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  1. Anyone have any pollen available from any interesting trichs ?

    Happy to buy, trade or send half the seeds from this beast at my friends farm. great genetics - anyone interested PM me and Ill elaborate.

    post-9715-0-19367600-1387008607.jpgpost-9715-0-28542500-1387008608.jpg ( edit ) - some shots - she is a virgin :)

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  2. In the process of converting to Vegetarian. I still occasionally eat fish ( only fish that I catch myself which I have an abundant access to )

    I chose to follow this path for a multitude of reasons. Spiritual, environmental and health. ( it may be psychosomatic but my meditation practices have really accelerated since I have changed my diet )

    I'm still undecided on the vegan lifestyle. I suppose as I progress to full vegetarian I may give it a go and see how it works for me. I think that way I can objectively decide on It's merits. I think I may end up eating eggs from my own freerange chickens and boycotting dairy for various reasons.

    I have been following this guy on youtube. He is such a legend - but anyone arguing that a vegan lifestyle does not allow a healthy existence should watch this guy. Mind you - he does supplement with vitamin B shots and eats around 30 bananas a day. LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNVa33fuLD0 the guy is testament to being both vegan and being in peak physical health and at the very least is quite entertaining.

    I really like WB's approach to meat eating. So much more sustainable and healthy.

    All of this is really just a personal opinion and what seems right to me at this point in time. I'm not up for a debate as there is no "right or wrong" and It is definitely quite a divisive topic.

    ( edit ) I hear what your saying about juicing Ceres, I recently purchased a really good cold press juicer and I would recommend it to anyone )

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  3. I really didn't want to turn this thread into a debate, I was just analysing it objectively.

    Your opinion that meat causes obesity doesn't really hold up, if you put people on an all meat diet that is high in fat they will lose weight almost every time. Today people eat meat mixed with refined carbs and carbs fried in toxic vegetable oils which makes them likely to gain weight.

    & Cacti Jihadist are you reading the actual China study and if so which one ? There's been two China studies that I'm aware of.

    Most people who quote the China study have or are reading the book by Dr Cambell titled "The China Study" in his book Cambell has made many assumptions and outright mistakes based on the data interpered from the China study and uses that to "prove" that vegetarianism is healthier and that protein and meat are evil. Many of his statements have been thoroughly debunked by people that have actually taken the time to read through the data and crunch the numbers themselves with an objective unbiased perspective.

    Cambell chery picked the data to suit his objective and completely ignored complicating factors in many instances.

    If you are reading his book do yourself a favour and read some of the critique of his work.

    & I have no issues with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, if it's a balanced diet that supplies everything your body needs then that's fine just don't base all your opinions on one source.

    That is the book I have almost finished Sally. I am looking now into the debunking of his "science" and you make a valid point from what I can see. It was not this alone that want to make me turn to a vegetarian diet. Watching Samsara with dilated pupils was the clincher for me.

  4. Interesting article Tripsis.

    I am currently reading the China study.

    It studies the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancers of the breast, prostrate and bowel .The authors conclude that people who eat a whole plant diet—avoiding all animal products, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates—will escape, reduce or reverse the development of numerous diseases. I am currently in the process of turning vegetarian ( I still occasionally eat fish ). A vegan diet is my aim but I think It is something I have to work my way into. I can't imagine life without eggs and cheese :o - well not just yet anyway.

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  5. You mean from the excerpt I copy pasted or the the whole article ?

    I know you mean no disrespect man :) I don't endorse his views but I did find it interesting.

    But as you know all too well At0m, I am so uneducated when It comes to IT and you definitely know your shit.

    What do you foresee as the future for bitcoin ? It's so volatile.. but I have been thinking of making a large investment next time it takes a big dive. Or should I invest In Physical gold/silver ?

    maybe I could employ you as my financial consultant ;)

  6. Thanks Solomon.

    I'm going to stick around.. Can't leave this place. Just withdrawing from all trade and not collecting illegal cacti anymore.

    As long as I stay squeky clean I should be right. Next strike and I'm out.

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  7. The Strategy to Make Bitcoin the Global Currency

    To replace the present fiat monetary system, the global financial elites have employed the following strategies:

     To demonise Gold and depress the true value of gold;

     To promote Bitcoin as the ultimate alternative currency by price manipulation; and

     Energy (oil, gas & computer power) to back Bitcoin.

    In the first phase of this grand strategy, the Controllers of Bitcoin have decided to focus on the markets of the developed world. This is common sense as the technological infrastructure is already in place in the developed world.

    In this phase, the Controllers would by-pass the global banking institutions and will focus on the existing alternative payment systems widely used in internet marketing such as PayPal, E-Bay, MoneyGram etc. This is because, Bitcoin can only survive and grow in the internet environment as it is a technology-based currency. Bitcoin cannot be used in the same way as fiat paper money is used. It is not a “cash” currency. It is digital!

    This makes sense because in our daily lives, more and more transactions are being facilitated through the internet, our mobile phone, credit cards etc. Paper money is used less and less.

    In the Second phase, and after assuming total or near total control of all internet markets, only Bitcoin would be accepted as ―legal tender‖ for payment of goods and services. No Bitcoin, no sales for goods and services! The Controllers would not need any laws to compel full compliance as in the present case with fiat paper money when laws must be enacted to compel acceptance of paper money as ―legal tender‖ in full discharge of all debts!

    In the final phase, it is my belief that banks will be transformed from their present form and structure to be inter-alia ―Bitcoin Exchanges or Clearing House‖. This is one of the items in the Controllers‘ Wish List.

    This is indeed a very elegant structure and it will surely appeal to all reformers who are against central banks, the present structure of global banking institutions and paper fiat money. The call to end government / Central Bank control of money would no doubt be greeted with enthusiasm and relief given the present policies of the FED and other central banks enriching Wall Street and the 0.01 per cent of the global population.

    The debasing of global currencies is being carried out with the approval and connivance of the global financial elites as a prelude to the use of Bitcoin because the present financial architecture can no longer be sustained. The debt-based fiat money system is so toxic that it is beyond repair

    (source) http://www.globalresearch.ca/will-digital-currency-replace-the-us-dollar-wall-street-strategy-to-make-bitcoin-the-global-currency/5361021

  8. Sally, you have a pretty sound knowledge of the goings on.

    Looks like you win :) Not to say anyone was wrong or right. Just a twisted little social experiment on my behalf. :devil:

    I'd love to go into what I think were possible motives but Something is telling me I should let sleeping dogs lie

    Cheers to all others that competed.

    PM me ya details Sally... ill get it on the way

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  9. post-9715-0-52404600-1386323286_thumb.jppost-9715-0-09496200-1386323294_thumb.jppost-9715-0-64319600-1386323300_thumb.jppost-9715-0-18701900-1386323304_thumb.jp

    Here are a few of mine. I was not even aware of the comp until a few weeks ago. Unsure of when I sowed these.

    ( edit ) I went out this morning to find one of my royal velvets has had a sungasm B). Fibonacci representing !


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  10. Noooo. Shun the neg' button !!! . I found the neg' button to be really negative (yes, i know it was meant to be negative,lol). It caused a fair bit of disharmony i reckon.

    I like the like button. :)

    I don't like this :P

    Tripsis....you flatter me bro. I know it is safer for me to vamoosh but I don't know if I'm going to be able to :rolleyes:

    SAB has a special little place in my heart now.

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