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  1. I found this at work, it seems to be different from the PC pachanoi we also carry and seems to go 'limp' when it gets really hot. At least I have found a couple pieces that have done this. I found that it resembles my Trichocereus Torres & Torres from SS but if anyone has any idea I would love some help. I was also thinking maybe a tricho X echinopsis hybrid but not sure and there doesn't seem to be a tag in any of them. Thanks!
  2. IBOGA: I got 7 ripe iboga pods for sale (prefer to sell in one lot), which are still on the bush right now. I don't know there exact value, so make me offers, by pm'ing me. on average one pod will contain 11 seeds. PSYCHOTRIA VIRIDIS SHIPIBO: got heaps of seeds, try to sell bulk, was self pollinated. also, I want to reduce my entire collection of plants and cacti. there are two way's, how we can work out the details, either just pm me asking if I have what you are looking for, or you pick from a list, which hopefully, i will post tomorrow.
  3. I was given this and think it could be a Trichocereus scopulicola, anyone familiar with this type? It has been in my garden but was recently potted up in preparation for grafting a loph on to it.
  4. Hello one and all! i could not find an introduction area so i will jump right into things. I am from the USA and have been avidly collecting cacti for almost 2 years now though i have been growing plants and cacti my whole life i only recently got into the psychedelic ones. last year i joined a different psychedelic plant forum(not sure if i can name names?) myctopia and i really enjoy it there and i here that it is just as good here. My favorite species of plant is Ariocarpus and now to the cactus porn. This is a Peruvian torch(trichocereus peruvanus) which was grown from seed back in 2007 from wild harvested seed from peru. It is one of the more "true" peruvian torches i have seen. It does not show signs of being a hybrid other than what may have happened in the wild. This second picture is of my Aztekium Ritteri scion grafted to a myrtillocactus geometrizans root stock. it was originally a 14 headed cactus but 4 heads went to a friend who grafted them. 2 of the 4 took. one was on a Ming thing(cereus forbesii monstrose) and the other was on a pilosocereus azures. Third picture is of my second aztekium ritteri graft which has over 36 heads, most are small and just starting to form. im working on grafted the larger pups so that i can graft the main head to a new root stock. The old one is brown and almost used up, when i cut it there was still green flesh under the skin so im leaving the aztekium on it till the rootstock dies. i hope to graft the stump of the aztekium ritteri that is left over once i remove the main head. I will take the small aztekium stump still attached to the root stock and graft it upside down to a new root stock to try and pup farm it. second picture is of both aztekium echinocereus rigidissimus ssp. rubispinus or the rainbow hedgehog cactus. this is just a little picture of it. water added for effect Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus triplet grafted to a stenocereus root stock. this one recently put off new growth not shown in the picture but it is doing quite well. after 2 months of rooting i checked on it to find more roots than i could hope for, glad the stenocereus is working good. Ariocarpus Retusus sub species confusus grafted to pereskiopsis (supposedly) spatulata. the pictures are a minor show of its stages from being grafted. I have had so many people try and tell me the color is sun damage/stress. its not, its from being grafted. the last picture shows the recent growth. its about 2 months old grafted and 9 months old as a seedling. My two lovely Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose cacti aka penis plant or penis cactus. I have both clone A and B in this picture with one of them pupping picture is about a month old This is supposedly a san pedro i grew from seed. grafted it a couple months ago and its looking really nice. but its 5-7 spines per areole. even seedling pachanoi dont have that many spines. so im guessing it is a random hybrid like most trichocereus are. I have way way more to show just waiting for someone to comment.
