology is about knowing who we are and why, between others....

an old tool , its a tool no? a technique is what I see astrology as...

well I am quite drunk now to say something to the point about prog. astrology... boggy

yr right a some sense of it, you got a base in yr arguement.... cant doit now though

but I am sure


my governor will bring you luck. not only for the 24 years, now...

knowing who we are , where we come from



ancient greeks talked about that stuff

I guess they had figured out we are all individuals

so its important to find out what it is that it is our own and our way and what not

philosophy is not like that egoist and liar Nitsche was about

Stirnerists will always defend egoism

communists collectivism and state-economy

Liberals will still say their own shit

and so on...


anarchists will be the same shit as they were

Maybe bog frog, you could do me some progressive readings?? :)

me patras, Greece , 8 dec 1979, 06.45

well we can do little progressive astrology live....

what I want? no relationship with no female,

just a fuck

now that's a question....

well that was exactly the way my life was going , almost all the way, almost now even.... always

everything was fucking fine, except one thing, but except that one thing, everythings was fine

the thing is I really dont give a damn.... right now, except from a fuck, I have no real needs that are beyond me

I wouldn't know what I want because I dont want anything

my vessel was privileged to have physical abilities that I never trained...

but family also put care , honesty, education

I was always so curious.. I really should go to see

a psychologist....

but I somehow seem to see the vessel as a toy with a Pavlov reflect . me playing the pavlov experiment that is ..

(sun conjunct neptune, mercury in 12th and full fire)


reading about the sagitarian optimism should give you a first scope of what LUCK really is...

if you expecting some nice surprises for 2x12 Jupiter passing... well... prepare it!

what you said about progressive astrology reminded of my avoidance in years to have a real psychedelic experience...

it was years ago, I believe it was 2009, when I first drove a US dricjkadgii

Maybe I am avoiding something, dunno, but I really dont have spiritually rich people like you by me to really talk about it...

Plus I always like to have a sitter for me, even though I have thought (years now) about me taking an experience down alone, with not people to share and talk to about and all,..... dunno....

I am realistic enough though to see I am already deep into the core of everything

20+ months on some of the most powerful cannabis strains on the planet is certainly something, no?

I know I would like to see what the "spirits" would have to say, and I am afraid of the spirits a bit

especially as I have extensively use wild dried "teacher" material as a form of a natural stimulant and dis-inebriant.

But It's not easy for me to tell a friend of mine, even though I know he will be the perfect sitter and friend, to come and do this for me, I am thining maybe I am too much of an egoist to even ask a friend to be a sitter?

I am not complaining, I deserve this... I am not even alone, I just , sometimes prefer my routine over socialising..

but as they say sagi's are alway positive yuo cant keep then on the down for long... My X got this soon enough

she said, seeming to realise how much of a kid mentality I have " I will die and you will be happy , soon enough, will forget and go on..."

saying it like she was sure about this....

maybe she predicted something, we were certainly NOT going straight with her...

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I know I am being stupid...

maybe some sagis might know why and how

my natal chart is a concentration of fire signs...

I thought 2xsagi, like me feels just like the ultimate sagi, but there's no ultimate sagi !

scorpio, pisces, virgo are the elements that straight me up... kind of...

dont have no sagi friends... most friends (gemini and aquariuMM) say sagittarians are jerks...

well not all of us are ATAVISTS,

there's us

real egoist

but real passionate and idealistic

sorry for my rambling,. blame it on some sun-moon opposition today>? I dont dare to dee

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I'm just a novice but I'll have a try.

Sun is in Leo, Mercury and Venus also in Leo lately, lots of fire since late July, considering that your moon is in Leo (emotional self) you probably have been feeling the impacts of the recent activity quite heavily.

Mars just emerged out of the watery depths of cancer on Thursday, into fire sign Leo, showing a shift in the expression of your will, from introspective self contained cancer to the proud open dramatics of leo.

May be a time of reasserting yourself and speaking out, interrupting things that have irked you, though, brashness should be avoided.

Venus is retrograding while in Leo, a time of limited interest in external partnerships and more emphasis on your own feelings, reactions and behaviours.

