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  1. Lot of various trichocereus hybrid seeds for sale! Fresh from this year and very few left from the 2 years prior in case anyone missed out back then. Pics of parents included with names at the end of the post. All flowers were covered with bags before and after pollination to ensure no cross pollination, guaranteeing that you will get the hand pollinated hybrids you have chosen, and not something random the bees chose. I will donate 10% of the total cost of each order made through SAB to the SAB Corroboree server costs. $3.50 international postage - $2.50 Australian postage. Payment via Paypal using the Friends/Family option only. (or possibly bank transfer, via negotiation) Some types are quite limited so don't delay if there is something in particular you'd like. Maximum 1 bag of each type per buyer (PM me if you're interested in bulk, as I might be able to do some types). Some of the varieties that are limited contain 30 seeds per bag, most varieties have 100 or more seeds per bag. (If there is a number in the "limited" column it means that's the maximum number of bags of that type I have available) Please include the "cat number" with your order to help with speedier packaging. 2015 Cat number Price Limited Z002 Psycho0 X Yowie $5 Sold Out Z004 PC Pach X BBs Scop $3 Z005 Yowie X PC Pach $5 Sold Out Z006 PC pach X Gawler peru $3 Sold Out 2016 Z009 scopulicola X Anakie (peru) $3 Z010 Gawler peru X scopulicola $3 Z011 Norma (peru) X Anakie (peru) $3 Sold Out Z012 Tipz macro X scopulicola $3 Z013 Gawler peru X Norma (peru) $3 Z014 scopulicolaX Norma (peru) $3 Sold Out Z015 Super Pedro X Norma (peru) $3 Sold Out Z016 Norma (peru) X Hahn pachanoi $3 Z018 scopulicola X Hahn pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z020 Tipz macro X Norma (peru) $3 2017 Z022 "Roy" pachanoi X Fields pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z023 "Roy" pachanoi X Super Pedro $3 Z024 (Scop x Fat Spach) X Scop $3 Z026 Chilensis (fat Strath) X scop (Heynes) $5 Sold Out Z028 Gawler Peru X Hahn Pach $3 Z029 Gawler peru X SA SS Tersch $5 Z030 Hahn pach X Roseii 1 $3 Sold Out Z031 Hahn pach X Roseii 2 $3 Sold Out Z032 Hahn pachanoi X Fields pachanoi $5 Sold Out Z033 Helen (Secret Garden) X Gawler peru $3 Sold Out Z034 Knuthianus X (Juuls Giant X scop) $3 Sold Out Z035 Knuthianus X Hahn pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z036 Knuthianus X scop (Heynes) $3 Z037 Knuthianus X scop (or red grandi??) $3 Sold Out Z038 PC pachanoi X Super Pedro $3 Z039 Riverland peruvianus X SA SS Tersch $5 Sold Out Z040 SA SS Tersch X Fields Pachanoi $5 Sold Out Z041 SA SS Tersch X Gawler Peru $5 Sold Out Z042 SA SS tersch X Hahn pach $5 Sold Out Z044 SA SS Tersch X PC pachanoi $4 Z045 SA SS Tersch X Roseii 1 $5 Sold Out Z046 SA SS Tersch X Scop (heynes) $5 Sold Out Z047 Schick Pink X Ech. Spring Blush $3 Sold Out Z048 Schick pink X scop $4 Sold Out Z049 Scop X SA SS Tersch $5 Z050 Scop (Heynes) X "Roy" pachanoi $3 Z051 Scop (Heynes) X Chilensis (fat Strath) $5 Sold Out Z052 Scop (Heynes) X Scop (Hillside) $5 Sold Out Z053 Scop (Hillside) X Fields pachanoi $3 Z054 Scop X (Juul's Giant X Scop) $3 Z055 Scop (worm) X Helon (Secret Garden) $3 Z056 Scop (worm) X Scop (Heynes) $5 Sold Out Z057 Scop (Zed's) X "Roy" pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z058 Scop (Zed's) X Fields pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z059 Scop (Zed's) X Scop (Hulk) $5 Sold Out Z060 scop (Zed's) X Super Pedro $3 Z061 scop X Gawler Peru $3 Z062 scop X knuthianus $3 Sold Out Z063 Super Pedro X Gawler Peru $3 Sold Out Z064 Super Pedro X Hahn pach $3 Z065 Super pedro X knuthianus $3 Sold Out Z066 Super Pedro X PC pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z067 Super Pedro X SA SS Tersch $5 Sold Out Z068 Tipz Macro X Hahn pachanoi $3 Z069 Tipz Macro X Super Pedro $3 Much love and happy cactusing! zed240
  2. ViktorVaughn

