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Found 4 results

  1. CanOfVBPlease

    Hello Corroboree from North Coast NSW.

    Hiya folks, after waiting almost a year I'm finally on here haha. I'm on the Facebook group on occasions, but thought joining here would help expand to a different part of the community. Will try to keep up with participating here as much as I can, and will probably sell/trade the odd plant/seed here too. Looking forward to my future on here.
  2. Hi, Im new here, didn't know where to begin so I thought I would start with a few photos of my plants. I'm mostly a cacti and succulent collector, and my selection is pretty modest but I have plenty of cuttings to strike this Spring and I'm trying out germinating from seed for the first time. I'm from WA so we have a hard time getting any decent plants here, so Im really happy to join SAB and hope to connect with others in our beautiful nanny state. Anyways, heres the ethnobotanical portion of my garden, as a way of introduction. The pachanoi family, I dont know what varieties they are, they have been picked up at markets and random gumtree opportunities. A 54cm spineless scopulicola, with a bit of sunburn from the previous owner. A somewhat etoliated bridgesii I bought from a long time member here who says he doesnt really use the forums much any more. Urban Tribes sourced, grown from cutting, almost 2 years old. Two baby TBMs Cuttings for spring rooting, this is a fat spined scopulicola, its really thick like 12-15cm across depending on the section, I have a few of these from moving a big plant that broke in transport. The roots and stump are buried in the garden. Another piece of that fat scopulicola More fat scopulicola. And more.... Ive even sold a few pieces, theres just so many. Psych0o bridgesii cutting, very pretty clone. Eileen bridgesii clone, apparantly the mother plant randomly goes spineless or monstrose all the time, and it looks like it was doing the spineless thing here before this cutting. Gnosis cuzcoensis clone, Im not to familiar with this clone, dont know much about it but it looks great and those spines are pretty mean. (just found out its a cuzco, thanks SAB.) I guess it is obvious looking at it now from the knobbly shape 'S' form between areoles. The rest of my garden is ornamental stuff, mostly cacti/succulents, pretty modest compared to the some of the stuff ive seen, but i hope it keeps getting bigger and more diverse. Anyways, glad to be here, thanks for having me, from WA.
  3. cernunnos

    body cell computer

    Hi there, this serves as both introduction topic as discussion on a subject. First I will do a brief introduction. Being 31 years old I live somewehre in Europe and am recovering from a recent iboga session. My daily work consists of being and to expand this as fully as possible. Got into shamanism from a past of experimenting with drugs, from that I became a ceremonial user of plants and together with that, am developing understanding into all kinds of occultism, preferably I Ching & geometry. But I try to be as broad as possible, so tai chi and yoga are included as well. One part of my current endeavour is to work out some deep seated subconscious convictions that govern nearly all aspects of practical life, such as health & sychronicity. To do this I recently undergone a test that worked with a tesla coil connected to a computer. Through this coil question would be broadcasted and the answers were registered by pulling on the arms. Both arms relaxed meant yes and one arm less relaxed meant no. This way an 'umbrella tehcnique' was used so that increasingly specific questions could be adressed, to find out which convictions were seated. This test was developed by a certain Johann Lechner, a german who used this in accompany with dentistry - and I got the test when I finally moved to a decent dentist. Anyway, the first question of the test was 'are there programmed blockings?' and the design of the test was, if a yes answered, the next set of questions would determine what those blockings were. Now I gave a yes and then the operator proceeded to do this umbrella method and find out what was there. During the whole session I didn't hear anything cause the tesla coil was emitting high frequencies, the operator pulled my arms about once a second so the questioning went very rapid. Each yes or no was given back to the computer and so the test went about. It was funny to notice the code my arms were giving, a continuous string of yes and no kept going on. During which at regular intervals the operator would touch my third eye in a certain fashion to provide a calibration of some sort. So I got this very intricate notion that my subconscious intelligence acts like a computer and was giving a total status report on behalf of those questions. The results yielded some deep seated convictions that are the source of probably all my health issues at this moment. Now if the first question, if there were programmed blockings, would give a no, then a set of questions to determine physical ailments, like heavy metal deposits, organ status and outside influence like cell tower radiation would be tested. And also to determine if there are teeth that cause internal disarray. From the results was also inferred which ancestral line gave the deepest issues, mine primary the paternal line. But these outcomes were nothing new for me, I already knew for a long time this was being the case and have been working on establishing a continuous presence now as a result of this situation. Also I am sort of extension of my own subconscious computer. It's how my mind works, so most of these things were no surprise yet. Getting my plug into earth's matrix is another primary concern. When the operator/ therapists went discussing the results, she probed my reactions to all kinds of affirmations by putting them in statements woven into the conversation. I became deeply uncomfortable with it. It was acute expression of these convictions in facial experssions and we both witnessed them. The only thing I could do was to speak out the knowing I had of both this subconscious as well my unconscious responses to her statements... Anyway the treatment that is given consists of a set of little sugar granules that were placed upon the tesla coil while it was emitting a series of musics and affirmations (all at once). Those I take once a day for a few weeks and this to change those convictions. Very effective cause I witnessed them being charged with this energy and so have both consciously and subconsciously affirmed the treating capabilities. This technology has existed since WWII for all I know. Does anyone knows more about this?
  4. Schrodinger's Khat


    Hello to all. Long story short, have been coming on here browsing for some time now. Time to contribute (hopefully) Have a pretty broad range of interests.. Cacti, anything edible, cooking (found a Cadbury Crème Egg Brownie recipe today, can't post a link for some reason), sketching, I want to start farming my own fish. Anything I guess, haha. Currently not working, thought it was time to take a break before I murdered my boss. I don't really know what to say.. Umm, I'm very random at times See you all around