Saturn is transiting Sagittarius this year, bringing scrutiny, awareness and shedding of outmoded behaviour. Since sag. is both your sun and ascendant, 1st house identity, you may have become more self aware, and more observant on the effect your personality has on those around you, how your self expression may be perceived by others.

With the strong saggitarian influence you seek knowledge, wisdom and rich experience but may struggle to effectively convey your insight to others during this transit.

The scrutiny of saturn calls for a look into the patterns of your expression and venus retrograding in leo (your moon) a willingness to explore a more in depth dialogue and relationship with your self. An exploration of and partnership with the self, rather than looking to other people for communication.

Mercury moved out of Leo into Virgo on Friday, beginning a transition out of fire energies into earth energy.

Jupiter (your ruling planet) moved into Virgo this weekend and will stay there for the next year. Jupiter relates to expansion, optimism, understanding, growth. In Virgo, Jupiter acquires practicality, dedication and willingness to work steadfastly to actualise visions.

There may extra motivation to develop your skills and fine-tune your craft in order to lay down seed for future successes.

Influence of mercury in Virgo now means emphasis on precision in thought and speech, choosing what is useful and what needs to be discarded.

A kind of 'cleaning-house' time, connected deeply to sense of self, emotion and expression, as well as long term consideration of what is needed in your life and what is not, and an ability to make steady, although slow progress through self determined evolution.

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Did you notice what she did? she did me a free psychanalysis which I can read over and over these days ,,,

should tell ya thing before I go on babling about whatever... yeah it kind of fits...

within these last 2 weeks I had a great fight (again in these last 2-3 years) with an old friend.

we also did this variably intense dilaogue with friend (too complicated to really narrate)

but it really started with me insulted by her saying I dont have emotional intelligence, lol...

(and I even mentioned Leo to her, as she understand astrology) to tell her how I was insulted...

3 days after? I am full of ideas arguements, well somethings start things! luv chaos!!

At some point I told her I am not like other leos that take pride, are insulted but just dont show it! I told her I am a sagi, and if I am pissed off, which happens rarely, I wont get a straight face easily, so dont bug me more and that stuff... (they were trying both to sweeten me up)


then she got into a thing with something her ex said, my only sagi friend, and she was "insulted"

or what it something I created with my non existing emotional intelligence?

so I manipulated the situation ....

to and even blackmailed her tell her, so

you wanna go do this further, to see how emotional "insult" gets?

[point being was that she thought the sense of insult was not an emotional thing, but rathre a logical]

btw she is a happy Aries/Taurus sun hybrid with a colourfoul natal chart and with 2 Leo parents, so she know whats Leo pride... even the pride that is hidden,.....

well I am a sagix2 so I dont ALWAYS hide it... my pride.... we sagis are egoists alright, sure, how else could you be fucken optimist bozo? depending on the wonderful society, mankind, social justice?? no fuckers, optimism is Jupiter and sagitarrians... its an astrological coincidence! and to make you thing its 9th house and philosophies and shit.... we are are really the center of luck , thus hope. us Jupitarians! Listen to what the fuck we say!

3 days after? I am full of ideas arguements, well somethings start things! luv chaos!!

whats really emotional intelligence????

my emotional intelligence might not really be as tight as the logical one, but really, now many kinds of intelligence are there??

sure my emotional intelligence was disturbed, but I kind of retrieved it! (kind of)

I was not fucked in the ass though, I was just born from a cold and hurt mother

never saw my parents kiss, dont remember them do this..... dont rememeber never them doing wooochy-woochy stuff ... not never...

no wonder my first real tender emoitions came in interactions with cats!

cats are so easily physical...!! we should be like cats!!

Edited by mutant

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I really doing thing the wrong way for some time but yeah I have, I need some way to get through...

but its more social than anything, while i might have turnt to an antisocial, well , more antisocial as I were

think I should call that mate of mine....

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or maybe I should get a cat and a tattoo of a cat: I have been deciding this for over 7 years!!

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Lol. Get a cat a tattoo can't snuggle you.

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Or both. Whatever works ;)

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