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Found 8 results

  1. I have just been alerted to this fairly new PhD thesis titled: Genetics and phytochemistry of Salvia divinorum from our very own Southern Cross University. The bottom lines are: 1) Genetics shows international collection of S. divinorum accessions to likely be of a single clone. 2) Some chemical variation exists among samples (rosmarinic acid and salvinorin A). 3) Chemical variation therefore likely to be environmentally induced. I've scanned the genetics part and it looks solid. Although nuclear DNA evidence would have been good to see. Have yet to have a close read of the chemistry work (and is less my expertise), so I'm not sure how good the science is there. There is also a nice job done on a literature review covering natural history, ethnobotany and phytochemistry of the plant.
  2. Hello everyone. I've got a cutting of Salvia divinorum but I've never seen of anyone rooting and growing Salvia from an non-leaf cutting... So I want to ask if any one had made that. My cutting doesn't have leaves neither roots... ¿Will he make it?
  3. solomon

    Salvia starting to flower?

    #Note from mod: S. divinorum is legal where centipede lives. Be sure to keep the discussion legal if it is not where you live. Thanks.# (Sorry ballzac, I will remember to add a disclaimer next time I post about plants scheduled in Aus) Hey all These Salvia divinorum plants have been in the ground in this greenhouse for close to a year now. Most of the new tips are a different shape and a purple colour. I can only hope these are flowers. Kicking myself because I tipped half of them just before they started growing like this...
  4. #Note from Moderator: Salvia is legal where Nemesis lives. Please ensure that your replies are not self-incriminating if Salvia is illegal where you live.# Late this summer I got some cuttings of Salvia. They took off like rockets and have produced som big leaves. But they are hardly bushy at all. What is needed to reduce the distance between the internodes and pump out more foliage? Going to cut these plants up next summer and just make lots of cuttings. But I dont want to make the same mistake twice. I'm guessing more humidity, less sunlight? What are your guys thoughts? This is where there at currently.
  5. CβL

    Salvia query

    ---I live in New Zealand, where Salvia is still legal, but if this thread can't be here, then poof it away mods, thanks--- So the other day, after watching my Salvia for months and spraying it religiously with water for ages, and buying it its own fertilizer (general purpose osmocote), I'm beginning to realize that something must be horribly wrong - as it's just growing so slowly, and the leaves are curling and browning at the edges. So I thought hard about it, and then I realized that it must be the water. I noticed white crusty rings on many of the pots. So... there must be savage amounts of lime in the water. Now I want to ask, what's the best way to lower the soil pH? I don't want to shock the plant. Here's a photo of it, looking worse for wear after accidentally being blasted with hot car air on a journey this afternoon: The top leaf is missing because I was hoping that removing it would spur branching, as I'd be happy to just start again with this plant. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated - as I obviously need it.
  6. Teotzlcoatl

