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psychedelic links thread

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The first part of Liquid Crystal Vision on Youtube... I highly recommend to anyone here that you should find this on DVD and watch it on a big clear TV going through your stereo - lots of Shpongle (in fact the reason I got into Shpongle). If you like what you see, don't watch too much on youtube because of the crap quality which only gives you an idea how awesome this doco/movie is.


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Thanks. Was kind of afraid I had killed this thread by pinning it.


Boohbah is some kids show. The flash thing on this website is the best tripping toy I have ever seen online.

The only website where you navigate using some shiny orb star thingo.

OMFG dude... I remember being shown that webpage like 7 years ago and have been forever trying to remember what it was called.

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Yoga and Money

interesting excerpt:

We live in a slave culture. Our present economy is based on the domestication and exploitation of animals and nature. We perceive all animals, as well as land and water, in terms of usefulness to us, as slaves or potential slaves -- property to be owned. Our money comes to us as stolen wealth from the lives of the animals we buy and sell and from the natural resources we are exhausting. Without so much as a thank you we have come to feel entitled to use the earth and all living beings as if they had no purpose other than to be used by us. We are quickly removing all traces of wildness from the planet as we gun down mustangs from helicopters and dam "wild" rivers. If our culture had a mission statement, it might very well read, "The Earth Belongs to Us."

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