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  1. DISCLAIMER: this thread should exist and I am drunk enough to take the responsibility for starting it ... DISCLAIMER 2: Amanita is no kiddie stuff - this is not material for the hasty youth I am writting these from a country that thankfully - willfully eating amanita muscaria to cause inebriation is perfectly legal. I haven't eaten them for more than 6-7 years now and there's no real reason for this, but I certainly claim to know a bit of their mechanism as I have drank muscaria and pantherina tea more than a few times - also served tea to others several times. I only broke through once. That one time was , actually an "accident" but I loved it... honestly people dont seem to know about this.. but this seems like a powerful agent to me and the tabboo and ignorance is starting to annoy me ... yeah the material is hard to master in a couple ways.. it might not fit you... statistically it wont you dont have to like it.. needs a patient, mature person to realise the same material can do different things on different doses... and that the dissociative (high) dose is not a choice to be taken lightly, because that is a realm that resembles conscious dreaming and fears and loss of the ego and consciousness..... thought - out - experimenting with amanita muscaria should be done by two persons or 3 persons even best .. you got to have a sitter and I am not really here to tell you that , but even at mild doses, when there 's not tripping , if you're like me you're gonna wanna like to socialise on this shit, similar to what alcohol inebriation is, only lots more concentrated and intelligently... ,,, when talking about dosages .. I am giving you some expirential quidelines here - I dont even invite you to play - dont play this game if you dont know what it about so, the material SHOULD be dried OR brewed / roasted in some way.... the more controlled way is to dry the material and try to homgenise, at least to smaller particles, and then if you are a more spiritual dude, you can sun-bathe the material and maybe the material likes it as well they say muscaria does not work in milk to kill flies, but I have seen dead flies in the pan I was sun bathing dried muscaria material! yeah yeah, all these stuff about ibotenic acid, muscimole and motabolisms, and the whys and howsm there's that.. but people dont learn, dont fancy such stuff , dont really care dosage ranges of amanita muscaria when talking about dosages you have to know that I am not suggesting anyone taking anything . these mushrooms can me dangerous and they are reoported to be pretty tense! it is just annoying that there's such a huge a tabboo around such potentially helpful mushroom and I decided to talk about my past experience with it. ... I am giving you the quidelines here - I dont even invite you to play - dont play this game if you dont know what it about note1: reports with european material as opposed to us reports seem to feat a larger percentage of stomach problems that might indicate a larger muscarine percentage in US specimens... perhaps this is the reason that european muscarias are regarded more esteemed... note2: scientific reports show that muscaria stems are much less in actives that caps , so when indicating dosage, a caps only batch would be more potent than a caps and stems batch.... note3: there are reports that show that muscaria material is slowly metabolised by most individuals, there are reports for 2 hours - BUT, sometimes its really important how fast you drink the tea: if you want to have it mild and more stretched out drink it out slowly - if you want a kick then drink it up fast, and this goes for all doses... BUT stupid people go and try up amanita muscaria without a reason ... and now we are starting to give you some numbers (in grams, dried material) 1-2 (grams of powderised whole mushroom material) for 3-5 portions of meal : flavor enhancer *** also use the powder to season meat *** could use the stems for cooking and caps for divination ====>>>> [example with caps and stems material] 2-3,5 tonic tea, tasteful along with honey and cinnamon most people dont feel it, but you might see it looking at them 4-6 base line - where it starts to be felt 7-15 (20) the mid dose range of muscaria is pretty interesting, its a euphoric , inebriating thing that might last as long as 4 hours, the non dissociative doses of amanita muscaria when mastered , resemble alcohol inebriation, and it strongly relates to the rate of intake of tea. there seems to be an appetite regulator dimention in muscimoles action... this is from both personal and other peoples reports and it might be not dose-related... (16) 22-35 this is entering the dose range of wanting to break through to the other side, and its true that you can do it at this range... or maybe you can do it at the range of 10-14 caps-only dried material tea.... YOU CAN UNDERSTAND that all numbers are indicative .. for caps only (no stems) the number would rather be 2 for the tonic 4-6 for the slightly euphoric 8-10 for more euphoric and 15+ for breakthrough again, no one should be trying to experiment with muscimole and amanita muscaria.. I was just fed up with all the rubbish amd thought I ought to share my knowledge of this thing