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Found 3 results

  1. Tasmania- proposed legislative changes. Read 'em and weep http://www.bikeme.tv/index.php/wanna-protest-tasmania-dont/ Great article, expressly directed at motorcycle protests, but applies to everyone. Excerpt from the article: Firstly, the laws apply to any protest action, in which the protester prevents access to, or obstructs, or hinders a business in any way, even if the protest action is on public land, like a footpath or roadway. The definition of ‘business’ is incredibly broad. A protester is anyone who is engaging or participating in protest activity in furtherance of, or raising awareness of, an ‘opinion, or belief, in respect of a political, environmental, social, cultural or economic issue’. Obviously the list of beliefs and opinions of which you can peacefully protest has been severely curtailed. Why should motorcyclists care about this? Most rallies or protest rides organised by and attended by motorcyclists consist of a ride to a location where speeches and other protesty things take place. Under the proposed laws, if a convoy of motorcyclists, on their protest ride, hinder a taxi, delivery driver, truckie or some other such person lawfully going about their business activities, it will be an offence. Now the law requires that the protester must know their actions will prevent access to, hinder or obstruct. However if just fifty motorcyclists form a convoy through a city, it would be hard to argue they did not know their actions may hinder or obstruct other people going about their business activities. Even more so if the action has been labelled a ‘block the bridge’ type event. Understandably the taxi driver, delivery man or truckie might be annoyed and temporarily inconvenienced by your protest ride, but they do not have to suffer any economic loss for the laws to apply. And now comes the reality check. For a first offence, the police can give you an on-the-spot $2000 fine. They can also order that you do not return to the location within four days. If you do, it’s another fine. Or you can be arrested and charged and face court, in which case, the fine is a minimum of $5000. If found guilty, the conviction must be recorded. For a second offence, you will go to jail. There is no other option. The judge must sentence you to a minimum of three months in jail, with a maximum of two years. You may not be overly concerned at this point. You may be willing to cop a fine, even if it is grossly excessive, for the privilege of exercising your democratic right to peaceful protest. But if the taxi driver and truck driver both report you at the same time, that constitutes two offences. And you will go to jail. _________________________________________________ BikeMe is great for staying up to date with legislative changes which potentially effect us *all*- motorcyclists, and people whom for some strange reason don't ride motorcycles at all. The commentaries on the legislative changes are thorough, researched and IMO balanced.
  2. ThunderIdeal


    this brisbane group is on triple J unearthed https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/rivermouth ... but is triple J actually flogging them? they should be!!! i heard them on brisbane community radio. i just love their poignant, inflammatory lyrics and wanted to help share them around. that's all for now. "are we cool yet?" Hi, we're Rivermouth. We live in the stormwater drains beneath Brisbane's West End. Our music is a blend of spoken word, hip hop, jazz, funk, reggae and excellent chai. Lyrics are important. We want to tickle your cerebrum and tug your heartstrings at the same time. Our vocalist is a cross between a typewriter and a megaphone. Our keyboardist is a classically trained virtuoso mad scientist. Our bassist plays in the Richter Scale Our drummer's great-grandfather was a metronome. You can dance to our music or you can just sit, listen, stroke your chin and nod thoughtfully. If we were a tree, we would be a mangrove. But we're not a tree. We're a band. Some of our best friends are brushtail possums. The possums like our political songs the most. We don't really live in stormwater drains. We live in houses. Our favourite gigs are the ones underneath houses or down the bottom of overgrown backyards. Rivermouth has just released our first EP - Etchings and Scratchings. It has seven tracks, but we're still calling it an EP. It's available for download at http://rivermouthband.bandcamp.com We hope you like our music.
