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Found 5 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Frog feeding help

    Hey, i've been keeping frogs for a few months not but they aren't quite old enough for shop bought crickets or worms. I've resorted to using woodlice/slaters that infest the back of my garden. Only problem is, they run straight into the water and drown or they hide, die and pollute the inclosure. (Interestingly enough, the woodlice that sink to the bottom survive as they run underwater and up the side of the bowl. If anyone knows how to make water less buoyant that would be great.) So if anyone keeps frogs or any animal that eats very small moving insects please help! The woodlice will do for now (The frogs aren't going unfed)
  2. I have three mature carob trees- last year I was told those trees are female and was seeking pollen This year I do some checking. All my trees are male. All of them. And I've waited heaps of years to find this out Geez I have the shits about this, what a waste of time Bisexual trees are available grafted at Daley's, at $100 for a mature tree and $40 for a seedling, should be available soon But I figure I won't bother with bisexual trees, I have a pollen donor, I'll just kill two of the male trees and whack some female ones in Does anyone know of a source for grafted female carobs? Or definitely identified female carob trees for planting ( I'm unsure if cuttings strike ) Interested to purchase at a reasonable price. Spending $100 needs some serious justification right now, even for an advanced female carob tree
  3. FancyPants


    Rather than post another recipe in the Random Thread, I thought hey why not start a proper one. So I encourage all who shared delicious and healthy recipes in there to copy+paste them back into here Here's my mum's Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup. Sooo more-ish you just can't stop at one bowl. When she first started making this when I was a skinny scrawny teenager, I would eat so much of it I ended up with a semi-permanant Buddha belly. Boil up one frozen chicken in a huge pot with water just covering for 2-3 hours. Refill water to top the chicken as necessary. When finished, take the chicken carcass out and put it into a large enough container, and put both separate pot+stock and chicken container into fridge. Let sit overnight. When the fat on the top of the stock has hardened, remove it and throw away the fat layer. The stock should have a jelly like consistency. Pick the chicken meat off the carcass. I use this opportunity to use the best bits of meat, rather than all the odd-bob grody bits some restaurants chuck into theirs. Re-heat the stock and add the meat. Add two large cans of creamed corn. Keep one of the tins aside. Taste test to add salt and white pepper (black pepper's fine, but white gives it a nice warmth in comparison). If you feel it needs it you can add powdered or liquid chicken stock, but you shouldn't really need any unless you decide to make the soup in bigger quantity by adding some water which dilutes it. Crack two eggs into one of the corn tins, beat. This is the tricky bit... you have to bring the soup back up to a boil and keep stirring it so that it doesn't burn the soup. Stir stir stir, quickly dump the eggs into the outside swirl of the soup. Stop stirring constantly, but don't let the soup stop moving at all. The idea is to poach the swirled egg bits at the bottom of the pot while letting them string out as the soup slowly swirls. After a minute you should notice thick white eggs strings (rather than chunks) float to the top. Lower the temperature so the soup isn't boiling any more. If you don't get this part right (as I've screwed up a few times), it won't matter if you try it again, just adds to the thickness of the soup. Taste test again. It should be chicken-y, with the sweet flavour of the corn to counterbalance the savoury and the salt and pepper. Add more whatever corn, eggs, salt/pepper to taste. If you wanted a particularly thick soup, you can add cornflour (pre-dissolved) into the soup prior to the eggs. I don't feel it really needs it. It's hot, hearty, healthy, mouth watering, and easy to eat small amounts when you feel like you can't handle much in your stomach. Easy to freeze and then re-heat as needed also. Bon apetite!
  4. I have just been chatting to the horticulturist in charge of the Herb Garden and Ethnobotany Garden at Sydney Botanic Gardens and she tells me she has received the go ahead to redesign the Ethnobotany Garden there. It will cost about $60,000 all up over a few years, and this includes irrigation and a new structure as well as plants. The theme is to be "Melanesia Village" (or some such) and a central "Village Hall' (proposed) to be surrounded by medicine and food plants from Papua New Guinea (mostly), West Papua, also The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia, and so on. She will hopefully be sourcing plant material directly from these islands, but was also very interested in receiving material from sources other than the usual - other botanic gardens or very sporadic in-house collecting trips (which hardly ever come off). She seemed quite enthusiastic about getting the online community ("your friends", she said to me) on board, and was happy to have suggestions and ideas (as well as plants and seeds!) thrown her way. She's one of the best horts at the gardens (in my opinion) and she's done a sterling job of the herb garden so I'm really looking forward to seeing what she makes of the ethno garden there. So if anyone wants to get involved, donate seed or plants, come up with random ideas, chuck them into this thread and we'll see what naughty plants we can get into the ethno garden in Sydney!
  5. Francois le Danque

    how old is too old?

    so like, i just made myself some good old fashioned jaffles. cheese and baked beans, mm mm . nothing better for the er, mun-cheez. BUT the margarine had mould in it !. so i scooped out all the visible bits and tried to scrape off the top layer. this wasn't helped by my housemate's insistence on digging and stabbing at the stuff instead of just scraping off the top layer like a normal person . not to mention the fact that it was his fault it was mouldy, because he left crumbs in there~! anyway i get all my bread buttered, both sides. open up the cheese and fuck: it too is mouldy! this time it's covered on all sides. i scoured the fridge but there was no more cheese to be had. and the supermarket just closed! no help there, mister cole. so with the cheese i cut off all the sides, twice, leaving me with about 10% of the original starting mass (no, i didn;t weigh it... ). because like, jaffles aint jaffles without cheese. plus i was super dooper hungry, y'know? fast forward 20 minutes and my jaffles are all gone and i have a gritty feeling in my mouth. am i going to die?? or just maybe a bit of this> TLDR: is it okay to cut the mould off food and eat the food?? cheese and margarine