    Trichocereus Bulk Packs

    Hey guys, I've got 8 bulk packs of seeds available from my own crosses this season. Each pack contains : ROSIE 1 X SCOP - 150 SEEDS ROSIE 1 X FIELDS PACHANOI - 150 SEEDS ROSIE 2 X SCOP - 150 SEEDS ROSIE 2 X ROSIE 1 - 100 SEEDS ROSIE 2 X YOWIE X 100 SEEDS FIELDS PACH X ROSIE 1 X 200 SEEDS ROSIE 1 X YOWIE AND YOWIE X ROSIE 2 - 150 seeds (my housemate mixed the seeds together so these come in the one bag) Seed count is a minimum most have a lot more inside. Asking $65 per pack, postage free within Australia, excluding tas/wa PM if interested, Cheers
  3. ViktorVaughn

    Trichocereus Bulk Packs

    Hey guys, I've got 8 bulk packs of seeds available from my own crosses this season. Each pack contains : ROSIE 1 X SCOP - 150 SEEDS ROSIE 1 X FIELDS PACHANOI - 150 SEEDS ROSIE 2 X SCOP - 150 SEEDS ROSIE 2 X ROSIE 1 - 100 SEEDS ROSIE 2 X YOWIE X 100 SEEDS FIELDS PACH X ROSIE 1 X 200 SEEDS ROSIE 1 X YOWIE AND YOWIE X ROSIE 2 - 150 seeds (my housemate mixed the seeds together so these come in the one bag) Seed count is a minimum most have a lot more inside. Asking $65 per pack, postage free within Australia, excluding tas/wa PM if interested, Cheers
  4. Got some freshly cut, very healthy pachanoi cuttings available. From an original SAB stock purchased over ten years ago. Looking for $15 for the slightly scarred mid section piece (1), $20 for the cleaner mid cuts and $25 for the flawless tip. 24/01/2017: Only two mid sections still available... special price for SAB members: 2 for $25... All cuts are super chunky, a little dehydrated from the lack of rain but in great condition. Buyer pays postage of course.
  5. I'll be moving house again in the next month or so, and I want to try and downsize my collection a little before the shift. There will be a bunch of cuttings up for sale, more will be added as the earlier ones sell and as I get around to taking more photos. For now these are what I have. Post in this thread and PM me with which cutting/s you would like and I will mark them as PENDING, once I receive payment, the cuttings will be marked as SOLD. Cuttings will stay as PENDING for a maximum of Three business days. If the buyer has not indicated that they have sent the funds by then or have't organised a time for pickup, the pending status will be removed and the cuttings will be up for grabs again so availability stays fair. Potted sp. aff. Knuthianus / Peruvianus - SOLD Potted "Psycho0" Bridgesii - All SOLD Large Potted Bridgesii - no longer available Local Pickup only Two unnamed bridgesii and a "Mike" bridgesii clone - All SOLD "Cliff" Bridgesii tip cuttings - All SOLD Beautiful fresh Peruvianus cuttings, some light scarring, but otherwise healthy and disease free. These are some VERY thick healthy cuttings, and will be sure to pump out heaps of new pups rapidly.All SOLD All SOLD From left to right: Peru tip cutting 1 - 146cm - $115 - SOLD Peru tip cutting 2 - 133cm - $105 - PENDING (Still waiting for fruit to ripen, it's covered in Peru x Cliff fruit at the moment, I'll have a few up for sale soon). Local Pickup Only SOLD All SOLD
  6. Hi Everyone I have some yellowing Trichocereus cactus that I am a little worried about. any ideas on what might me coursing them to turn yellow. I am leaning towards that they might need to be re-potted as they have been in the same pots for 2 years and maybe low in nitrogen? . Any and all help is greatly appreciated
  7. Hi everyone, This season I made a few crosses, available here: https://www.aplantis.net/shop/ cheers!
  8. Hey guys, So I want to get into growing cacti but I'm overwhelmed by all the trichocereus strains and what not. Could someone make my life easy and recommend what they consider to be the 'classic' or 'essential' varieties/strains to begin with? Cheers! EG