  5. Hellonasty

    SOLD - More Cacti For Sale

    For sale I have a couple of cuttings and a few plants, I will add more when/if these sell. Postage will be extra. Send me a PM to secure the plant. Plants still available; 3. Blossfelida Liliputana $50 $40 ? Grafted to a small Trichocereus Peruvianus. This plant has been grafted for over 2 years and the stock is getting tired, it will need a degraft at some point next growing season. A few cosmetic marks but it is in good health. 4. Lopho Williamsii grafted to Pach, this is a piece from the CV Kikko that is in my avatar, a really nice plant and is about 60mm diameter (including pups) - 5. Lopho Williamsii grafted to Pach 50mm diameter (including pups) - 6. Lopho Williamsii grafted to Pach 45mm daimeter, nice blue colour - 7. Trichocereus Peruvianus Hybrid Crest - 100mm accross $80 or offer. SOLD 1. Trichocereus Bridgesii (unknown origin) 30+ cm in length about 5-6cm diameter. Grows with good vigor and is resistant to bacteria and disease. Grows long slender branches that routinely go in and out of monstrose growth similar to that of Lophocereus Schotii Monstrose. 2. Another section from the plant above, this time with 4 ribs. 25cm length. $30 BOTH OF THE CUTS TOGETHER
  6. Recent gardening efforts have prompted me to question what some of these trich sitting around in the yard actually are? I know a few names as far as sp. are concerned, but I'll admit I'm not the best with ID. Do these look like known var or are they just random hybrids? 1. labeled as peruvianus, the two either side were sold as "Psycho0" bridgesii 2. One of my favorites. 3. 4. 5. 6. Two more bridgesii who need repotting. 7. Pach who needs re-potting. 8. Pach who finally got some attention and was repotted 9. labeled as short spined peruvianus but I'm thinking something else. 10. Semi monstrose or just one to many slug battles, what do you think? 11. Edit: deleted my maybe ID's, look forward to hearing yours.
  7. Hello hello everyone! I've muved house and in the process consolidated a lot of my cacti from various other places where I've munaged to leave them behind/neglect them/forget about them. And because of that I've run out of room! So I'm selling some cacti, you dig? All bare-rooted as you can see, duh. Prices are exclusive of postage. And of course I'm opening to bartering/trading/offers-too-good-to-refuse-or-lose-toes-one-envelope-at-a-time-for. Just post the # cactus you want to claim here in the thread so everyones aware who's got dibs on what - I'll update the main post to reflect availability as well. I live in the Melbourne area so I can also meet you somewhere around the northern burbs.. PM for more info if ya need #1 T. cuzcoensis (Gnosis) SOLD #2 T. cuzcoensis (Gnosis) SOLD #3 T. cuzcoensis (Gnosis) SOLD #4 T. bridgesii $45 #5 T. bridgesii SOLD #6 T. bridgesii SOLD #7 T. bridgesii (Bendigo Bridge) $40 #8 T. bridgesii (Bendigo Bridge) $15 #9 T. bridgesii (Psycho0) $45 #10 T. spp (Yowie) $50 #11 T. bridgesii (Bendigo Bridge) $30 #12 T. spp (Yowie) $30 #13 T. bridgesii (Bendigo Bridge) $40 #14 T. bridgesii $25 #15 T. cuzcoensis (Gnosis) $55 #16 T. bridgesii (Bendigo Bridge) $25 #17 T. spp (Yowie) $30 #18 T. spp (Yowie) $15 #19 T. bridgesii (Bendigo Bridge) $15 #20 T. bridgesii (Bendigo Bridge) $25 thats all folks.
  8. I went to another local nursery today and was surprised by the amount freaks they sold, had a bunch of grafted crests and variegated columnars as well as some massive TBMs... I searched around online to try and find some answers but everything seems pretty confusing and people seem to mix A and B up. I was told A is the long type and B is the short multiple branching TBM, correct me if I'm wrong. My question is this, does a TBM 'obese' version exist or are they just selling very fat clone B pups as this? They were larger than any I have ever seen personally, small football sized almost.... I held off on picking one up since I was a bit suspicious and they were a bit pricey, I wish I had snagged a picture. Going back next week to see some larger cacti they get in Monday so I'll take some pictures then. I did happen to snag a nice sized TBM clone B for $5 that had 5 segments just because a couple of blemishes There were also 2 massive TBMs (clone A I think?) for $100 each that had between 3-5 large segments, I thought they were well worth it for the size but didn't have $ so I'll get a picture of those too and see what type everyone thinks they are.
