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  1. The more reports come out about this the more it becomes obvious that drug policies are about something else other than facts but sadly this one will just get swept under the rug like all the others. Change will come when people stop taking no for an answer. I think it would be great if a show like q&a had both Julia and Tony on it where they both face a panel of experts on drug reform, then the whole 'drugs destroy families and lives' won't be as easy to get away with. It might also highlight similarities between the two so much so that maybe one will change their stance since they seem to love not agreeing with anything the other has to say.
  2. Shamanistic

    Any Updates on P. Nexus?

    Was just browsing and seen someone on another forum mentioning Psychotria Nexus (old aeb topic) and remembered that a while ago I was quite interested in how this plant would turn out in the long term.I would imagine there'd be more information available now but there hasn't been any discussion since 2011 that I can find. Can anyone give some updates on how their plants are going and, where legal, has anyone tried a brew with nexus? How'd this compare with a plain viridis? Peace.
  3. Seen this today and thought it was really interesting. For a neuroscientist to be saying things like this it must have really shaken his world view. Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/15068392/top-neurosurgeon-spent-six-days-in-heaven-during-a-coma/
  4. Shamanistic

    'DMT is similar to meth'

    I would love to see how a meth head reacted if they loaded up a bowl of dmt as opposed meth. I bet the meth head wouldn't think dmt is like meth Syner, I'm not sure how accurately the article was written but if there were a few ounces of finished product (probably in the form of infused leaf) then I wouldn't say it was for personal use. I completely agree that if you make something for personal use that is okay but when your selling ounces of the stuff you can hardly call it personal use. You could be the most enlightened individual in which case smoking it might be alright but if your selling ounces of it chances are you're selling it to people who will not get the same thing from the experience, who have not read about what to expect (so have not adjusted set and setting accordingly) and who could ultimately get quite fucked up from this experience which is at the end of the day is a contributing factor to the illegality of this most powerful transformative tool. On a side note having seen the above picture of those crystals I thought of the fortress of solitude in superman being made entirely of dmt, wonder how that would change the story.
  5. Just reading that interview that you posted Syner and it seems whitewinds suspicion of him having no experience with psychedelics is true: Would like to see what he thought of the above statement having tried ayahuasca or mushrooms.
  6. Yeah you'd think a neuroscientist would have a fairly rigorous definition of proof, apparently not. Also I dunno about you guys but floating around in pink clouds for all eternity isn't really my idea of heaven. What I found most amusing was his descriptions sound so cliche, his subconscious must be pretty boring . He is apparently a professor at Harvard so I wonder how this will effect his research into neuroscience and it's role in consciousness. Even if he's conclusions that it was when his brain wasn't functioning aren't right at least his ideas of consciousness will be somewhat different after the experience and consciousness is I think the least explored thing in this whole universe but it is the whole universe. On a side note it must have been a pretty slow news day, as much as I found this article really interesting I'd hardly call it breaking news..
  7. Shamanistic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Bit squashed down with uni at the moment but it'll be worth the extra cram to see you guys so I'll do my best. Anyone know how much tickets are likely to be at the door?
  8. Shamanistic

    Any Updates on P. Nexus?

    Thank you everyone. PH: I've got a viridis which surprisingly didn't drop any leaves over winter unlike others who live around my area. I think it maybe the microclimate I planted it in. Only problem is it grows really slow which is a shame since I think the viridis is a beautiful looking plant so I was thinking a nexus might go well in my garden and after reading what you guys have said I think I'll go with that. Maybe in another 10 years my viridis may resemble a bush
  9. Shamanistic

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    Are you talking about the long tubeish looking thing? If so I have no idea what it is. It looks like there may have been a mushroom on it at one time but it is equally as likely that it is a print of a shit covered asshole, a very exotic strain. Oh and did I mention how well it flushes?
  10. Shamanistic

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    I posted it a few hours before the site had that big downer and so it the post was lost but without further ado I bring to you; Now Jamison, what is it that you question about this photo?
  11. Shamanistic

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    Neither, the dreaded 1 ply. Watch your fingers!
  12. I got wrongly put on ritalin as a child and I believe it was a major factor in the amount I was getting in trouble at school. I refused to take it at 15 because I could see it was slowly but surely fucking with my life. I'm now at university studying engineering and I think my decision to stop taking ritalin has helped me get there. Moral of the story - Don't feed your kids amphetamines or analogs thereof everyday and expect things to improve </rant>
  13. Shamanistic

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    Just thought I'd clear up something. The print wasn't printed on a paper towel, it was printed on paper but some members joked that it looked like used toilet paper and that's where I think the whole thought of the paper towel came from.
  14. Shamanistic

    Happy Birthday space cadet 101

    Happy birthday mate!
  15. Shamanistic

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    If I were here to scam people why is it I've had a lot of successful trades with both parties completely satisfied? You know you did the wrong thing so don't try and make others look bad because you screwed up.
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    Just finished listening then, it certainly was a teaser! Got to agree with you DTB it should have been longer. Good to see these topics getting some attention
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    For those like me who missed this and cannot find the podcast on the website a little snooping does wonders: http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/triplej/safran/safran_2012_09_30.mp3 http://mpegmedia.abc...fran_2012_09_30 .mp3 (Space between "2012_09_30" & ".mp3" put it to bypass automatic media tags being placed around the link so remove that space before you goto the link)
  18. Shamanistic

    Wanted: Ololuiqui (Turbina/Rivea corymbosa)

    Hey mate, I'm pretty sure I'm sorted now. I'll let you know if this changes
  19. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone out there has a small seed packet of Ololuiqui that I could buy/trade for. I don't have heaps of stuff to trade so buying might be a better option but here is what I have for trade; Acacia Obtusifolia Trichocereus Peruvianas (All Seed) PM me if you can help a brother out
  20. Shamanistic

    Need an american's assistance

    I'm in need of help from a trustworthy american to help me with a small errand. In order to qualify for the task they must be currently in America and not using a proxy. The reward will be the documentary 'The Secret Life of Mushrooms' sent to them. Please PM me for details. Thanks heaps, Shamanistic
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    Happy Birthday Marcel

    Happy birthday mate
  22. Shamanistic

    Bad batch of E- Loius Vuitton- via news.com.au

    Holy shit, unless they are different Loius Vuitton I've heard some people talking about them. I guess this is what happens when things are demonised.
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    Happy birthday man!