  9. Here we have J5 from the J range of Trichocereus spp. hybrids (J1, J2, J3, etc): (left to right) #1 (60cm): $120 - SOLD #2 (60cm): $120 - SOLD #3 (60cm): $120 - SOLD #4 (38cm): $75 - AVAILABLE And "Big Spikey" from the same grower: (left to right, top down) #1 (30cm): $60 - AVAILABLE #2 (30cm): $60 - SOLD #3 (30cm): $60 - SOLD #4 (30cm): $60 - AVAILABLE #5 (30cm): $60 - AVAILABLE #6 (25cm): $50 - AVAILABLE All plants are healthy, well-calloused and ready to plant out in the warmer weather coming our way. I don't expect these cuts to be available for long. I've already had quite a few people show interest in these rarer, more mature hybrids. If you're interested shoot me a PM so I can also calculate how much postage will be to your area code. I'll answer any queries to the best of my ability and of course bartering is always welcome
  10. zed240's 2016 big trichocereus seed competition giveaway!! It's time for me to resign myself to the fact that I'm most likely not going to get around to cleaning all of my trichocereus hybrid seeds from last season and just distribute some of what I have ready to go now. So I'm doing a bit of a give-away, open to SAB members from anywhere in the world. It'd be nice if people only entered the give-away if they will sow all/most of the crosses and are prepared to post the odd picture of them as they grow up. So there's ONE grand prize pack, and three other packs up for grabs, so 4 packs all up. Entry is easy, just post in this thread with the next sequential number, I'm number 1, so the next person to post is number 2, and so on. Winners are chosen by a random number generator. You must also post a cool picture, or joke, funny story or something random in your post to be eligible for a prize. Entries will be accepted until Sunday 04/09/2016 at 5pm Australian Central time Seeds that are in the MASTER PACK GRAND PRIZE!! - (one pack of each cross, most packs have 80-120 seeds in them) Short spined terscheckii (SA clone) X Scopulicola scopulicola X anakie (peruvianus) Gawler peru X scopulicola Norma (peruvianus) X Anakie (peruvianus) Tipz macrogonus X scopulicola Gawler peru X Norma (peruvianus) Chilensis (James) X Ech. Seminudus scopulicolaX Norma (peruvianus) Super Pedro X Norma (peruvianus) Norma (peruvianus) X Hahn pachanoi Hahn pachanoi X scopulicola scopulicolaX Hahn pachanoi Fields pachanoi X Norma (peruvianus) Tipz macro X Norma (peruvianus) (these are from last years hybrids) Yowie X Psycho0 Psycho0 X Yowie Yowie X BBs Scop PC Pach X BBs Scop Yowie X PC Pach PC pach X Gawler peru Seeds that are in the 3 runners-up prizes include: scop X anakie (peruvianus) Gawler peru X scop Norma (peruvianus) X Anakie (peruvianus) Tipz macrogonus X scop Gawler peru X Norma (peruvianus) Scop X Norma (peruvianus) Super Pedro X Norma (peruvianus) Norma (peruvianus) X Hahn pach Hahn pach X scop scop X Hahn pach Fields pachanoi X Norma (peruvianus) Tipz macro X Norma (these are from last years hybrids) Yowie X BBs Scop PC Pach X BBs Scop Yowie X PC Pach PC pach X Gawler peru And here are pictures of pretty much all the plants involved in the seed creation. (clone names are on each pic) Have at it SABers!
  11. Hey guys, I am still widening my seed list and I am interested in bulk amounts of all kinds of cactus seeds. Most particularly Trichocereus seeds, but also other cactus seeds! I´ll add my seed list here as a pdf and if you are interested to trade just send me a message. bye Eg Seedlist Trichocereus.net COMPLETE.pdf Disclaimer: Most Trichocereus are permitted imports into Australia. But there are some exceptions so please check the AQUIS/ICON database if you´re in doubt.
  12. Bush Turkey