  3. Hi all, Hope this is in the right part of the Forum, and meets the standards. Very sorry if it's not. Regarding today's (3 Apr 2012) press release, of drug law reform (DLR) statements by a wide range of powerful celebrities on both sides of politics: True, there's a risk that no real legislative change will come of it. But much of that's because DLR organisations have not conducted themselves as efficiently and effectively as possible over the past 40 years. I see a solution to this (below), based on my recent brief employment in DLR (and a study of the current scene), my Masters in Public Policy, my Honours in Commerce, and numerous little successes in strategic and tactical management in the private and non-profit sectors. The Australian drug law reform (DLR) movement seems to suffer from some worrying patterns: -- Each organisation is noticeably lacking in some professional-level skills necessary for optimum performance (e.g. finance, lobbying, recruitment, PR, records, IT, strategy, etc.). -- Most DLR groups work in isolation from the others. i.e. There is little coordination, synchronisation, or collaboration between DLR groups. -- Too many DLR groups talk too much and/or do too little (or at least too little of what proves to be effective at altering public opinion). -- I know of no DLR groups that have viable and active chapters outside of its home state/territory. (Please advise me if you know of any.) -- I know of no DLR groups for certain key professions that would assist the movement (journalists, writers, marketers, accountants, academics, IT techies, teachers/principals, etc.) -- There are gaps and overlaps in the areas that DLR groups cover. -- No DLR groups appear to have carefully analysed all aspects of the successes of DLR in the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, etc. Instead, they just copy the decades-failed tactics of US groups, or think up things that seem logical to the uninitiated, and then suffer R&D failures. On the other hand... The DLR movement does =not= need yet another organisation saying "we're doing this better than anyone else, because of XYZ, so leave them and come join us". It also does =not= need a group trying to be the umbrella or biggest group, led by someone with a God/Goddess or King/Queen personality. So I propose a secretariat, one which works behind the scenes, never making public statements of its own, and never lobbying on its own. It provides support services to all eligible DLR groups that request them. e.g. It will help facilitate collaboration between DLR groups; will evaluate and despatch volunteers with different skills to the groups that need them at the time; will arrange an annual round-table members-only conference of DLR groups; will maintain (or direct member groups to) a repository of resources and background info (drug-related and non-profit-lobby-group related); and other support services, as decided by the member-organisations. Let's face it. The anti-DLR groups (governments, churches, political parties, etc.) are better-organised, and they're winning. I'm not ready at this time to help bring this secretariat to life. But I expect to within a few weeks or months. (The members of one well-managed DLR group, with quite enough on its hands already, has seen a preview of this. I don't expect them to divert their resources to it.) If you are a qualified, experienced, and successful (former) general manager (like me) or broad-range senior administrator, with time on your hands: I'm happy to help you take this idea off me and run with it. But otherwise: Just think about this, with an open mind, and await further announcements about it. I'm sharing this idea with you, now, for these reasons: -- Today's DLR PR announcement looks like the biggest since I returned from overseas 7 months ago. -- You may have some special skills that various DLR groups need (web site authoring, bookkeeping, graphic designing, marketing, librarianship, call centre, writing, etc.) - so consider volunteering. -- You may be the officer or member of a DLR group that would benefit from such services - so consider asking for help. -- You may be in a DLR group that is dwindling and has had no real successes, and would benefit from a friendly confidential "business audit" to help point out your weak points and strengths. -- You may know of DLR groups that didn't receive this email, and should get a copy of it - so please forward it, and CC me for the new address. -- You may find errors, overlaps, or gaps in this proposal - so discuss it in the forum (or email me, if you must). -- To let you know there ARE things DLR groups are doing noticeably poorly, and there ARE solutions to those shortcomings. Cheers, Carl Turney Belgrave, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Mobile 0427 024 735 p.s. Keenly need a job and/or clients in the Melbourne area. Specialise in management, research, analysis, writing, training, clerical, etc. Happy for part-time and casual, too. More info is on the About page of my company website: www.boms.com.au Willing to consider relocation, under certain limited circumstances. Also happy getting exercise... So have a construction-site White Card, ute, PPE, hand tools, and some building/demolition experience.