  9. A quick question... May seem very cactus noob of me, but that is sort of exactly what I am so. Does the TBM or any other monstrose forming cactus flower? Or is that generally the issue, they are mutant thus lose sexual organs or become sterile. Like the Liger...
  10. I'm looking to buy Trichocereus seeds/seedlings/cuttings of all species, please let me know
  11. I BEG YOU ALL TO ACT NOW! The shroomeryportal has closed on me, they "permanently banned" me, even though theres billions of IP's in the world to choose from. Someone with just as many "tunnels", "back doors", "secret passages", "private messages", "untraceable drones" could take down that community, in SPITE. Luckily, I refuse to tolerate or accept hate and believe in only open, honest, and serious discussions. NOT IDIOTIC FLAME WARS. I told them countless times, I was only there to help? Change your ways I offered? Want some FREE LIGHT for a NEW AGE? They ALL LAUGHED AT ME, then kicked me out of their club, beat me with sticks up their asses, tossed me under a rock, and then destroyed my GIFT, a PRECIOUS GEM I GAVE ONLY TO THEM! THEY SAID I WENT TOO FAR, FOR THEM! Then they twisted my words, erased them and used them against me. Jesus loves ALL HIS CHILDREN, when he has time to watch or listen and isn't busy contributing his share on the FARM(FORUM). Regardless of your a/s/l, there is NO GOOD REASON for bullying, not when were ONE! That hurt my spirit, "only", an emotion that a HUMAN could feel? I am done making sacrifices, for those people. If some just can't understand, and don't recognize your light...don't get upset just shine it somewhere else and try again. Please help me Arc-hive the information if you still have access. There is safety in numbers, code, and a CHANGE to FREE-THINKING, FREE-WILLED, "DIRT POOR", FILTHY FUCKING HAPPYS...AS LONG AS WE CLEAN UP AND RECYCLE AFTER OUR ELVES! - WE are ANONYMOUS BUT WE ARE WATCHING YOU, watch us! WELCOME TO THE GALACTIC BEAR TRIBE: Http://www.archive.org I have recently posted a large amount of information, and pictures over at the Shroomery. I enjoy the SAB community immensely and would like you all to have a chance to see it, however it is much to large to transfer over here as well. I hope that providing links is the appropriate action to take. I apologize if things seem a bit non-sensical at times. I foolishly allowed myself to get into a personal dispute with another member. I hope you find the information is still valid and useful. Tricho taxonomy: http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/19000940 My experiences in cacti cultivation: http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/19381487 Ode de Nitorgen (SAB member): http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/19374309
  12. hookahhead

    Trichocereus Taxonomy

    In an attempt to apologize for my last thread with a similar title I am reposting this information, only this time without the psychobabble and craziness. Last semester I had an upper level plant taxonomy class, which required us to write a very large term paper and an oral presentation on a plant family of our choosing. I chose the genus Trichocereus/Echinopsis. I did not conduct any of the physical investigation in this field, however I sourced, read, compared, and evaluated numerous texts on the subject. The end result was compiled into a 20 page paper titled "termpaperroughdraftupdate.doc" and a power point presentation titled "presentation.ppt". For those of you who do not have access to powerpoint I also included "presentation.pdf", but you lose some of the slide transitions. Most notably the flower morphology slide is all garbled in the pdf version. I have uploaded all of these files (some separately) as a large zip file. It contains all of my sourced articles, however I did remove trout's notes on San Pedro out of respect for a great member here. Please note that some of the journal articles may not have the most informative file names, because I didn't bother going back to change them after saving them for my personal use. I hope that you will find the information interesting and useful. The powerpoint presentation offers the most condensed and easy to follow form of the material. However for those of you interested in such matters I feel that the research paper also offers a plethora of information you may or may not have known about. You can download the zip file at: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57030275/Archive.zip I also uploaded 2 other documents that I used to help me study for the class. One discusses some terms used in botany, the other discusses some plant family systematics. