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Police warn of dangerous ecstasy pills

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I would tend to agree with Hanubs statement, it does seem as though a good pill is pretty quickly followed up by a copy, not necessarily locally produced though, it seems as though a lot of the copycats are actually Asian in origin and can vary wildly in quality even from the same batch....

i also have to agree about the quality or of the european product during the 90's, it was pretty awesome and this was directly due to competition in the market. i even saw some sugar coated ones just like skittles to prevent copies LOL.

its a shame that none of our main stream polys would ever have the integrity or knowledge on the subject to actually bring up publicly a reasonable argument for legalization based on this kind of harm minimization and cutting off of serious crimes cash flow. It seems as though a lot of the time the attitude is just to make it illegal and really not put in any further thought into the subject.

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I’ve been a long time user and fan of MDMA, but I don’t like the negative side effects and health problems that are associated with it; so I was in route for a legal healthier alternative. I tried a lot of legal products on the market, but it was all hype. The closest thing on the market is a product called, Trip2Night that can give you similar euphoric effects and lasts around 5 to 6 hours.


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