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  1. In Washington DC, the so-called murder capital of the world there was a big experiment in the summer of 1993 where volunteers came from a hundred countries to collectively meditate for long periods of time throughout the day. It was predicted in advance that with such a sized group you would have a certain percentage drop in violent crime as defined by the F.B.I. in Washington that summer.

    Well, the chief of police went on television saying that “Look. It’s gonna take two feet of snow to reduce crime by that percentage in Washington, DC this summer.”

    But by the end, the police department became a collaborator and author of this study because the results in fact showed a percentage drop in violent crime in Washington, DC which we could predict on the basis of previous studies that had already been done on a smaller scale. Are people affecting the world of reality that they see?

    We wanted to do some research on the effects of meditation on crime, and found these interesting facts. This National Demonstration Project to Reduce Violent Crime and Improve Governmental Effectiveness brought approximately 4,000 participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs to the United States national capital from June 7 to July 30, 1993.

    A 27-member independent Project Review Board consisting of sociologists and criminologists from leading universities, representatives from the police department and government monitored its progress.

    dc_TM_violent_crimes_graph1.gifUsing time series analysis, violent crimes were analyzed separately in terms of HRA crimes (crimes against the person) and robberies, as well as together. The maximum decrease was 23.3% when the size of the group was largest during the final week of the project.

    That sounds to me like definitive proof this can have a huge affect. I posted this as I know there are some that might scoff at such a suggestion. Maybe this will make them rethink the possibilities ?

  2. I have the feeling we need to assist in raising awareness of the potential destruction of humanity and the earth through all of these wars that are being raged at this time… all for the sake of religion/greed/ignorance. Each day, I ask you to spend 15 minutes in meditation, visualization, and prayer to help heal the planet and her inhabitants of this overwhelming anger and intolerance for one another's beliefs. And to also try perform at least a few good deeds to those in need around you each day - actions born from pure love.

    We need to pray for an end to hostilities and not only visualize it coming to an end – but KNOWING that it is coming to an end right now! Pray and visualize everyone on the planet honoring and respecting each others belief system – that we are actually raising the vibrations of the Earth, so that we can live in a time of peace, tranquility and honor for all.

    Please visualize everything and everyone on earth as being healthy, vibrant, thriving and filled with love.., "All life on earth depends on this work!"

    Please spend just a few minutes each day at least with the positive intent of seeing our Mother Earth and all life upon her thriving, healthy and strong. This will help change the vibrational patterns that are currently holding us down.

    I feel guilty myself for being so transfixed with what seems like imminent doom. Perhaps this affects things more than I or we can comprehend ?? ( for this reason I will no longer comment on the ww3/ebola type threads. ) In fact I will stop paying these situations attention at all. After all If it is to be then it will be - and All of our days are numbered even if it just caused by old age. Time is precious and I will try spend the rest of mine (regardless of the endgame) loving, helping, and learning to be at peace with myself.

    This was/is my epiphany today.


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  3. Here is an interesting post from a well respected virologist on a forum i frequent.

    With all that out of the way …………this plan is a framework of thought so that it is adaptive to any biological outbreak, however I’m here to tell you that the 1917 flu killed 500,000 americans when the population was 1/20 of what it is today. In addition, the 1917 Flu killed more people in 1 year than the Bubonic Plague killed in 5 years (Europe).

    The reason the media keeps repeating that mission medicine groups are pulling out is because they’ve never seen an outbreak in this scale before. Why they aren’t flying this patient to Fort Detrick containment facility first before Emory is unknown to me other than Emory and CDC have sequencing capabilities and Fort Detrick does not. I received a tweet from a colleague virologist in the field, Africa. His comment, “Much much worse than media is saying…. coming home”. I ask…..why wouldn’t they set up shop inside the massive BSL 4 facility at CDC? Emory? This virus has a 65% mortality rate not 80% which means it has traded off pathogenesis for the ability to “jump” i.e. move from patient to patient. Currently all that is known about this virus is that Blood or body fluid to mucus membrane direct contact, however, I now question that guideline recommendation for safe handling because the DOCTOR and NURSES who went straight away to the HOT ZONE are now infected and 2 nurses dead already that were trained to handle this virus infection in patients with “barrier protection” as recommended by CDC.