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57030275/definitions.pdf https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57030275/Plant%20family%20systematics.pdf If you prefer individual files instead or if you missed the craziness and have a desire to see it, check out my thread in the bitches, gripes and degenerate threads forum: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37313&p=450789 http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37313&p=450674 Additionally, if you would like to listen to some good tunes while mulling over this information, please check out Mc. Yogi: https://soundcloud.com/mc-yogi/be-the-change-earthrise Works Referenced Journal Articles: Anceschi, G., Magli, A. 2013. The new monophyletic macrogenus Echinopsis. No risk of paraphyly, and the most convincing hypothesis in phylogenetic terms. Cactaceae Systematics Initiatives 31: 24-27. Albesiano S., Terrazas
T. 2012. Cladistic Analysis of Trichocereus (Cactaceae: Cactoideae:Trichocereeae) Based on Morphological Data and Chloroplast Dna Sequences. Haseltonia 17: 3-23. Albesiano S., Terrazas
T. 2012. A New Taxonomic Treatment of the Genus Trichocereus (Cactaceae) in Chile. Haseltonia, 18: 116-139. Arakaki M., Christin P. A, et. al. 2011. Contemporaneous and recent radiations of the world’s major succulent plant lineages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 108: 8379–8384. Buxbaum F. 1958. The phylogenetic division of the sub- family Cereoideae, Cactaceae. Madroño 14: 177−206. Bárcenas R, Chris Yesson C, Hawkins J. A. 2011. Molecular systematics of the Cactaceae. Cladistics 27: 470–489. Downie S.R, Palmer J.D. 1994. A chloroplast DNA phylogeny of the Caryophyllales based on structural and inverted repeat restriction site variation. Systematic Botany 19: 236–252. Friedrich, H. 1974. Zur Taxonomie und Phylogenie der Echinopsidinae (Trichocereinae). IOS-Bulletin 3: 79–93. Friedrich H. and Glatzel W. 1983. Seed morphology as an aid to classifying the genus Echinopsis Zucc. Bradleya 1: 91–104. Hernández T., Hernández H.M., et. al. 2011. Phylogenetic relation- ships and evolution of growth form in Cactaceae (Caryophyllales, Eudicotyledoneae). American Journal of Botany 98: 44–61. Kiesling R. 1978. El género Trichocereus (Cactaceae) I: Las especies de la Rep. Argentina. Darwiniana 21: 263−330. Korotkova N., Zabel L. , D. Quandt, and W. Barthlott. 2010. A phylogenetic analysis of Pfeiffera and the reinstatement of Lymanbensonia as an independently evolved lineage of epiphytic Cactaceae within a new tribe Lymanbensonieae. Willdenowia 40: 151–172. Metzing D., Kiesling R. 2008. The Study Of Cactus Evolution: The Pre-DNA Era. Haseltonia 14: 6-25. Nyffler R., Eggli U., 2010. A farewell to dated ideas and concepts - Molecular phylogenetics and a revised suprageneric classification of the family Cactaceae. Schumannia 6: 109–149. Ritter F. 1980a. Kakteen Südamerika 2. Argentinien/Bo- livien. Germany. Ritter F. 1980b. Kakteen Südamerika 3. Chile. Germany. Ritter F. 1981. Kakteen Südamerika 4. Peru. Germany. Ritz, C.M., Martins L., et al. 2007. The molecular phylogeny of Rebutia (Cactaceae) and its allies demonstrates the influence of paleogeography on the evolution of South American mountain cacti. American Journal of Botany 94: 1321–1332. Rowley, G.D. 1974. Reunion of the genus Echinopsis. A preface to nomenclatural revisions. IOS Bulletin 3: 93–99. Schick
