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The Corroboree

Cactus pics

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All the background info on them is available in this thread pedro, I didn't breed them, just grew them from seed. They are probably a T. peruvianus from around the Matucana area in Peru.


Yeah g8 is quite nice bardo, there are a couple others that are similar to it in the batch, more of a powdery blue than a blue green and black/red spination.

It's frustrating that I haven't had the opportunity to put them in the ground, they should be massive stands by now, but some of them really haven't grown much if at all in years, and I haven't been able to pot them up because they are stuck in the middle of a forest of pots, and when things are moved other plants start falling over. Am slowly chipping away row by row.

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Never had cuttings before,  hope I'm doing it right! 


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