    Bottom line: I believe this virus is traveling on micro droplets of lung water vapor thus the virus is airborne and bio-safety training for airborne virus means RESPIRATORS of which none of the personal on site are wearing and people are coming home from service in Africa who won’t know they are infected. This virus has a 21 day infectivity period. All virus in this class are limited for spreading and jumping because Ebola, Marburg, Lasa etc all KILL their host too fast i.e. 7-10 days and that includes primary infection to crash and bleed out. This virus is 21-30 days? Huge difference in number of people an infected person can get close to with an incubation of 21-30 days vs 7-10. I believe this virus is a mutant thus reason they are taking the patient to Emory so the CDC and Emory labs can sequence it. Fort Detrick does not have that capability. Call me crazy but I’m not leaving it to chance even with a minute chance of it happening. Be prepared my friends

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  4. UH OH

    The Department of Health will be conducting the largest surprise emergency drill in New York City history on Friday to test the delivery of medications in the event of a biological attack.
    More than 1,500 health department employees from more than a dozen agencies will be setting up 30 locations to be temporarily used to administer life-saving medication in the event of a biological outbreak.

    [link to nypost.com]

    Surprise! Surprise! Yesterdays headlines were about Ebola possibly coming to America and now they have the largest Bio-Attack Drill ever. These drills aren't planned overnight. This event was planned long before these global Ebola outbreaks (which they still haven't officially found out the origin of) but it's saturated with irony when you look at the history of "drills" and false flag/crisis occurrences. The Globalist are really speeding up now and covering all their bases with at least 4 different emergency scenarios.

    1. Possible Bio Outbreak/Attack to implement martial law and quarantines. FEMA/DHS/National Guard

    2. Massive Illegal Alien Exodus creating border instability to implement FEMA/ICE/DHS

    3. World War 3 Provocations with multiple missing nuclear materials

    4. Impending Economic Crash (dow -300) causing mass civil disobedience to implement martial law DHS/National Guard

    All of this coupled with the recent ignition of several FEMA and Detention facilities really gives one pause and these are just 4 scenarios that we know about and I can think of off the top of my head. These are precursors of epic magnitude

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  5. many thanks Onyeka and all those who have posted above.

    I am being sent thirty different species from the kind member I spoke of above. He also has other species that will be obtainable in the near future.

    He is a smart cookie and this is obviously one of his passions. I'm thinking I may well have most of what has been mentioned so far and more on the way.

    If there is any excess seed that My new friend and neighbour has left over after sowing, I will come back and offer free of charge to those interested in this thread to keep the love flowing. I will do my best anyway

    Much love SAB crew

  6. It is almost like it has been orchestrated. The dumbing down of the citizens in America, The demonization of America throughout the world, The outright theft of trillions and trillions from the economy. JFK's famous old speech on the threat to the USA has never seemed so poignant.It's like this has been meticulously planned long ago.

    Fenris I think your summation is very much on the money. We have passed the tipping point. That is for sure.

    Why oh why are we here in Australia standing so resolutely behind the sinking ship that The USA is ?? We should be distancing ourself from The USA and aligning more with China and BRICS ( Or just closing our borders and renigging on our debts in a similar way to Iceland has recently )

    "when" this war goes thermonuclear and it will be fast and furious. At the least facilities at Pine Gap near Alice Springs, and WA’s North West Cape communications station will be targets for nuclear weapons. And expect no petrol at the bowsers, no food on the shelf, no law and order and lots of hungry desperate people and quite likely an invasion of our resource rich and poorly defended mainland here.

    If you think I am crazy I think you are highly highly misinformed.

    It might be another year or more away... and it could be tomorrow. But one thing is for sure - it is coming... as has been so heavily prophecised throughout time. And as now the world's top economic and military specialists are saying the same.

    It is going to take a miracle to stop this now.