R. 2011. Echinopsis sensu stricto and Trichocereus: Differentiating the Genera. Cactus and Succulent Journal 83: 248-255. Schlumpberger B.O., Renner S.S., 2012. Molecular Phylogenetics of Echinopsis (Cactacea): Polyphyly at all Levels and Convergent Evolution of Pollinator Modes and Growth Forms. Books: Anderson, E. F. 2001. The cactus family. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, USA. Anderson, E. F. 2005. Das große Kakteen-Lexikon. Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart, Germany. Backeberg C. 1959. Die Cactaceae 2. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Jena. Barthlott, W., Hunt, D., 1993. Cactaceae. The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants, Vol. II. Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 161–197. Britton NL, Rose JN. 1920. The Cactaceae: Descriptions and illustrations of plants of the cactus family. Vol. 2. Carnegie Institution, Washington. Cronquist A., Thorne R. F. 1994. Nomenclatural and taxonomic history. Caryophyllales: Evolution and Systematics 87-121. Springer, Berlin. Gibson, A.C., Nobel P.S. 1986. The cactus primer. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Hillis, D. M. 2012. Principles of life. Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates Hunt, David et al. 2006. The New Cactus Lexicon, DH Books, the Manse, Chapel Lane, Milborne, England. Nobel, Park S. 2002. Cacti biology and uses. Berkeley: University of California Press. Trout, K. 1999. Trout's notes on sacred cacti: botany, chemistry, cultivation & utilization (including notes on some other succulents). 2 ed. Austin, TX: Better Days Pub. Websites: "tassonomia | cactusinhabitat." tassonomia | cactusinhabitat. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2013. <http://www.cactusinhabitat.org/index.php?p=tassonomia&l=en>. Other: The Cactus Explorer’s club, 2013. The Cactus Explorer 8. Briars Bank, Fosters Bridge, Ketton, Stamford PE9 3BF U.K. Olabode Olufunmilayo Ogunbodede 2009. Alkaloid Content in Relation to Ethnobotanical use of Trichocereus Pachanoi and Related Taxa. A Thesis Presented to the School of Arts and Sciences Sul Ross State University (some may or not may be used in this list this was an initial investigation) Albesiano S., 2012. A New Taxonomic Treatment of the Genus Trichocereus (Cactaceae) in Chile. Haseltonia: Vol. 18, pp. 116-139. Albesiano S., Terrazas T., 2012. Cladistic Analysis of Trichocereus (Cactaceae: Cactoideae: Trichocereeae) Based on Morphological Data and Chloroplast DNA Sequences. Haseltonia: Vol. 17, pp. 3-23. Alonso-Pedano M., Ortega-Baes P., 2012. Generalized and complementary pollination system in the Andean cactus Echinopsis schickendantzii. Plant Syst Evol: Vol. 
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. Taxon: Vol. 53, pp. 493-499. Hjertson M. L., 1994. The Identity of Echinopsis pygmaea R. E. Fr. (Cactaceae). Taxon: Vol. 43, pp. 455-457 Kinoshita K., Takizawa T., Koyama K., Takahashi K., 1995. New Triterpenes from Trichocereus pachanoi. Journal of Natural Products: Vol. 58, pp. 1739-1744. Kinoshita K., Takizawa T., Koyama K., Takahashi K., 1992. New Triterpenes from Trichocereus bridgesii. Journal of Natural Products: Vol. 55, pp. 953-955. Niklas K.J., Mauseth J. D., 1981. Relationships among Shoot Apical Meristem Ontogenic Features in Trichocereus pachanoi and Melocactus matanzanus (Cactaceae)
. American Journal of Botany: Vol. 68, pp. 101-106. Ogunbodedea O., McCombsa D., Trout K., Daley P., Terry M., 2010. New mescaline concentrations from 14 taxa/cultivars of Echinopsis spp. (Cactaceae) (“San Pedro”) and their relevance to shamanic practice. Journal of Ethnopharmacology: Vol. 131, pp. 356–362. Ogunbodedea O., 2009. Alkaloid Content in Relation to Ethnobotanical Use of Trichocereus pachanoi and Related Taxa. A Thesis Presented to the School of Arts and Sciences: Sul Ross State University. Ortega-Baes P., Gorostiague P., 2013. Extremely reduced sexual reproduction in the clonal cactus Echinopsis thelegona. Plant Syst Evol: Vol. 299, pp. 785–791 Ortega-Baes P., Rojas-Arechiga M., 2007. Seed germination of Trichocereus terscheckii (Cactaceae): Light, temperature and gibberellic acid effects. Journal of Arid Environments: Vol. 69, pp. 169–176. Schick R., 2011. Echinopsis sensu stricto and Trichocereus: Differentiating the Genera. Cactus and Succulent Journal: 83(6), pp. 248-255.
