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Bogor Botanical Garden fears chopper damage

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I thought this might be interesting...


Bogor Botanical Garden fears chopper damage

Tests of a makeshift helicopter landing pad in the Bogor Botanical Garden on Sunday were a success, said an officer from the municipality's Atang Sanjaya airfield.

Airfield operations chief Col. Deri Pemba said the helipad would be ready for U.S. President George W. Bush, who is visiting the presidential palace in Bogor on Nov. 20.

"It can take nine tons of weight," he said.


Construction of a helipad, in anticipation of the imminent visit by President George W. Bush, taking place at the Bogor Botanical Garden, in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. (Photo: Andre Vltchek, JapanFocus.org)

The three practice landings used a heavy-class Puma helicopter, while Bush's vehicle was expected to be lighter, Deri added.

Heavy wind from the rotors flipped a giant lotus (Victoria amazon) in a pond 50 meters away from the landing pad.

"The lotus will be all right ... Our main concern is our 37-year-old coconut palm from Maldives (Lodoicea Maldavica) near the helipad. It is fruiting now, for the first time since we brought the pollen from Singapore two years ago," said the head of the park's collection maintenance unit, Tatang Darajat.

To keep the fruit from blowing down, the park management wrapped each one separately.

"If we can make it, the coconuts will be ripe in six years," Tatang said.


Soldiers at Bogor Botanical Garden. (Photo: Andre Vltchek, JapanFocus.org)

Responding to critics of the elaborate preparations for the visit, Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda asked the public Saturday to respect the process, saying Bush was a state guest and the trip would benefit Indonesia.

Hassan said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono would pursue important issues during the 10-hour meeting such as education and health.

Theresia Sufa, The Jakarta Post, Bogor

The Jakarta Post, November 13, 2006


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What happened to the garden, I knew something like that would happen when THE TWO ASSHOLES meet.

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I've been to that garden many times and I love the garden and the plants there just like I love my own plants and after he allowed something like that happened, I have no doubt to say that SBY is not a leader he's just like any other government A******S.

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