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How much Lactarius?

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Questions for the SA/TAS/VIC members as I am having trouble tracking down this info:

1. Average wet weight of a young fresh Lactarius specimen?

2. Approx how many such specimens per day do you think could be picked per Ha of standard VIC pine plantation? i.e. population density

3. Am I correct in assuming the season for this genus roughly overlaps with sub season or is it longer/shoter?

4. Do you like numbered lists?

Thanks :)

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1) This is a bit of guess work, never really took their weight, young fresh specimen 100-200g (with caps around the size of a tennis ball up to less than a small tea saucer)

2) no idea, never picked in a plantation, but density is one thing and the number of people picking is another as you are aware i'd reckon :P

3) Not large amounts of experience with them, but i've seen them from around about when flys come out, till mid/late winter, found a very good fresh large specimen last week. I'd probably go for a little before subs and finishing a little before subs, march-aug/sept? I find it less prolific and a bit more temperamental than the sub season, but big note that this is outside plantation so that is a huge influence.

4) yeah they're alright. :lol:

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2) They can be prolific in areas but they don't grow everywhere thruout a plantation.

3) For smaller, fresh, saleable specimens the intense growth window is usually quite small, a few weeks only. May in SA. Specimens hang around for awhile though.

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