    Introducing "Cliff"

    Introducing "Cliff" Cliff is a special bridgesii with a traceable history. It is a very blue, very short spined bridgesii that has been growing in Perth for 35-40 years. The seeds were collected from a German grower by a lovely, Sumatran man called.....Cliff about 40 years ago. He is not well at the moment so we have been tidying up his garden for him as he doesn't have the strength to do it. The mother plant was massive and on the verge of falling so he asked a few of us to trim it back and keep the cuttings to let other people own this lovely plant. It it is a very special plant indeed. cuttings will be available to purchase this summer and all proceeds will be going to Cliff to help cover his expensive medical bills.
  13. Padonkluft

    Trichocereus seed for trade

    I have small amounts of these trichocereus hybrid seeds for trade Anna x Rosei #1 Anna x Rosei #2 Ben x Macro (Fields) Ben x Rosei #1 Ben x Rosei #2 Bridgesii OP Grandiflorus (Red, Variegated) x Grandiflorus (Yellow) Helen x (SS02 x SS01) John x Ben John x J1 John x Rosei #2 Macro (Fields) x Ben Macro (Fields) x Rosei #2 Pachanoi x Alko Pachanoi OP Rosei #1 x Ben Rosei #1 x John Rosei #1 x Macro (Fields)
  14. Got some trich seedlings which are nearly 3 weeks old. They were doing fine with just the plastic lid and were receiving sun protection from the soil mix and edges of germ box. However they are now a little red. So I have put a tshirt over them but fear this cuts out too much light. At the moment they get no direct sunlight but are outside. Unfortunately the image doesn't do the colour justice but they are red near the top especially. I was wondering about attaching a shade cloth directly to the top of the lid. Maybe starting with it doubled up. There is a lot of conflicting information on here about sunburnt trichs. Peace, Dekeius.
  15. EG´s Trichocereus Seedlist - For sale or trade Hi guys, check out my seed list and wholesale prices: The standard price for one bag is 3,00 Euros and the shipping costs are 3,45 Euros as a registered letter. All of them come from commercial nurseries or private gardens in Peru or Bolivia, not from nature. Worldwide shipping and long-time experience with shipping seeds all across the globe. Always open for trades. If you have something I might like, please send me a pm or get in touch with me through [email protected] Trichocereus pachanoi / Peruvianus Intermediate (fresh 2015 seeds with excellent viability. Very similar to the spiny plants from Chavin) Trichocereus tulhuayacensis (fresh seeds. Extremely rare! This is the only non-white flowering San Pedro type. The plant comes from Huachac). Not sure about the color of the flower though and I explicitely list it as potentially white flowering. This is KK337 and Knize differentiated between KK337 var. rubriflora and KK337. Trichocereus tunariensis (Cochabamba) Trichocereus tarapacana / Soehrensia taracapana Trichocereus puquiensis from Puquio. I do not know much about this type yet. What I do know is that this is probably a five ribbed version from Puquio that´s somewhere between Tr. cuzcoensis and Tr. peruvianus. . Trichocereus poco / Trichocereus Tarijensis Trichocereus narvaezensis Trichocereus bridgesii Australian Hybrid Seed (High quality seeds) Trichocereus cordobensis (This is a rare type of Tr. scopulicola that´s not the typical FR991 Scop that is so common. Very limited number of seeds) Trichocereus peruvianus Matucana This is a beautiful dark blue Peruvianus from Matucana, similar to the types called Rosei 1 and Rosei 2 or ICARO DNA. Non-cuzcoensis and one of the best plants I´ve seen so far. Trichocereus peruvianus - Rio Lurin / Lurin Trichocereus peruvianus or cuzcoensis Huancavelica Massive Trichocereus from the Huancavelica region. Trichocereus tarmaensis (2 Euro / 60 seeds. Priced to sell because mediocre viability) Long-spined Trichocereus from the cuzco group. Trichocereus