  13. Here are my first efforts at grafting... lophophora var caespitosa on to Trichocereus Pachanoi (possibly a hybrid crossed with Peruvianus)... This one grafted onto a Trich that I grew from seed. This one went very well...
  14. so here it is. I don't know what it is but here it is! any ideas? little conical shoot growing directly from the meristem of one if my trichs...
  15. Hello all [: This is my first thread here but I figured I would ask some of the peoples here. Does anybody have any terschekii or werdermannianus seeds or plants or even a cross of either with a scop? Been having a fantasy recently to one day have a cross of all three and due to the slow growing nature of some I figure I should probably get on the grow sooner rather than later. If not does anybody know of any good seed vendors that wouldn't have O.P. seeds of the terschekii or werdermannianus? Any help appreciated thanks [:
  16. Hellonasty

    For Sale Cacti

    I will be adding a few cacti over the next few weeks to this thread, everything will be reasonably priced I'm not selling because I need the money just sharing the love If you are after Lophs rather than Trichos or own roots or cuttings etc let me know and I will put a few of them up, I've got too much of everything. First up; 1. Trichocereus Peruvianus Monstrose + about to Crest ( TPM X ??). Healthy plant, no disease or pests as far as I know, it is just beginning to take off with the warm weather. I really don't know what it's worth, the graft is pretty much perfect and once re-potted will put on some serious growth this season.... give me $40 + post and it's yours. If you wanna bargain go ahead.
  17. Ambient

    WA Cactus Clear-out

    One of my mates is getting rid of a large portion of their ornamental cacti collection, many trichocereus sp. and a few others. For local pickup, cacti come with their pots and soil. For interstate, cacti will be sent bare rooted without pots or soil and postage is unfortunately not available to Tasmania due to quarantine. [Edit: all sold]
  18. For sale or trade, 1 cutting of T. Peruvianus v. Macrogonus Minor amount of scaring as can be seen at one end. Other then that very healthy *** SOLD *** Link to I.D Thread approx 44 cm long. Full size bic included for reference.