    Salvia divinorum

    I know there are lots of various strains of Salvia divinorum, I'm trying to make a complete list of all of them and their origins and distinguishing characteristics. Salvia divinorum Strains- Salvia divinorum "Wasson and Hofmann" or "Bunnell" strain- The original clone brought back to the United States and distributed around the world. The name "Wasson and Hofmann" was first applied to the strain in 1992 by the now-defunct ethnobotanical company Of the jungle. They began listing it in their catalog as the 'Wasson and Hofmann' strain to differentiate it from another strain they introduced the same year, "Blosser" or "Palatable"strain. This clone was originally collected by Sterling Bunnell in 1962, not by Wasson or Hofmann. Salvia divinorum "Blosser" or "Palatable"strain- A clone which was collected by anthropologist Bret Blosser in December 1991 and sold by the now defunct ...Of the Jungle ethnobotanical company. Salvia divinorum "Cerro Quemado" strain- A descendant of a Salvia divinorum plant collected by L.J. Valdes,III, (the first person to isolate Salvinorin A, the active chemical in Salvia divinorum) near the village of Cerro Quemado, Mexico in the 1990s. Salvia divinorum "Luna" strain- A descendant of a Salvia divinorum plant growing under a Salvia divinorum cul. "Hofmann & Wasson" clone, found by Daniel Seibert in Hawaii in 1994. this is possibly a seedling or a sport (mutation). It has a slightly different leaf form (more rounded and the edges more serrated) than the other clones. Salvia divinorum "Julieta" strain- A strain collected by Daniel Siebert from a Mazatec shaman in Huautla de Jimenez (in the Sierra Mazateca, Mexico) in 1999. Salvia divinorum "La Fuerza" (The Force) strain- A strain collected by Kathleen Harrison, ethnobotanist and former wife of Terence McKenna, in January, 2001. Salvia divinorum "Owens" strain- A strain collected by Jack Owens on Cerro Rabon (in the Sierra Mazateca, Mexico) in June, 2003. Jack Owens was a major supplier of dried Salvia divinorum leaves to the US from Mexico. He died at the beginning of September, 2004 and this strain is named in his honor. Salvia divinorum "Paradox" strain- A cutting from a seed-grown strain raised by Daniel Siebert in 1994. Salvia divinorum derived from seed grown plants is almost impossible to find and should contain valuable genetics. Salvia divinorum "Resilience" strain- A cutting from a seed-grown strain raised by Daniel Siebert in 2002. Salvia divinorum derived from seed grown plants is almost impossible to find and should contain valuable genetics. If you have any to add please let me know! But make sure it is a fairly common strain, which is not impossible to source! I'm looking for the BEST Salvia divinorum strains... any ideas on which one is the most potent? (*Note*- I only want strains currently in circulation among the community of growers) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Salvia divinorum strains collected in the Sierra Mazateca and vegetatively propagated- Salvia divinorum "Wasson & Hofmann" or "Bunnell" strain Salvia divinorum "Standard Blosser" or "Palatable" strain Salvia divinorum "Cerro Quemado" strain Salvia divinorum "Julieta" strain Salvia divinorum "La Fuerza" strain Salvia divinorum "Owens" strain Salvia divinorum "Catalina" strain Salvia divinorum "Bret Blosser #2" strain Salvia divinorum "Delicious" strain Salvia Species Worth Investigating- Salvia divinorum Salvia miltiorrhiza Salvia officinalis Salvia spathacea Salvia splendens Salvia transsylvanica Link to Edot Salvia plants Salvia divinorum information Salvia divinorum info Link to Kie Ti' Koal's Salvia divinorum Thread at Edot Salvia divinorum History Erowid Salvia divinorum F.A.Q. Siebert's Salvia divinorum F.A.Q. Salvia divinorum Article Salvia divinorum Timeline Salvia divinorum (Overview and general cultivation) Salvia spathacea also known as "Pitcher Sage" is said to have psychoactive effects. General Salvia divinorum Article including list of various strains Dr.Siebert's Page on Salvia divinorum Strains Phytochemical Analysis of various Salvia divinorum strains It appears that Salvia divinorum cul. "Wasson and Hofmann" is the most potent of the strains analyzed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whoa... is this for real?! Is this "Canteberry Hybrid" just marketing? Anybody heard of Salvia divinorum "Canteberry Hybrid"??? Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me! Does anybody have any info on the Canteberry Hybrid??? Link to Vendor
  7. Theres been a thread over at the shroomery that has been going for bout a month where a guy reckons he made Sally set 70-99% viable seed. Heres an exerpt from the thread at: http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.p.../0/fpart/1/vc/1 "i have figured out how to make a salvia divinorum produce viable seed with a 75%-99% ; ) success rate. i will share my secret with the person who comes the closest to coming up with the answer. this will take awhile so keep thinking how i have done this.it is possible.just took some thinking,alot of it.quite difficult. we will weed out chemicals,hormones and anything non organic for my results.please don't tell me how much $$$ i am going to make off of this method because i'm not here for that.i simply wanted to see if it was possible and it is. anyone have any idea's? let the game begin. the winner is the new owner of the technique and a non techniqued blosser cutting free of charge.can't just hand over a viable seed cutting like nothing.a do it yourself deal.you also have to supply the other half of the technique which the winner will obviously get to know.cheap.time is the essence. " Apparently this is what he done "i took the blosser variety of salvia divinorum,x amount of plants for variability. i took the park's whopper var. of salvia splendens,x amount of plants for variability. i then let them cross pollinate with my help individually. i planted the two varieties of seed from each plant. i then began weeding out the genetics of the splendens from the divinorum seed,as the splendens seed consistently had to much splendens genes.this took many years of work and cross breeding. i continued to weed out the plants producing unviable seed stock until i had a salvia divinorum plant with the genes from the splendens that make the salvia splendens produce viable seed.thousands of plants. the mind altering chemical salvinorin-a has nothing to do with the two genes that encourage viable seed from a salvia divinorum or salvia splendens" So wot do u all think? I would have thought if this was possible it would have already been done. Would b FING AWESOME if it were true!
  8. Hi, Have just recieved a Salvia D cutting this morning throught the post and its looking a bit sick. Leaves have drooped and a couple of the older leaves have gone slightly brown and crinkly at the tips. Does anyone have any info that could be useful? I realise there is info on American sites but was just looking for some aus or nz advice. Thanks guys