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Found 39 results

  1. WANTED: Lophs- grafted/non grafted I am in NSW and i am real keen to expand my loph garden, i would prefer big mother clusters also!!! But i appreciate anything, really Let me know! Big love!
  2. Hello one and all! i could not find an introduction area so i will jump right into things. I am from the USA and have been avidly collecting cacti for almost 2 years now though i have been growing plants and cacti my whole life i only recently got into the psychedelic ones. last year i joined a different psychedelic plant forum(not sure if i can name names?) myctopia and i really enjoy it there and i here that it is just as good here. My favorite species of plant is Ariocarpus and now to the cactus porn. This is a Peruvian torch(trichocereus peruvanus) which was grown from seed back in 2007 from wild harvested seed from peru. It is one of the more "true" peruvian torches i have seen. It does not show signs of being a hybrid other than what may have happened in the wild. This second picture is of my Aztekium Ritteri scion grafted to a myrtillocactus geometrizans root stock. it was originally a 14 headed cactus but 4 heads went to a friend who grafted them. 2 of the 4 took. one was on a Ming thing(cereus forbesii monstrose) and the other was on a pilosocereus azures. Third picture is of my second aztekium ritteri graft which has over 36 heads, most are small and just starting to form. im working on grafted the larger pups so that i can graft the main head to a new root stock. The old one is brown and almost used up, when i cut it there was still green flesh under the skin so im leaving the aztekium on it till the rootstock dies. i hope to graft the stump of the aztekium ritteri that is left over once i remove the main head. I will take the small aztekium stump still attached to the root stock and graft it upside down to a new root stock to try and pup farm it. second picture is of both aztekium echinocereus rigidissimus ssp. rubispinus or the rainbow hedgehog cactus. this is just a little picture of it. water added for effect Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus triplet grafted to a stenocereus root stock. this one recently put off new growth not shown in the picture but it is doing quite well. after 2 months of rooting i checked on it to find more roots than i could hope for, glad the stenocereus is working good. Ariocarpus Retusus sub species confusus grafted to pereskiopsis (supposedly) spatulata. the pictures are a minor show of its stages from being grafted. I have had so many people try and tell me the color is sun damage/stress. its not, its from being grafted. the last picture shows the recent growth. its about 2 months old grafted and 9 months old as a seedling. My two lovely Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose cacti aka penis plant or penis cactus. I have both clone A and B in this picture with one of them pupping picture is about a month old This is supposedly a san pedro i grew from seed. grafted it a couple months ago and its looking really nice. but its 5-7 spines per areole. even seedling pachanoi dont have that many spines. so im guessing it is a random hybrid like most trichocereus are. I have way way more to show just waiting for someone to comment.
  3. Francois le Danque

    Saving Private Scion

    Hey friends I foolishly acquired a lop/trich graft without knowing how to look after it, and when i had no free time to treat it properly. Now of course, the trich has rotted and I am desperately trying to save the lop/head. There are also a lot of pups on the head. I have a couple of very strong/healthy trichs, and figured my best bet would be to put the main head on one and the pups on a couple of others, by cutting the head off the rotten trich and regrafting. I already left the poor thing for weeks, i have been extremely negligent in this regard and i want to get it sorted TODAY, before any further damage occurs due to my incompetence. Standing by, please advise.
  4. Here are my first efforts at grafting... lophophora var caespitosa on to Trichocereus Pachanoi (possibly a hybrid crossed with Peruvianus)... This one grafted onto a Trich that I grew from seed. This one went very well...
  5. hey guys just thought i'd share these with everyone a few first time grafts for me all seem to have taken perfectly firstly is this A. myriostigma cv. onzuka i wanted to graft this guy so i figured i'd use the bottom half to try my first upside down graft A. Lloydii areole graft and an A. fissuratus seedling to trich graft
  6. so i grafted this lil dude today do you recon he's an albino ??? i have to say it looks a little bit whiter in person it was pretty difficult to get a shot of i need a macro lens for my camera
  7. Hi Folks! I have a few lophophora grafted on peresiopsis and San Pedro stalks. I understand San Pedro and Loph like to have a winter dormancy period. When The cacti are grafted does that change anything? I would imagine the Pedro/Loph grafts would enjoy a rest period but what about Pereskiopsis/Loph? Being unfamiliar with the growth cycle of this "tropical" cactus, is it requires to give these a dormancy period? Secondly, is there anyone out there that lets their Lophophora grafts grow year round? Will it weaken the cactus? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Guys!
  8. hey guys i got this grafted loph a while back it had a split in it when i got it i wasnt worried i knew it had a split and pretty much got it for nothing from a generous member on here about a month ago i tried to chop out some of the orange rot it had in the split unfortunately it got a little bit more rot on it again anyway not as much as wat it had but the problem is it goes right down to the core of the loph now so i really cant cut anymore out it looks like it should be ok anyway the real problem is that its splitting more and more i've kept it out of any direct sunlight and limited watering to next to nothing to try and slow down its growth but it just wont stop growing and the split is getting worse and worse and its even now showing some small splits on the opposite side of the large split i'm now wondering if i would be better off to try and degraft it wat do you guys think ??? heres some pics
  9. mutant


    I thought I made a retrospective graftin thread. dont think we got one I still bow to selinicereus
  10. hey guys i did this graft probly about a month ago this is probly the most perfect graft i have done i call it the perfect graft because no sulphur was used no browning or discolouration occured at all the scion stuck perfectly and began to grow within less than a week no browning no sulphur and a perfectly stuck graft wat more could you want not a problem in the world with this one (please note a flash was used with these pics so colours appear darker than they actually are) check it out
  11. Bert&Ernie

    Jwerta's seedling grafts

    I just did my first seedling grafts onto Pereskiopsis the seedlings were Trichocereus spachianus and i thought id share some pictures I shall update later if they take
  12. hey guys so when i did my original crest graft you can see here http://www.shaman-au...showtopic=30694 i had to cut a small pup that was growing off an end of it to fit the graft onto the stock properly i wasnt to sure wat to do with it at the time and wrapped it in some newspaper hoping it might survive and i could figure out wat to do with it later not long after i got hold of some peres for some seedling grafts from a very generous member from here so last saturday i decided i would try my hand at grafting it to a piece of peres so its been a week today and all seems to be going great he's looking healthy and seems to have taken fine so im pretty happy with myself thats 4 grafts i've done and not one failed
  13. hey all so on sunday i decided to do a loph seedling to peres graft test i only did the one single graft and to my surprise it seems to have has taken without a problem it was a little brown and stressed looking before i grafted it and over yesterday and today it has gone from its brown colour to a much greener healthier looking colour and is actually showing some signs of growth so im pretty happy and ready to graft a whole bunch more very soon heres some pics
  14. so this is my second grafting attempt this time using a piece of the crest i got in PD's auction not to long ago its been about 6 days now and looking good it seems to have taken without any problems very small amount of orange on there but my first attempt was much worse so i dont expect to have any problems with it heres my first attempt for those who didnt see (http://www.shaman-au...l=&fromsearch=1) & heres some pics of the crest graft