knuthianus from North Peru (2 Euro / 60 seeds. Priced to sell because mediocre viability) Trichocereus tacaquirensis Rare Trichocereus from the Taquimbalensis group, but more rare and with a different spination that can only bee seen on adult plants. Young plants look a lot like Tr. taquimbalensis. Trichocereus andalgalensis x Tr. Grandiflorus Crassicaulis Trichocereus herzogiana This is a relative of Tr. tarijensis and is extremely rare! Fresh seeds! Trichocereus huascha from Catamarca Fresh seeds from 2015! Trichocereus schickendantzii Hybrid from Argentina Fresh seeds from 2015! Trichocereus Mix Trichocereus seed mix consisting of seed types that were accidentially mixed or which we were not able to ID because we didnt have a pic of the mother plant. A lot of seeds from the San Pedro group. Trichocereus spachianus Golden torch, fresh 2015 seeds! Great grafting stock! Matucana Madisonorium Trichocereus Peppermint Dreams x Grandiflorus Crassicaulis Flower hybrid from Sacred Succulents. Trichocereus pachanoi x peruvianus Cross between Trichocereus pachanoi and Trichocereus peruvianus. Not sure if this is PC or not. Trichocereus camarguensis KK1413 Trichocereus camarguensis var. nana KK1414 This is a smaller variety of Trichocereus camarguensis. Very rare. Trichocereus terscheckii Fresh seeds from 2015! Intermediate form between Tr. terscheckii and pasacana. Bulk Prices This is my bulk seed list. Nothing but high quality and extremely viable seeds. If you have questions, contact me here or through [email protected] Trichocereus tulhuayacensis - 1000s 65 Euro Trichocereus peruvianus Matucana 100s/ 8.50 Euro - 500s 35.00 Euro Trichocereus cuzcoensis Huancavelica 100s /8.50 Euro - 500s 32.00 Euro Trichocereus peruvianus / cuzcoensis Rio Lurin 100s / 8.00 Euro - 1000s / 60 Euro Trichocereus pachanoi / peruvianus Intermediate. Similar to the spiny plants from Chavin. 100s 8.00 Euro Trichocereus bridgesii Australian Hybrid Seed 100s 8.50 Euro / 500s 35 Euro Trichocereus knuthianus 1000s - 30.00 Euro Trichocereus tarmaensis 1000s - 30.00 Euro
  16. It's been a good couple of years for growing in my cactus collection, now it's time to spread the love back into the community. That means healthy, juicy Psycho0 tip cuttings for sale! The way this sale system will work is that I'll edit the original post to indicate whether the cutting is a) AVAILABLE, PENDING, or c) SOLD. When you want to purchase a cutting then PM me and the cutting's status will change to PENDING. If payment isn't received within 3 (three) business days the status goes back to AVAILABLE. Once payment is received then it is SOLD. This is to ensure fair availability of cuts to everyone. In past sales I've had people intend to pay but then bail out after weeks of haggling for payment, which I think is unfair to serious plantheads who are after quality plants straight away. This is the first time I've tried this system so I'd like to know how everyone feels about method. All cuttings have been grown off of well established plants of mine that have been in the ground for approximately two years. Being a Psycho0, it's quite a vigorous grower, never slowing down over winter (that's why I love this cactus!). To speed up new root growth I recommend planting the cutting in course river sand, this is my personal favourite technique that's always worked wonders for me. YMMV of course The price of the cutting is it's length unless otherwise stated. Buyers pays postage. Local pickup can be arranged, I'm in the northern Melbourne suburbs where all the rough cool kids hang out Cuttings posted within 2 (two) business days with tracking number provided. Any and all questions welcomed, of course. Here they are.. #1 SOLD $62 #2 SOLD $72 #3 SOLD $70 #4 SOLD $67 #5 SOLD $67 #6 SOLD $60 #7 SOLD $58 #8 SOLD $53 #9 SOLD $44 #10 SOLD $45 #11 SOLD $47 #12 SOLD $42 #13 SOLD $41 #14 SOLD $15 (length 22cm, has slight cut as you can see)
  17. Evil Genius

