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Found 2 results

  1. The Matis tribe using hallucinogenic eyedrops from Tabernaemontana undulata which contains ibogaine: http://www.amazon-in...s-Video-01.html the Matis also use the secretions from the treefrog Phyllomedusa bicolor for hunting visions and put small balls of it on small burns of the skin.
  2. here is something i just sent to someone and thought others here would be inclined to benefit also do this over the next few days before you do the calae, say this when you goto bed: (i ask my spirit to remember my dreams when i wake up.) you will be amazed, Wright the dreams down when still half asleep. it will surprise you just asking your spirit for things works very well, then the calae helps a lot also with dreams we can see/change the future as we access our powerful sub-concious, with practice we can make the dreams while half awake, the power of creating worlds in our head is no words, we can access all realms all things are energy, the spoon is not real. i know/learn stuff just meditating on a problem and asking my spirit to be released from confusion, i get an epiphany later if i dont expect one i am NOT religious, i am a Concious Realist and i like to point people to the light, there is nothing greater. We are meant to pray to the Creation and OUR Spirit, we are from The Creation and we are The Creation 1. My spirit, you are all-mighty. 2. Your name shall be honoured. 3. Your realm shall open (incarnate) in me. 4. Your might (might of the consciousness) shall unfold in me, on earths and in universes. 5. Give me my daily bread (love, wisdom) today so I recognise my responsibility and I recognise the truth. 6. And do not throw me into confusion and delusion, but release me from my misunderstanding. 7. For the realm, the power (power of knowledge) and the knowledge within me are yours (universe) in eternity. http://ca.figu.org/M...in_Geist_Prayer the universe learns from us, we are seeds of universes to come the purpose of all life is to evolve over countless incarnations animals are instinctive evolution we are concious evolution we evolve from good and bad, so have reverence for good and bad. Fear is good for nothing just learn and understand things so we evolve, like Captain Kirk and Spock with logic no fear. Forgive everyone its nice and powerful. we are naughty star men on prison earth (the watchers, we get what we deserve), most stars you see are galaxies with trillions of planets , thriving like a wild forest do you think all the races evolved here from a black man e.g. red,white,yellow et all in the past pole shifts wiped the slate clean as the oceans sloshed about you know the gov and powers that be cant tell the truth about anything humans need to meditate http://ca.figu.org/Meditation.html Spirit teaching and contact notes http://futureofmanki...Meier/Main_Page i know its not for everyone and that its MOST important i respect that http://ca.figu.org/Talkativeness.html ibogaine is the active ingredient that was in the tree of life, it allows us to process our whole life from womb to now, like we do in the spirit world in-between lives, result is we evolve a lot faster strong energies are coming from the central sun so to maximise the evolution benefits we need to be at peace if possible the peace symbol people use is upside down Our spirit is eternal, like Lenny Cravits sings (I was born LONG ago) Star Trek and Star Wars is for us to learn how to be, no fear and respect for all life, a real human being, its written by Star Men milk has female hormones as its a female cow and the farmer ads more female hormones, it makes men soft and think like girls. Soy is bad for humans unless its fermented e.g. soy sauce is ok, Rice milk is delicious so is oat milk (found in long life milk section). Humans need to eat meat. men need vitamin c and zinc daily spirulina moringa olifera powder tea to cure most things google: mms1 and mms2 they could cure all the cancer in Australia for peanuts with mms2, the FDA is a revolving door for medical execs so dosnt tell the truth Fear is good for nothing i have no affiliation with anyone, i am a computer technician Salome (Sal-om-ay) Peter