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Found 9 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Pudica for Chilli seeds

    Hey all! I recently purchased a packet of Mimosa Pudica seeds and accidentally bought 2! The packet i planted is coming up very well and the seeds are viable (With no treatment other than rolling around in my fingers to break the brown case) Anyway, I would love to trade these seeds for someone with chilli seeds, preferably labeled seeds.
  2. Dicko

    Hydroponic nutrient

    Hi all. I've been wanting to do a kratky (non circulating) hydroponic grow for chillis, I havnt decided on chilli type yet. But, the question I ask is... does anyone know if this is going to be suitable for a start to finish type nutrient or will I have to add a flower/bloom/fruit booster as the plant goes into flower/fruit? Nothing cryptic here, I really am going to grow chillis haha. Then I might experiment with other plants if all goes well. Heres the details of the nutrient Any help appreciated and I hope I put this post in the right place.
  3. MountainGoat

    The Carolina Reaper

    What do you do with these guys? Has anyone actually tried to eat one? I just ate a habeñero and that's well and truly hot enough to be unpleasant...
  4. Schrodinger's Khat

    My Seeds For Trade

    Hello, hello. I have a bunch of seeds that are lying around and since the Free Trade Thread seems to be no more, I have no room for these and there is no need for them to possibly lose their viability. I would like to trade but some of the chilli's I am unsure of viability as they're are not from this grow season so some will go away for nothing. Just wanting to share the bits and pieces back to the community. So I have already bagged up the seeds and most have between ~15-30 seeds. Some more, some less. Anywho, here's the list. Chilli; - 1x Naga Morich.. ~20 seeds each. - 1x Explosive Ember.. ~15 seeds. - 1x Rainbow.. ~20 seeds. - 1x Ebony Fire.. ~20 seeds. - 1x Inferno.. ~20 seeds. - 1x Sweet Temptation.. ~15 seeds. - 2x Birds Eye.. ~20 seeds each. -2x Naga PC-1..~20 seeds each. -2x Long Red.. ~20 seeds each. (Much like the semi-mild one at the grocery store for a ridiculous price) Others; 1x Trichocereus Terschekii.. ~25 seeds. 1x Trichocereus Pachanoi.. ~25 seeds. 1x Mimosa Hostilis & HWBW.. ~minimal seeds available, so will combine the two as one baggie. 1x Leonotis Nepetifolia.. ~30 seeds. 4x Rivea Corymbosa.. ~25 seeds each. 4x Verbsacum Thapsus.. ~Lots of seeds 3x Pereskiopsis (Un rooted cuttings).. ~I could have done four packs but thought I would jam pack three so there is a fair bit for a beginner or replenishing some root stock *All Seed I haven't overly thought this through or what I would like in return to be honest, lol. Maybe just make an offer or something I guess. If they don't go swiftly I will have to plant them at a relatives who don't care for plants. Anyway, we'll see what happens here Talk soon Edited for what is/isn't available.
  5. Recipes, growing tips, photos! I want it all! I've been growing red habs, choc habs and some misc. jalapeños for awhile but it's fairly bland. The red hab. I put in the ground when I moved house a few months ago went absolutely crazy in a few months. Nearly quadrupled in size! It's only just producing ripe fruit now though... seems a bit late? I come asking for tips though... how do you increase the strength of your chillies? I'm looking to make some hot sauces at some point down the track and I'd love to be using my own, home grown, stupidly hot, satanic level pods. I'll probably order some online before then and try and get a rad recipe going. Excuse the terrible photo and the messy garden but here's my current red hab. bush: (Related: Interested in buying some seeds and/or ridiculously hot fruits. PM me)
  6. planthelper

    diy chilli sauce

    some birds planted a birds eye chilli plant at my place. so i picked some, and used the food procesor on them, than boiled them for a while... i did it outdoors, so to avoid an anaphylactic shock, hehehe. finished product, filled into semi sterile recycled glass jar. materials: chilli, vinegar, pinch of salt, some water. tools: blender, stove pot, sieve. by pouring the boiled material thru the sieve, i remove all seeds, and manage to get the "puree". hint, you use a spoon to squash the material thru the sieve, to get the puree. never let any of this material get in contact with your eyes or genitals or mouth. clean everything right away, avoid spills.
  7. A page on Facebook posted this guide for germinating chillies so I thought id share, just screenshotted off my phone but it does the trick Hope this helps some of ya's out there Facebook can be good for something I guess lol
  8. Found this nice little collection on eBay, over 21 varieties but it's pickup from NSW only so I'm outa the game Here's the link And here's the list of what he's got Well established: Po Cheong x 1 Peruvian white x 1 Hot Cherry x 1 Pimente de neyde x 1 Cap 217 hyper x 1 Orange Lantern x 1 Thai Chilli x 1 Sweet 09 Datil x 2 Cayenne Red x 1 Orange Monzano x 1 Bishops Hot x 1 Cap Pub 1486 x 1 Orange T Scorpion x 1 To be potted: Po Cheong x 2 Hot Store x 1 Peruvian white x 3 Pimente de neyde x 1 Cap 217 hyper x 1 Orange Lantern x 1 Thai Chilli x 1 Nagabon x 1 Sweet 09 Datil x 2 Cayenne Red x 1 Seedlings: Jalapeno x 1 T. Scorpion x 1 Red Bhut x 1 Big Jim x 1 Hungarian black x 1