    Cactus Seedling Pics

    Hi guys, just sharing a few pics from my recent germination tests! Trichocereus tulhuayacensis Trichocereus pachanoi / peruvianus
  18. Hi Guys, I am currently looking for fruits because I want to make a comparison in my SAN PEDRO book and my THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS. All Trichocereus fruits welcome. In particular I am looking for fruit pics of Tr. huanucoensis, TJG, Tr. santaensis, Tr. validus, Tr. taquimbalensis, Tr. terscheckii, Tr. uyupampensis, Tr. cuzcoensis, Tr. bridgesii, Tr. glaucus etc. I just realized I am looking for all. :-P So please let me know if you have pics that might look awesome in the printed books. Thanks. bye EG
  19. TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP - Printed edition Hi guys, it´s my pleasure to announce that I spent the year doing nothing but writing and I am about to release my book TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP in April or May! The book will have 200+ pages and contains 300-400 photos from habitats and collections worldwide, all the original descriptions (English & Latin) as well as new information and comments about every single species. I dug out hundreds of old cactus books and literature to offer a complete overview about the history of this amazing group of plants. I was lucky enough to get loads and loads of cool pictures. This book will be ALL COLOR! I spent so much time writing and preparing for this book and it´s like a dream come through that I am able to release it now. A lot my SAB friends here helped to get it done. Either by offering photos or by keeping me motivated and I am extremely thankful for everyone who made this possible. There will be a very affordable digital edition and I am also working on a few deals to get it printed. It´s possible that I will send a part of the hard copies to Torsten and SAB to make it easier for the Australian members to get their book fast and without having to import it themselves. The printed edition will be extremely limited and it´s possible that it will sell out very fast. I assume there will probably be around 500 - 1000 books at max. I started a crowdfunding campaign in order to pay for the costs of the printing. The campaign already reached half of its goal within two days and there only is a limited number of books available. If you want to get a copy of my book, you can get it through my campaign on Indiegogo here: Book: Trichocereus: The San Pedro Group
  20. Bretloth

