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Found 81 results

  1. solomon

    Cactus illustrations

    I'm always on the hunt for books on cacti, in particular ones with illustrations rather than photos. I'm going to post some of the nice illustrations I find on the net in this thread, I encourage others (EG I know you've got to have some stuff like this) to do the same. Probably a good idea not to infringe copyright. here are a lot of older books uploaded as PDFs to legit sites out there. These are from the Missouri Botanical Garden http://www.illustrat...ooks/browse.asp © 1995-2012 Missouri Botanical Garden http://www.illustratedgarden.org
  2. Was thinking maybe we could get together and make a app for IDing cacti for corroboree members? I'm not meaning a smartphone app but a application embedded on the forum Could make it in flash, have sections for shape, colour, spineage, flower etc, then the section you are in gives you a bunch of options to choose from, and after going through and selecting the traits you are given a list of possible candidates, with pictures and info of the species alongside the names. Can have pics and info donated from members, flash programming is pretty easy I havnt done any in years but would be willing to pick it back up to get this up and running, action script is like riding a bike, there's probaby some members on here that could smash it out easy As there are so many freaking different cacti out there it would be silly to try and make a whole library straight off the bat, but maybe just starting off with the common requests that pop up on here then expanding out updating it with a bunch of new info over time. And possibly having it embedded in a pinned thread in the ID forum? Not wanting to do this to eliminate all ID request threads, but it may give people a good idea of what they got and instead of coming on with "I have no idea what this is" they may go "I'm pretty sure it's this, or one of these" Theres an app on iPhone called "fungi" used for mushroom IDing, guess that's what I got in mind, but instead of fungi it'll be cacti and instead of phone it'll be here on the forum, and instead of paying it'll be free for the community Thoughts?
  3. One last package remaining due to buyer not sticking to his word. Final package consists of a mixed bag of over 100 seedlings. Asking price is $200 plus postage. For the sake of ease and convenience, they will not be labelled. Species or hybrids it may contain: Trichocereus peruvianus T. peruvianus? (grown as T. pachanoi) T. bridgesii T. pasacana T. pachanoi x SS02 T. bridgesii x SS02 Juul's Giant x T. scopulicola Icaro Rosei 1 open Super Pedro x J3 Super Pedro x Psycho0 SS02 x T. bridgesii SS02 x Juul's Giant If you're interested, post in this thread and then PM me. Please only bother to PM if you are actually wanting to purchase the package. I am sick of people showing some interest and then fucking me around for ages. Some photos of the seedlings, taken when this thread was initially started (thus most of them are now sold):
  4. Hey guys and gals. Back in June I sowed a bunch of L. williamsii seeds with the ol' take away tek. They are now all about 2-5mm and looking ok. Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly getting them used to lower humidity by opening the take away box and leaving a little gap for circulation. I have been watering them a little too to keep them from shock (I gently pour water down along the edges of hte container so that it collects on the bottom and wicks up via the soil). The soil is mostly sharp sand, river sand/crushed gravel, and a very little bit of coir (ie; not very moisture retentive). Where to from here? When do I transplant these guys? What's the best way to do this? Should I try to put holes in the bottom of the container so that I can bottom water them? Cheers!
  5. A friend of mine was down in Albany recently & mentioned visiting the "Cactus Factory Garden Centre". They only gave me a limited description & I know very little about the garden myself; but thought it would be a good place to check out for anyone passing through or living in the area. If you have visited the center already or go & have a look, plz share you're experience, It would be great to hear a little more of what it's like.