    How is that for a shitload of doom to brighten your evening ? Sorry - I really am, but I feel It is my duty to try alert people to what is coming.

    Simple things like medicines, self defense items, the most basic things will be priceless when this kicks off and dollars on your bank screen will mean nothing.

    Be prepared !!!!

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  7. post-9715-0-42968300-1406856843.jpg

    How does one go about removing abbot ? and would we just be replacing tweedle dum with tweedle dee.

    I get the feeling that if we gave our government the boot and started a whole new system we would soon end up like Iraq or Libya.

    Protest does not work. A violent revolution would be the wrong way to go about it - and since we have all been unarmed well... you know. The masses are just too easily programmed.

    I hate bringing negative things like this to the forefront of people's minds but being aware is the first step.

    This is no crazy conspiracy theory. This IS happening right now. TPTB "are" planning a thermonuclear war. PERIOD.

    Now would be the time for an ET intervention ( you never know right.. lol )

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  8. Are you ready for war—including possibly nuclear war—between the United States, Europe, and Russia? That is the question that everyone should be asking him- or herself in light of the developments since the destruction of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

    The crisis provoked by American and European charges of Russian responsibility for the shooting down of flight MH17 has brought the world the closest it has been to global war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. But the situation today may be even more dangerous. A half century ago, the Kennedy administration—haunted by fears that miscalculations on either side could precipitate a nuclear exchange—sought to keep the lines of communications open and avoid the demonization of Soviet leaders.

    Today, on the other hand, the CIA is directing an incendiary propaganda campaign against Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, a campaign that seems intent on provoking a direct military confrontation with the country with the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. There is no question that the CIA is mobilizing all the resources and assets it commands—within governments, the media, and among academics—in a carefully orchestrated campaign aimed at polluting public opinion with anti-Russian hysteria.

    As of now, there is nothing approaching a definitive explanation of the chain of events that led to the destruction of MH17. Despite all the massive surveillance technology at its disposal, upon which it lavishes tens of billions of dollars annually, the US intelligence agencies have not produced a shred of hard evidence to back up the accusations of Russian responsibility.

    But while the physical circumstances surrounding MH17’s destruction remain unknown, the political purposes to which this tragedy is being put to use have become all too clear.

    Since the beginning of the week, the three most influential mass circulation newsmagazines of the United States, Britain, and Germany—Time, The Economist, and Der Spiegel—have published cover stories that combine wild accusations against Vladimir Putin with demands for a showdown with Russia.

    The most striking and obvious characteristic of these cover stories is that they are virtually identical. The CIA has scripted them all. The stories employ the same insults and the same fabrications. They denounce Putin’s “web of lies.” The Russian president is portrayed as a “depraved” mass murderer.

    What is the Russian president to make of the use of this sort of language in the most influential newsmagazines? He is on the receiving end of the same campaign of vilification that was previously directed against Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Putin certainly knows the outcome of these propaganda campaigns. Serbia was bombed into political submission and Milosevic was carted off to The Hague, where he died, mysteriously, in prison. Iraq was invaded and Hussein executed. Libya was also invaded, and Gaddafi —much to the amusement of Hillary Clinton—was savagely tortured and lynched. As for Assad, the United States has directed a bloody insurgency that has resulted in the deaths of more than 100,000 Syrians.

    Given this record, Putin could hardly be accused of paranoia were he to conclude that the United States and its European allies want him dead. Therefore, one must ask, what impact might this well-grounded suspicion have on his own course of action as the confrontation escalates?

    In all three cover stories, the governments of Western Europe and the United States are taken to task for failing to move against Putin and Russia. The three magazines adopt a tone of angry impatience with what they perceive to be insufficient aggressiveness. They all argue that the time for talk is over.Der Spiegel declares “The wreckage of MH17 is also the wreckage of diplomacy.”

    How should this statement be interpreted? If diplomacy has failed, it can only mean that war is imminent.

    In its article “In Russia, Crime without Punishment,” Time attacks Obama for asking Putin to assist in the investigation of the crash rather than immediately threatening Russia with war. It writes, “This was the crisis in a nutshell: the least Putin could do was the most Obama could ask for. The American President announced no deadlines, drew no red lines and made no threats.”

