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Found 55 results

  1. Bush Turkey

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

    ALL SOLD see here for more info about Cliff.... http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43421-introducing-cliff/ All buyers to pay postage. Standard post from WA 1. 40cm mid (has scarring) = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 2. 55cm tip = $40 (has scarring) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 3. 40cm tip (has a hole from rot) = $25 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 4. 55cm mid = $40 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 5. 58cm tip = $50 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 6. 39cm tip = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 7. 35cm tip (has scarring) = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  2. bogfrog

    Trades plz

    Hi folks, looking to diversify seed bank here.. Have excess of a few things I've already sown so lets trade, whatcha got? I am interested in any rare cacti seed (you know ..the good ones..), medicinal herbs, entheogens, multi-purpose food crops, high nutrient food crops of any type, anything that is nice and interesting. I have these to trade.. Cacti seed Trichocereus boliviensis Macrogonus x Juuls Validus x Peru SG Werdermanius Pach 'Lizard King' OP Macrogonus OP Herb seed Aralia cordata Nicotiana rustica Black henbane Mutants Mandrake Brugmansia sanguinea yellow Boneset Bergamot Tulsi Silene Capensis Gymnostemma pentaphyllum Mexican mint - tagates lucida Lobelia inflata White sage Elecampane Skullcap Carob Also have a heap of organic heirloom vege seeds but the herbs should be sufficiently telling of my interests. There are vege seeds there anyway if anyone's interested. Plz pm or enquire as you wish. Trading rep linked at bottom of my posts. Thanks n happy spring to ya'll.
  3. Hey All, I've had quite a bit on the go during winter, seedlings and grafts under CFL's inside, they have been alive ~4 months growing well. I want to start getting ready to move them outside for spring time. I am wondering how you guys go about it, I want to get them into my greenhouses, which are covered by greenhouse plastic and 30% shadecloth year round. I also want to try and do it with as little touching to the plants as possible as well, ie id only like to move them around once or twice is that possible? I was thinking once the days warm up a bit mroe here I'll move under 2 x 30% shadecloth and eventually start removing shadecloth one at a time. Anyway what do you guys do? would lvoe to hear. Cheers. bonus here is a pic of one of the grafts i'm talking about a variagated astro, that might be starting to crest out? we will have to wait and see!!!
  4. irabionist

    Land to rent to set up Greenhouse?

    Heyo! So I recently bought a shed frame in order to build a large greenhouse, however the land that I was going to rent in order to set it up fell through. The frame can be set up in 5 sections, each one 2m long, so whether the land is small or large the dimensions can be one of below: -Width: 4m -Height: 3m -Length: 4-10m I've looked on Gumtree and posted in other places but no luck. Pretty much just asking if anyone here know's someone or who has a bit of spare land that they'd have a lend of to me I would prefer it to be in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, but North West or North East is also good. Looking to set up a small nursery so I can propagate some of the tasty cacti specimens that I have Cheers!
  5. _Cursive

    My home made greenhouse.

    Hey guys! So I thought I'd finally get on to posting my greenhouse I made. I decided to make one as I was sick of having to re-shore up my POS Bunning's one after heavy gales. So, staying true to my frugal traits, I was thinking "best size vs. cost analysis" for the build. Over here most lengths of timber are 4.8m long. I was thinking 2.4m, but for the area, it was a little too big. So I thought 1.6m lengths - that was I can get 3 cuts from one length. This method will suffice for the roof and flooring which will be assembled as solid pieces (if I have to move house). The floor is made from premium grade pine H4 150mm x 25mm that was left over from our house decking. Screwed down with stainless steel screws. The wall framing is also screwed, so I can disassemble it if need be. The framing is H3.2 rough sawn 75mm x 95mm all over. The grading of the roof slope is 2.2m sloping down to 2m at the rear. - I had to break away from the 1.6m for obvious reasons The roof is tinted UV resistant corrugated plastic. The walls, due to the cost of using plastic sheeting are only greenhouse plastic wrapping - 25m for $10 I think. I used a staple gun to apply it. Next is the shelving... Using L-brackets for shelving support. For the shelving I used H3.2 pine decking timber. 90mm x 20mm. The shelving will consist of 2 tiers. So... I am very pleased with it at this point As you can see I utilize all the horizontal space for shelving. Left over decking timber is used where I can I decided to use really bright Caribbean colours as a nice contrast, I think it's worked well.. The paint is a Resene High-gloss enamel for outdoor with extra anti-mold additive. The surface was primed, then sanded lightly with 180 grit, then 2x coats of top coat. And thus concludes my cactus abode of colour. Ha! Hope you enjoyed
  6. I'm interested in hearing if anyone has some knowledge about Yin tonifying australian plants, particularly cacti. Cacti becasue the condition to be tonified is a yin deficiency with heat intolerance, which cacti are undoubtedly masters of. Treatment interest is for a 10 year old Border Collie. Interested in Kidney Yin tonifying plants, and Spleen Qi tonification plants. Thanks
  7. New pics and prices in the post below.
  8. Burleyman