  19. Rum and Monkeys

    Blue Cacti

    Hello everybody, In my slowly growing collection of columnar and other weird cacti I have gotten a thing for the vivid blue coloured cacti, so I am just wondering if anyone had any blue cacti that they would like to sell or maybe trade. I honestly do not care what they are really, I just like the blue tones of them. Pictures? let the games begin. Thanks everyone
  20. Okay here is some plant for sale and some porn Rob pachanoi soirced from SAB for $25 per 30cm tip cut. some tip cuts are large so will cost a bit more. heavy arms, so postage will be high. 1. Knuthianus i think, dont know the sizes, send us a pm if your keen. 2. Kunthianus again 3. Send me a pm if it interests you, will sort out a price. T. Cuzco 4. Same as above will give a good price for a tip cut or more if wanted. T.Bridgessi basal pup, probably around 30cm 5. asking price is $20 Seed grown T.bridgessi, lovely mess of spines. 6. dont know the size if its 30cms i would ask $25 for it. Pc pachanoi sourced from PD 7. $15 per 30cms Lurther burbank x T.Bridgessi tip cutting Very nice specimen at least around 40cms price would be around $35. A couple of eileen pups for sale one small and one large will get size and price if anyone is keen. Yowie pup and yowie tip cutting Small one would be like $8 and the larger one has to be measured to get a proper price. PsychoO tip cuts/pups all sort of sizes from small 15cms to 30cms + One of the SAB's pachanoi clone ALF or Omar this is Quarterfleshes if he doesnt want it its up for grabs. Will look @ the name properly if anyone is intrested. around 20cm $15 price Also for Quarterflesh this is the other SAB clone $15 roughly and another for quarter flesh a kk339? from incognito, nice cactus 30 odd cm's for $15 Plus one lucky last for quarterflesh a fields pachanoi tip cut, heavily blue plant, that has a history of pupping alot. $20 for this one Cuzcoof some kind think its a kk peru of somekind, can get theproper label if anyone is keen on it. $15's each A scop X with psychoO, fast fat plant would look nice when it gets mature. 10-20cm fat pup after snail damaged tip $10 for it Peruvianus x Bridgessi sourced from gomeos one of the plants he was selling before he passed away RIP fast grower Lovely pach x Peru $18-$20 each cutting This is a little ugly but will grow into a lovely blue peru. around 30cms tip cut with a bit of a curve, will sell for $25 this is the main growth column Okay this is a short spine bridgessi via PD length is around 30cms and cost it $25 Tricho sourced from blowng, both dont really know what this one is, interesting tho. $10 for top pup that grew because of snail damage Nice peruvionoid sourced from Egad asking price is $25 for a 30cm+ tip cut. Pach x ? (probably scop) $18 each large roots systems and fully hardened off, fast growers. One sausage off a snag $15 Fat nuggety super pedro pups $15 each, weigh a crap load. Nice think pachanoi tips sourced from holymountain. biggest pach i have, nice plant. around 50-80cents per cm's for the tips large cuttings A couple of tipz macrogonus pups up for grabs $12 each one of the two largest shown closest to you. PM if your keen first in best dress!
  21. Hey everyone, Here are the latest photos (hot off the press) of my Trichocereus. They've been moved into the sun, and mostly weeded, and once I've fertilized them - then we can sit back and enjoy the sun. :)/>/>/>/>/>/> We'll begin with a sunset from the farm. The sun "setting" is just a sun-rise from another perspective. ;P Here's the eight-pupper bridgesii I talked about. There's another pup on the other side too. Really weird. I'm guessing it had some BAP exposure? If not, then this plant could be a bushy brancher. These are the bigger columns; growing doggedly. Peruvianus 'Martin' on the left fore, the bent one is a Pachanoi 'NZ Yowie', 3rd to the left is my vigorous Ecuadorian Pachanoi (my favourite clone of Pachanoi so far), on the far right is a Peruvianus (presumably hybrid) that grows quickly and fatly. 