    The invocation of “deadlines,” “redlines,” and “threats” is the language of war. How else should these words be read?

    Time attacks Italy and France and even the Obama administration and the American people for not backing aggression against Russia: “Putin doesn’t have a lot to worry about when he looks at the forces aligned against him. Obama, as the leader of a war-weary nation, has ruled out all military options, including the provision of weapons to Ukraine.” Clearly, Time wants to place military options on the table.

    In its lead editorial, entitled “A web of lies,” The Economist follows the same script, accusing the West of vacillation. “The Germans and Italians claim to want to keep diplomatic avenues open, partly because sanctions would undermine their commercial interests. Britain calls for sanctions, but it is reluctant to harm the City of London’s profitable Russian business. America is talking tough but has done nothing new.”

    The coordinated media campaign is already producing the desired effect. On Tuesday the Obama administration and the European Union announced that they had agreed on a new set of tougher sanctions. These measures are being interpreted as a transitional measure toward what Financial Timescolumnist Wolfgang Munchau describes as “The Atom Bomb of Financial War.” Munchau’s piece has been published not only in the Financial Timesbut also in Der Spiegel.

    By a combination of military threats and economic strangulation, the US and the EU are moving to politically destabilize Russia. As their continuous references to the Russian oligarchs make clear, they are hoping that the financial sanctions will encourage a conspiracy to overthrow and even murder Putin. The regime envisaged by Washington would convert Russia into a neo-colonial protectorate, entirely subordinated politically, economically and militarily to US imperialism.

    Of course, were Putin to shift course and accommodate himself to US demands, the media campaign would make the necessary adjustments. However, events can proceed in a direction unforeseen in any CIA scenario.

    The recklessness of a policy of destabilizing Russia, a power that controls the world’s second-largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, is staggering. As military forces are set on alert throughout Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region, and Ukrainian and Russian forces exchange artillery fire along their borders, the possibility for a miscalculation is mounting by the day.

    Whatever the short-term outcome, the long-term implication of the agenda being pursued by the United States and the European imperialist powers leads inexorably in the direction of war with cataclysmic consequences. The greatest danger facing the working class is that decisions are being taken behind the scenes, with masses of people largely unaware of the risks facing the world’s population.

    A hundred years ago this week, World War I was launched by small cabals of ministers, monarchs, and business interests throughout Europe, whose decision to risk everything on victory in war led to deaths numbering in the tens of millions. Today, similar forces are setting into motion a drive to a conflagration that could lead to the destruction of the planet.

    There is no means to stop the momentum toward war except through the politically-conscious intervention of the working class. Anyone who believes that a nuclear war is impossible because modern governments, unlike those that were in power in 1914, would not risk catastrophe, is deluding himself. If anything, the regimes that exist today are even more reckless. Beset by mounting economic and social problems for which they have no progressive solution, they are ever-more inclined to see war as a risk worth taking.

    This is why the International Committee of the Fourth International insists upon the urgency of building an international anti-war, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist movement of the working class.

    David North and Alex Lantier http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/07/30/pers-j30.html

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  9. http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/07/26/mh17-j26.html a must read for those interested

    Im going to edit this link in so I do not spam the shit out of the forums with this thread - But this is the most comprehensive and convincing and verifiable article I have read to date on this latest plane disaster.


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  10. Ok... I think who shot the plane down is a relatively mute point considering what is likely to unfold over the next week or two.

    As you all may be aware - Our subservient puppet PM has decided ( or told to decide ) to send in a contingency of not only AFP but armed special forces alongside dutch troops ( yes - soldiers ) into the middle of a hot warzone to secure a 50 square kilometre area to investigate a crime scene/plane crash - to remove bodies long since removed and to investigate an allready known to be contaminated investigation scene. Without even so much of a slight acknowledgement of the solid proof Russia has presented in regards to the situation - nor the american satellite imagery showing beyond doubt that the BUK missile that purportedly shot down the flight was surrounded by men in UKR military iniforms ( can provide links if needed )

    Does this make sense to you ?