    WANTED: Lophs- grafted/non grafted I am in NSW and i am real keen to expand my loph garden, i would prefer big mother clusters also!!! But i appreciate anything, really Let me know! Big love!
  9. Stumbled upon this beautiful thing today while out walking. Such sexy ribs and it did look a little bloated but what do people think it is? Going to ask the owner for a cutting soon, too sexy not to have!
  10. Schrodinger's Khat

    My Seeds For Trade

    Hello, hello. I have a bunch of seeds that are lying around and since the Free Trade Thread seems to be no more, I have no room for these and there is no need for them to possibly lose their viability. I would like to trade but some of the chilli's I am unsure of viability as they're are not from this grow season so some will go away for nothing. Just wanting to share the bits and pieces back to the community. So I have already bagged up the seeds and most have between ~15-30 seeds. Some more, some less. Anywho, here's the list. Chilli; - 1x Naga Morich.. ~20 seeds each. - 1x Explosive Ember.. ~15 seeds. - 1x Rainbow.. ~20 seeds. - 1x Ebony Fire.. ~20 seeds. - 1x Inferno.. ~20 seeds. - 1x Sweet Temptation.. ~15 seeds. - 2x Birds Eye.. ~20 seeds each. -2x Naga PC-1..~20 seeds each. -2x Long Red.. ~20 seeds each. (Much like the semi-mild one at the grocery store for a ridiculous price) Others; 1x Trichocereus Terschekii.. ~25 seeds. 1x Trichocereus Pachanoi.. ~25 seeds. 1x Mimosa Hostilis & HWBW.. ~minimal seeds available, so will combine the two as one baggie. 1x Leonotis Nepetifolia.. ~30 seeds. 4x Rivea Corymbosa.. ~25 seeds each. 4x Verbsacum Thapsus.. ~Lots of seeds 3x Pereskiopsis (Un rooted cuttings).. ~I could have done four packs but thought I would jam pack three so there is a fair bit for a beginner or replenishing some root stock *All Seed I haven't overly thought this through or what I would like in return to be honest, lol. Maybe just make an offer or something I guess. If they don't go swiftly I will have to plant them at a relatives who don't care for plants. Anyway, we'll see what happens here Talk soon Edited for what is/isn't available.
  11. Anybody have any idea how to do a cactus symbol for a technical landscape design drawing? Like one with plan view symbols of columnar cacti with and without arms and maybe a more complex cactus like Trich. Peru. Crest in symbol form?
  12. I'm looking to buy Trichocereus seeds/seedlings/cuttings of all species, please let me know
  13. Hey all i question ive found hard to get an answer for. What are we allowed to grow in WA with the new laws??? I mean, to my understanding the way the law is now, anything that the judge wants to charge you for, he/she can Does this mean things like lotus, Heimia, lions tail and the likes can be classed as illegal???
  14. B'Hhmmmm