2nd Bridgesii to the left rear might be distinct enough to get a name, and if it keeps growing like that - I'll call it 'Nailbat' (it was seed-grown by bit). Centre Peruvianus is 'MB' clone. This is a nice bridgesii hybrid, long yellow spines (has the ordered spine-layout of a bridgesii hybrid), and a blue coat. My Peruvianus 'MB' clone. Really dark blue, wonderful spines - it's a real fetcher. The pale color is because I've taken it out from under the shade of the Cyprus tree and it's a bit shocked my the full-sun. Some more plants chilling out. The smooth pachanoi on the right was my first plant, and all this growth here was grown by me (this was a cutting from the original). The back left plant is a distinctive Peruvianus clone that I'm waiting to 'blue-up', as it's got fantastic golden spines - it was sold as variegated too, but none has shown yet (if it was true). Pach 'Omar' x Peru. The cross was done by Hellonasty (thanks again good sir), and the seedlings are all wonderful. The tallest three were potted up the earliest, and as you can see benefited greatly. They also fell off the deck and got wasted up from a 3m fall, but came back strongly. The plant on the far right was originally grafted to a Selenicereus, and was the biggest originally. But once it transitioned to its own roots, it was quickly overtaken - - it looks like the derp of the group, so I'm hesitant to invest much more in grafting as a result. Some seedlings from early last year. Mostly SS hybrids, each pot is a different cross. Growing really well, and just about to take off in these pots (full sun). Sadly (for you guys) there's nothing funky from this lot, and they'll all normal - albeit exciting plants. Under the tree I. These have almost all come from cuttings, and are the Trichocereus with larger areoles (mostly). Peruvianus 'Martin' apparent in front right. Couple wildseed-sourced bridgesiis growing in the back. Some macros in there too. Some mutts as well. Under the tree II. Another view. :)/> Two fat tersceckii are easy to spot. There's a T. Candicans in the middle I think?, Chiloensis, Taquimbalensis and Werdermannius at the back. SS02xBridgesii hybrid on the far right. Some Qat babies. Getting used to near full-sun. Some leaf curl and such going on, but otherwise they're doing well. I'm worried about winter though. ;o Assorted Trichocereus from above. :] In the foreground, you can see just the tops of both of my Terscheckii open-hybrids. They're very fat, areoles are not circular, little squat yellow spines in the shape of Tersceckii but the length of Pachanoi. Some bridgesiis in the middle, and some of my better Pachanois on the middle right. You'll be able to notice a square pot with a plant that is curving - that was my attempting at side-rooting, and persuaded me to never ever ever waste my time with it in a pot again. :P/> It was put in that pot at least 2 years ago. The longneck herd from afar.
  22. Hi Shamans :)/> I just wanted to share with you guys my story and photos from my garden adventures today. Well it was my usual saturday. Doing odd jobs and hanging in my garden with plants, cacti and my red cattle dog. As I do my usual cacti seedling inspection. Check out the spring growth spurt. (plant bonding time ;P) I discover what appears to be a fly sitting ontop of one of my small cactus" a few months back. I go in for a closer to look at this fly as I am curious as to what he is doing. He doesnt seem to be moving at all. He seems to be up to something i wonder...?? Then I discover that this fly is actually dead ! I take a further closer look to try and determine the cause of death....??? PULVERIZED BY A TRICHO SPINE ! :devil:/> :devil:/> :uzi:/> I was blown away ! the spine has pierced straight into the flys chest cavity. It would have been instant death for the poor little fella ! Like a stake in the heart. Vampire slaying style. Was this some kind "plant symbiosis warfare" f**king awesome ! GO THE cactus! :worship:/> This little fella is gonna be one tough seedling when he grows up. I am sure he did his bros / & cousins in the pot proud ! :P/> I got my camera a got a few close ups. Enjoy ! :)/> :)/> :shroomer:/>
  23. So i grew around 100 ss02 x bridgesii seedlings out and ended up with around 40 left after some foolish descisions. I have ended up with this little cutie looking quite a bit different to the rest. It has formed a little globe on the top with spines coming out any which way whereas the rest have continued to grow in a columnar fashion from the get go. I will attach pics of a regular one and the freak for you to chec out. By the way the dome is swelling i am hoping it might actually crest or something as it isn't growing up but rather out or else maybe it got damaged on the tip or something? hoping one of the members on here might be able to help me figure it out. Originally i thought it was just a slower developer but as it now doesn't seem to want to grow up like the rest i am hoping for a mutant. It may be wishful thinking but meh. here is the regular ss02 x Bridgesii seedling showing typical growth traits of all the rest These are the one that has shown odd growth pretty much from the start.
  24. tripsis

    All done.

    All done.