    Lets see if my crazy tin foil hat deductions prove to be correct.

    I am predicting that the dutch troops and Australian troops will come under fire - and I do not think it will be from the rebels nor russian entities. They have nothing to gain from such acts ( que bono ? ) I would presume if this occurs it will be the same entity that was sniping maidan protestors during the orange revolution to forment unrest and hatred toward Russia.

    What will surely follow if ( or when ) this occurs will be direct NATO involvement against russian forces - and we all know where that will lead us. This is more about the petrodollar and the world currency than it is gas pipelines and energy corridors ( although that too is a major factor )

    Here is an article from an independant journalist ( slightly pro russian but facts are facts )

    I advise you to read this if any of these events are of interest to you.


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  11. Have just been contacted by a member here who has shown me great generosity once before.

    This time is no different. He has offered free of charge to send me roughly thirty packets of medicinal seed. No request for trade or compensation - just out of the goodness of his heart.

    This forum really does have some amazing people.


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  12. She lives in a rare utopia where all plants are legal.

    Gingers and mints would be great. ( she lives in a coastal temperate area - would a greenhouse suffice ? )

    I'd ask her is she has a moist spot but she might take that the wrong way :blush: ( lol - just kidding ) She has an acre or two - I'm sure we could try make a suitable spot. But it does get very hot and dry in summers here.

    Did you have any seeds for any of the above mentioned plants Shortly ?

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  13. I have a close friend who is in the process of starting a medicine garden in her backyard, So far I have started her off with some echinacia, pap.somniferum and ephedra sinica. I think she has chamomile too.

    Would anybody have any interesting additions or recommendations for herbs and plants used for medicinal purposes ?

    Happy to purchase or trade something or other.

    Thanks me lovelies


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  14. Russian MoD officailly say, that B-77 was shot down by Ukrainian plane. !!! HOLY shit. All fully presented live to international journalists with full supporting evidence. Live now on RT.

    It will be very interesting to even see if it makes it to our news.

    I have a really bad feeling about this. I've been following this since 911 ( what some may see in the future as the starting point )

    This is not merely an obscure proxy war anymore. This is direct East vs West confrontation.

    I don't know if your reading this BIGRED but have ya got a spare bunk ?

    I suggest that people do a little research into the effects an all out war would have on us. We are in one of the best places here in Aus geographically,. But just think what happens when within days there is no petrol at the bowsers or food on the shelves. Nor the law and order you accustomed to today.

    Think it can't happen ? well I would call you misinformed.

    pray I'm wrong.

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  15. http://www.globalresearch.ca/malaysian-airlines-mh370-and-mh17-a-criminologist-questions-what-are-the-probabilities-is-it-a-mere-coincidence/5392265

    A criminologist talking about the odds involved With MH17

    U.S. Grants Ukraine Non-NATO Ally Status http://uacrisis.org/u-s-grants-ukraine-non-nato-ally-status/

    This now grants them the ability to base all their hardware ( including the missile defense shield )

    Here is another interesting link http://www.globalresearch.ca/obama-prepares-to-wage-offensive-first-strike-strategic-nuclear-warfare-against-russia-china-iran-north-korea-and-syria/5340299 - very scary stuff !!

    This IS the start of the next worldwide hot war.

    I really hope I am wrong !!

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  16. if your ever over SA way hit me up. I live on the coorong where bream are plentiful and It is not uncommon to land a 50cm specimen. ( not to mention the HUGE mulloway ;) )

  17. Thought I'd share a few pics of my fishing mission last Monday. Towed the boat from Adelaide down to Port Macdonnell to chase some tuna.

    Did allright as usual ;)

    Only ever catch what we are going to eat. No catch and release sport fishing. Best the fish meet the man that is going to eat them b4 they die right ?

    This was our first tuna mission and it was intense !!


    Anyone else been landing any fish lately ?? ( edit - I'm the dodgey looking character with a face sock on ) B)



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