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  1. Hey Sablings.

    Can someone help me out with an I.D ?

    Was picking down near delamere in SA today. We had found a huge haul of subs, amanitas and saffron milky's when we stumbled across some fellow foragers. One of the guys pulled out a bag of these little puppies and told me they were panaeolus cyanescens ( the blue meanie ) he had been eating them and It was quite obvious they were active but don't seem to fit the profile. They bruise blue too.

    I was under the impression they did not fruit this far south ? . They were everywhere !! ( is it true they contain seratonin as well as the obvious ?


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  2. I think that regardless of the laws If you are only a collector and do not have a commercial amount of such plants ( just like little old granny down the road ) you should be fine, unless you are being targeted for some reason.

    ( edit - as for the current laws I know nothing and just assume everything is illegal - which here in SA it is )

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  3. My friends dog can sniff out some kinds of illness, its quite amazing.

    I have personally seen him sniff out arthritis, infections and eczema etc but he has also found a friends breast cancer and my own melanoma.

    He will come and lick it until you make him stop all the while looking at you with a very worried expression on his face,

    We didnt didnt put 2 + 2 together until he kept licking a mutual friends left boob when she visited, needless to say it was a bit embarrasing for all involved except the dog and we kept trying to prevent it.

    Normally a very good boy that lives to please but in this case he was ignoring his commands and seemed intent on letting us know something very important was going on. We had all heard about dogs that sniff cancer before so she went and had it checked.

    To our amazement she had a tumor in the same spot on her boob and she had to have it cut out!

    Knowing the way this particular lady avoids the doctor I think it could have been quite some time before the tumor was found otherwise.,...

    After reading this I am beginning to think I may have testicular cancer

  4. any one here post to tassie you have some great plants there

    Be very careful Kate. It's a real roll of the dice bringing plants illegally into Australia - especially Tasmania and especially plants containing illegal compounds. I have seen all too many stories of people being raided and there plants destroyed and see them dragged through the legal system.

    ( If you are really going to risk it Get something crazy like a massive LW crest from uncle chorn's cabin :lol: - No don't do that. Risk vs reward I suppose )

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  5. Dchiw you read a local news update in regards to a neighbouring town and it reads

    Police are seeking information from the public following a bizarre and cruel incident at Clayton Bay south of Adelaide, where six miniature horses have been slaughtered.
    Sometime between from Friday night and Saturday morning - six miniature show horses were slaughtered in their stable at a property on Finnis-Clayton Road at Clayton Bay about 70kms south of Adelaide. The distraught owner of the horses reported the incident to police yesterday.

    I hope the police catch him before somebody else does :ana: I just can't get my head around this kinda shit

  6. You had me totally confused about what I had posted pics of. I didn't post a pic of my Pach crest. You even had me checking the plants in the background. :lol:

    I thought the last 3 pics were of the pach I sent you.

    Don't mind me :bong:

    ( edit - the chicken has to be the coolest looking crest ever )

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  7. Do not watch that film. It is worse than anything you could imagine. Every copy should be destroyed ! ( edit : and I think of myself as pretty open minded too )

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