    Tricho cuts for sale

    Rosei 1 ~ x2 30cm mid cuts $30 each plus postage Sausage plant ~ x2 30cm mid cuts $30 plus postage and 1x 47cm mid cut $45 plus postage Macrogonus ~ x1 30 mid cut $30 plus postage Bridgesii ~ x1 35cm $30 plus postage
  21. Hi guys, I´ll be giving away some free seeds to my SAB family members here! I´ll limit this giveaway to one type to reduce the the workload for labeling and packing. I´ll give away seed bags of my new Trichocereus pachanoi type from my shop on Trichocereus.net which you can see here. There will be another giveway with Trichocereus tulhuayacensis soon. It´s a beautiful type of Trichocereus that is very variable and can be totally spineless or very spiny. The seeds are fresh from 2015 and I´ll give away one bag per SAB family member. Everyone interested, please send me a pm with the title "Pachanoi giveaway" and your address, including the complete name and the country. I know that most are from Australia but I just want to make sure I dont accidentially send it to some missionaries in Yemen. Please write your address in a way that allows me to print the address on a printable sticker, so I can process this giveaway faster! With that I mean, just write it how you want it to be written on the letter and I´ll copy and paste that. I´ll label the seeds "Trichocereus pachanoi" and declare it as a "cactus seeds" and "gift". Which it is. I cannot use a different label, but it´s a permitted import and all the seeds I send are according to AQUIS and CITES. It´s very possible that seeds are opened, but that´s totally fine as they are perfectly labeled. Shipping can take up to 6-8 weeks because I´ll have to pack these in between processing my orders and doing EG-stuff. So expect 1-2 months delivery time. If nothing shows after that, just let me know and I´ll send you a replacement. So yeah, bring on the storm. Merry Christmas SAB! bye EG
  22. Evil Genius

    My new seed list for 2016

    Hi guys, here are some new updates for my seed list. All seeds mentioned here are available. I love trading but can also sell some of them if you want! Needless to say that all those types were harvested from culture plants and NOT illegally taken from the wild. If you are interested in anything, let me know. I am located in Europe, which is why this posting needs a disclaimer that not all seeds can be sent to Australia. Most Trichocereus types are not a problem and if you are interested in anything else, let me know and I´ll have a look at the AQUIS list. Enough talking, check out my list! Trichocereus Pachanoi / Peruvianus Intermediate (pic 1) This is one of the most badass Pachanoi types on the market. But it can also be very spiny and is somewhere between Pachanoi and Peruvianus. Viability is great and tested. Trichocereus pachanoi x Tr. peruvianus Trichocereus tunariensis (Cochabamba) Trichocereus tarapacana / Soehrensia taracapana Trichocereus bridgesii type from the Rio Abajo / La Paz in Bolivia Trichocereus puquiensis from Puquio. I do not know much about this type yet. What I do know is that this is probably a five ribbed version from Puquio that´s somewhere between Tr. cuzcoensis and Tr. peruvianus. . Trichocereus poco / Trichocereus Tarijensis Trichocereus tacaquirensis (Tacaquiri, Bolivia) Trichocereus narvaezensis (no real info on this one yet) Trichocereus taquimbalensis (Lecori, Bolivia And the rest of my seed list: Trichocereus Bridgesii Australian Hybrid Seed Trichocereus Cordobensis (almost sold out now). Trichocereus Peruvianus Matucana Trichocereus Peruvianus - Rio Lurin Trichocereus Peruvianus or Cuzcoensis Huancavelica Trichocereus Tarmaensis Trichocereus Knuthianus from North Peru Trichocereus Andalgalensis x Tr. Grandiflorus Crassicaulis Trichocereus Mix Trichocereus Spachianus Stetsonia Coryne Matucana Madisonorium Lophocereus Schottii Trichocereus Camarguensis KK1414 Armatocereus Matucanensis Melocactus Peruvianus Azureocereus Hertlingianus Neoraimondia Roseiflora Oroya Borchersii Arequipa sp. Espostoa nana Haageocereus Acranthus Backeberg Loxanthocereus Hoffmannii var. Seniloides Tephrocactus floccosus Loxanthocereus Pullatus Rauh & Backeberg Echinocactus grusonii
  23. Hi guys, I am working on a pretty big project and am looking for all pics of Knize sourced Trichos I can get my hands on. If anyone has some, no matter how small and bad the shot is, please let me know. I´ll certainly attribute everyone who donates some pics! Thanks! bye EG