    Hi all. Ive had a unexpected bill come up so have to part with a few cuttings. from L-R i have a brid-Kai tip cutting, 33cm $20. a Juuls Giant tip cutting, 84cm $80 SOLD pending payment. And a brid-Psycho0 mid cutting, 64cm $40. Buyer pays postage. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys & gals, dam cars i tell ya!!! Cheers.
  15. Hello again! I still have a few cacti which I unforunately need to part with as I need to move out in about a month. If anyone can make it out to my place in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, I can give you a good price and possibly a freebie of some sort. What's left: -a very upright and healthy peruvian, in the ground. Fairly short spines, a bit under a meter in height, approx. five years old. Very pleasingly symetrical and perfectly round. -a potted peruvian, good health, medium length spines (bigger than the one in the ground - around two to three centimetres in length (the spines, that is). Around 50cm tall and a bit skinny - not from lack of care, it's brothers are fat. Again, around five years old. It's a darker shade of green than it's brothers, with less of the bluish hue which often characterises the peruvian cacti. -a metre-long peruvian cutting. Quite a chunky log with some decent spines, making it hard to handle! However, there is signs of rot at the base of the cutting where the plants was severed. This I would give away. I believe the rot is fairly superficial, but as it is there I couldn't charge for it. -an almost six foot tall san pedro, around seven years old. Has flowered. In a pot which is way too small (my bad - should have repotted it ages ago). It has a pup which has become a 30 centimtre long branch from the base. This cactus shows some signs of black spots. I'm not sure how bad, or how deep it runs. For this reason, I would sell it for a low price or, possibly give it away if the potential buyer determines the plant is sick. -another potted peruvian. five years old. Healthy and robust. Large spines. The pot is actually the property of the house owner, and thus would need to be removed. I do have spare pots and decent soil, though. Re-potting wouldn't take long. Like the first peruvian I mentioned (the upright one in the ground), this one is one of the more robust and healthy plants I have and would do well in the ground. It's about 50-60 centimetres high. I also have two psychotria; sadly, they are not in great health. The carthagenensis is about five years old, and looks scrappy, but is very tough and with care would certainly make a recovery. It has flowered a few times. It's rapidly getting nice green new leaves after it dropped the old ones in winter. The 'Nexus' hybrid is, unforunately, worse off, but again it is tough and is putting out new leaves now as the weather warms up. It could be brought to health with the right conditions. Both psychotrias are quite small for their age, due to being potted and not liking the conditions they've endured. They are only around 40cm high. The problem with these two is, sadly, my neglect to properly maintain conditions for them. My mini greenhouse fell apart about a year and a half ago, and they both toughed out the last winter without shelter. Additionally, they should have been re-potted a long time ago. Please PM me if interested in anything. To be honest, the best plants - aside from the two healthy peruvians - are already reserved or have been taken. There are still some good things here though, and as I said, if anyone's willing to venture out my way to pick them up, I would be flexible with pricing. Thanks
  16. DiscoStu

    virus or sunburn

    discovered these yellow splotches on the side facing away from the sun, and it's only getting morning sun and the sun is quite weak this early in spring, is it a virus or.....?
  17. Hi guys, I am thinking of moving my lophs out of pots and into the open garden one day. They are well-established but don't seem to be overly thriving. They are already kept outdoors, in terra cotta pots in part-sun. I like the fact that I can move them into shelter / out of harsh sun when needed in pots, but the open garden would probably allow them to grow bigger, build deeper roots and access a greater variety of nutrients. Has anyone here had success with this? If so, I would appreciate any tips about how best to go about it. Eg., soil preparation, position, fertilising. At present, I only feed Seasol a few times a year over spring / summer. Thanks for your feedback, Cimi
  18. Alienteaparty

    Moving cacti across state boarders.

    Howdy Folks. I have done a thorough forum search and could not find anything regarding the circumstances i will be faced with, so i have decided to ask you lot for any advice or legal know how when it comes to moving plants across state boarders by car. In late January 2014 i will be moving from Perth W.A to Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales, This will be the biggest move of my life so i hope it all goes to plan. I will be driving with a friend through the Nullabor Desert, crossing into South Australia and then from south Australia into New South Wales. I will be taking my friends and my own possessions along on the journey, this includes my cacti collection and various other plants ( Banisteriopsis Caapi, Psychotria ssp, Catha Edulis, Calea Zacatachichi) as well as an assortment of pereskiopsis cacti grafts and my seed collection in a trailer. These are my most prized possessions, and i could not imagine starting my collection of 3 years all over again. the cacti will all be well established rooted specimens in pots. To my understanding there are no laws against any of the genus or species i will be carrying in my trailer in the state of New South Wales, although they are all scheduled in South Australia . From what i have read it seems as though customs aren't as strict on live plant materials coming out of W.A as they are on plant materials coming into W.A. Id love to know whether anybody has done this before and what problems i might run into going through the boarder crossings. Remember i will have a large trailer filled to the brim with plants and cacti, the largest of which measures up at just under two meters with multiple branches. These are my Queries...... Should i contact customs before hand? Do i need to fill out any papers or documentation before i cross? Are there any alternative methods of transferring these plants into another state safely? Most of my cacti were sent over from the Eastern states. Is there a possibility of introducing pests or an invasive species into other states from W.A? and most of all, Is this even possible without and legal repercussions? I have one other option to get my cacti into NSW, but I'm not too keen on it. The friend who is accompanying me on this journey Has a large sound system (8, 18" folded horn subwoofers and an assortment of Funktion-One mids and tops) and assortment of bulky audio gear that he is putting into a hired shipping container and getting sent over to Mullumbimby through a courier company. Even though its a large system, there will still be plenty of room in the shipping container to fit my cacti and other plants. This leaves my babies in the hands of the authorities and customs agents, but the courier company may have a better chance at getting these plants across the boarders than a bunch of dirty hippies driving a 4x4 with a trailer full of cacti. Any information, ideas or comments are most welcome, so please let loose on the comments people! Thanks a bunch friends! Much love
  19. Hello again everyone. In the coming week/s I am looking to buy a heap of different clones to expand my collection. If anyone would like to sell some cuttings, or even seedlings(for my new mini GH) Anything Trichocereus is preferred but I am also looking for some Lophophora as two of mine have just met their demise. Grafted or not grafted. Would rather pay cash, but also may have a couple of things laying around for trade. Just wondering
  20. George Simian

    Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

    Not sure this warrants its own topic but I thought that some of the specimens here were unreal. Gardens by the Bay is a 100 hectare plot of man made island, they ran out of country. Cost the Singaporean government over a billion dollars to put together and took something like 8 years to finish. There are plenty of photos online but I thought you lot might like to have a detailed look at the cacti section, which was crazy. I found the place to be truly breathtaking at points (cloud forrest, immaculate orchids) and disappointing at others (touristy feel, people thinking its funny to throw handfuls of gravel into the top of a half meter high ferrocacti). Well worth a visit ($20) if you are ever in Singapore! Hope you Enjoy! http://s1335.photobucket.com/user/georgepiehat/library/
  21. Bundy Bear

    cacti for my B'day

    Hi guys, i was lucky enough to get a little cash for my birthday and i thought that i would spend it on cacti instead of the massive amount of rent i owe.... so i was wondering if anyone out there had a small 'Icaro' peruvianus they might want to part with... also interested in any other interesting or unique pieces. i don't have a lot of mullah so i would appreciate it if you didn't prey on my addiction and gouge me... Thanks, B. would also like to ad a thanks to the people who have helped me get my fix in the past, i will be posting pics at some point in the near future so you can see what happened to mah babbiezzzz...
  22. I am looking for some odd cacti crosses that may have been produced over the last little while by some of our members here. I am not really looking for any particular types although buttons, and non-columnar types suit me best as i am still renting and moving a fair bit. In saying this i am very keen to try some of the awesome tricho hybrids i have seen floating around i bet there are some funky mutants to be found amongst these seeds :D I am not really looking to buy individual packs of seeds but if someone had say 5-10 varieties they could do all at once that would suit me best. Either Post here or message me with any offers.
  23. tripsis

    All done.

    All done.
  24. solomon

    Cactus illustrations

    I'm always on the hunt for books on cacti, in particular ones with illustrations rather than photos. I'm going to post some of the nice illustrations I find on the net in this thread, I encourage others (EG I know you've got to have some stuff like this) to do the same. Probably a good idea not to infringe copyright. here are a lot of older books uploaded as PDFs to legit sites out there. These are from the Missouri Botanical Garden http://www.illustrat...ooks/browse.asp © 1995-2012 Missouri Botanical Garden http://www.illustratedgarden.org
  25. Vine Voice

    Cactus advice

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and I look forward to being part of these forums, but for now I have an issue with my cactus that I would really appreciate any help with. After reading these forums, I can see that you guys have a wealth of knowledge about cultivation. This issue might have been posted on before, but I haven't seen it so apologies if it's already been discussed. I have a cactus here that grew too big, so I cut it down (which I read on a forum that you could do, and it would grow back). I cut the top off and planted it in a pot and here is the photo of the cactus that I cut down: As you can see, it's gone all red and crusty where it was cut. I'm worried it's dead or going to die, but I wonder if anyone here can give me some tips on what I can do from here, even if I've fucked it up this time, what I should do in the future? I'm a bit of a novice with cultivation, but I'd love it if someone out there could help me. Thanks!