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permethrin spray

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i'll start by saying sorry if this is in the wrong thread, seeing as its not a plant or seed.

long story short, i met a guy today who had aquired a 25L permethrin concentrate ready for dilution. dilution ratio is 1:160 and of course, the dilutant is just water. the guy paid $300 for it but realy just wants to get rid of it for $150 for the lot. he'd like to get what he'd paid for it but realy just wants it out of his house. when watered down, the product is labled an ant and spider spray. it is from the factory he works at. i just thought i'd do the guy a favour and see if anyone here wants it? life time supply of spider spray for a bargain!

victoria only as i'll prob have to drop it off personally. he eont sell it by the liter and i dont think he'd be down for trading either. just $$$$

any takers?

Edit: i'm not gonna play postie for 25L of permethrin concentrate for nothing! So $150 minimum for the lot

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That's a really, really good price. If I was in Vic I'd take you up on that for sure. Permethrin concentrate is about $40 for 500 mL around here.

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