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Found 56 results

  1. Vine Voice

    Cactus advice

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and I look forward to being part of these forums, but for now I have an issue with my cactus that I would really appreciate any help with. After reading these forums, I can see that you guys have a wealth of knowledge about cultivation. This issue might have been posted on before, but I haven't seen it so apologies if it's already been discussed. I have a cactus here that grew too big, so I cut it down (which I read on a forum that you could do, and it would grow back). I cut the top off and planted it in a pot and here is the photo of the cactus that I cut down: As you can see, it's gone all red and crusty where it was cut. I'm worried it's dead or going to die, but I wonder if anyone here can give me some tips on what I can do from here, even if I've fucked it up this time, what I should do in the future? I'm a bit of a novice with cultivation, but I'd love it if someone out there could help me. Thanks!
  3. One last package remaining due to buyer not sticking to his word. Final package consists of a mixed bag of over 100 seedlings. Asking price is $200 plus postage. For the sake of ease and convenience, they will not be labelled. Species or hybrids it may contain: Trichocereus peruvianus T. peruvianus? (grown as T. pachanoi) T. bridgesii T. pasacana T. pachanoi x SS02 T. bridgesii x SS02 Juul's Giant x T. scopulicola Icaro Rosei 1 open Super Pedro x J3 Super Pedro x Psycho0 SS02 x T. bridgesii SS02 x Juul's Giant If you're interested, post in this thread and then PM me. Please only bother to PM if you are actually wanting to purchase the package. I am sick of people showing some interest and then fucking me around for ages. Some photos of the seedlings, taken when this thread was initially started (thus most of them are now sold):
  4. Jonstn

    Dichotomous pup!

    Hey all thought i'd share this little bugger i found this morning: It was IDd last year as either a T.schickendantzii (because of its clumping characteristics) or a spach. Here's what it looked like when i first found it: all the columns fell off while planting, it was very fragile, here's what it looks like now: And while im at it, there was some really shitty bits that i just wrapped up in a bag and forgot about, here's what the look like now: I do have a few questions about the crest, going to utse after work tonight but figure I'll ask the experts first Will detaching the crest pose any risk of it going back to normal? Would it be a better idea to leave it attached to grow some more, and possibly detaching the non crested pup so it doesn't have to worry about making that bit grow? Cheers for the help everyone, pretty wrapped ATM wasn't expecting to see that on my morning walk past
  5. Hello everyone. I have some new photos for your enjoyment. SS02 x Bridgesii. Another mint SS02 x Bridgesii Pachanoi 'Omar' x Peruvianus. Crossed by Hellonasty. From left: Pachanoi cuttings rooting, Peruvianus 'Martin', an unnamed Peruvianus (presumed hybrid). Terscheckii plants. Trichocereus species, not entirely certain which. Terscheckiioid. I hope you enjoyed.
  6. Lophophile

    60 year old William

    First thanks to all who replied and made me feel welcome. This specimen was originally my Grandfathers. I did not know my grandfather even grew cacti and he's been dead for 30 years. This is the only remaining specimen from his collection. I had been growing for 11 yrs when it was given to me. I went into shock when I saw the thing. The pic is from 6 years ago. What you see is only about 50% the original mass. unfortunately no photo when 1 piece. When it was one piece it measured 40cm x 15cm approx and had 3 flowering tops with many smaller ones. It looked very sick so I decided to break it up I cut 2 of the flowering tops off, roots in situ, making 2 more plants + 2 others without flowering tops ie 4 cuttings in total leaving what you see in this pic. My best guess is if grandpa grew it from seed it's 60 years old. However it may be much older. None of the seed from any of the tops has been viable. Why? Don't know. It looks like shit at the moment. Lots has died back. Water pools in the centre and has rotted a huge hole in the root mass. Growth is very slow. I have other specimens as large but much younger and look much more healthy. It really isn't the best I've seen just the oldest. How long do they live for? I don't know but I suspect if cared for, indefinitely. I will send more pics soon. One of the cuttings is unbelievable has more than 100 side pups but not spread out, too hard to describe more pics will come. Enjoy!