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  1. So I managed to end the listing with no penalties. Sorry to any bidders reading this.

    I have put a few pics up of the areoles I discovered sub surface and a picture of something trying to push out the side, an inch or two above soil level. Most likely a root but could be a pup ?

    I am thinking I will let it heal up and maybe try bapping those two sub surface areoles and seeing what happens. Still kind of undecided.

    Sorry for all the hype :blush:post-9715-0-95870900-1443576367_thumb.jppost-9715-0-30884400-1443576455_thumb.jppost-9715-0-50045300-1443576628_thumb.jp

    ( edit - the pic of something busting through - root or pup ? )


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  2. post-9715-0-67637800-1443521178_thumb.jp

    There is more than one bidder. Ill research my options and have a think about it tomorrow.

    I did however notice a small areole with very small spines that was sitting just below the surface of where the soil was so I assume that is where it would pup from ?

    post-9715-0-67950800-1443521472_thumb.jp here is a shot of the meatus ( i love that word, lol )

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  3. can anybody a little more savvy on Ebay tell me if there is anyway I can edit the title or change the listing to make it more visible for a search on trichocereus ?

    Anyway guys, I swear on all that is sacred to me that this is a long form TBM. Those that know me and my offerings here in the past can attest to me getting ahold of quite a few rarities and offering them up for sale - I did my homework on this one. The crooked growth at the tip of the penis has happened since I first recieved it. I am under the impression that it just keeps growing bigger and fatter but I do not have enough experience with this plant to be able to tell you how it pups or if it pups.

    now to make things worse... I just went to have a good look at the plant in question and since I have pulled it out of the ground and brought it inside the fucking thing has split right down the middle. A big gash around 8cm long. I can't sell the plant like this !!! Ill throw up a pic later- I need a beer

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  4. Just a heads up that the genus is spelled wrong on the ebay listing, so anybody searching for trichocereus probably won't find it.

    Thanks for that Gtarman. ( shit !!! it will not let me edit the title as there have allready been bids ) I am such a rookie :blush:

  5. The plant has no aeroles.

    Some sneaky bugger imported it from Italy from a well known EBAY dealer there a year or two ago. So no mother plant in my posession but 100% long form TBM.

    ( I do not even know where these feckers pup from )

    It is the only one that I have and will be losing the genetics to whoever the winning bidder is

  6. The grey stuff on the base of the plant is where a little wet concrete splashed on it ( will wash straight off ). I probably should have spent the time to clean it up and phtograph it a little better.

    The things that could be done with this plant and the cactus porn thread :wink:

  7. I get you now. It does all add up for sure ( I am sending a few out behind the scenes to a few members as well )

    I have just had finished responding to all my PM's in regards to this giveaway and nearly all have offered to reimburse me on postage fees which is very kind considering my initial offer. For anyone paying postage Ill be sending out larger cuts as initially intended.

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  8. Hey guys :)

    Scored this cutting the other day from an empty house in my hood ( can get a few more small cuts if anyone is keen to trade )

    I would be running with peruvianoid as a rough I.D but looks kind of unique to me and wanted to see what the cacti guru's had to say.



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  9. Hey cobbers :innocent_n:

    Sorry for my late replies.

    Had a few setbacks as happens. Will still be sending all promised cuts out but have had a couple of unexpected financial setbacks this last few days. If there are no objections I am just going to send all tipz tips out at a smaller size of around 20cm ( still nice fat pieces ) to save on postage.

    I will be putting a long form euro TBM up on EBAY today and once the sale is complete and the funds have cleared I will send out all the macro along with the longdong.

    Myco my bruv, I deleted my FB account - hit me up on PM here champ ( would be good to see how things are travelling with you )

    will go sort through all my PM's now

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  10. I can vouch for this beautiful specimen. If you look through some of my pic threads there are photos of a monster cut of this Macro I got from Tipz.


    Hey getafix. For some reason SAB tells me I don't have permission to see the attached pics ? :huh:

    Hope your well buddy - was just enjoying all your pictures in your latest thread. Looking good man.

  11. Thanks a lot tipz,

    You sold it or sold a cutting of it? I think it's pretty rare (compared to the tbm crests)

    I sold it to a WA member who has not been active for a while. He does not seem to have been active here for quite some time... shortly after the trade actually. I have tried to get back in touch to try and get back some of the genetics but have had no luck.

    I kept a cutting and sold the whole crest to him as I really needed funds at the time and unfortunately my cutting did not make it through.

    So in my collection I have the long form ( euro clone ) and what seem to be two variants of the TBM - fat and choady and then the norm that seems quite prevalent.

    It was definitely a rarity !

  12. Hey guys... sorry for the late reply.

    Zed 240 - one cut is yours champ. ( will save me on postage giving to you if you can pick up and are local - PM me.

    Bed of spines, Master B, paradoxical and hukstable... Happy to send you each a cutting ... however one of these cuttings will be a little smaller than the stated 40cm.. ill put all the names in a hat and the first one drawn gets the smaller tip cut.

    Olive - I am up for a trade if your in South Oz mate. Just PM me

    I have not had a chance to go through my Pm's yet but will do now. Anybody who is been picked to receive a cut and has not PM'd me yet please do so. Let me know your details and Ill start working on getting them out.

    WB.. Ill PM you too buddy... I am sure we can work something out..

    OK off to work through the PM backlog.



    ( edit Ill throw you a small tip cutting too Terrapin - sorry I missed your post mate. But that will be the last on the list or my7 postage costs are going to blow out too far ) PM me buddy

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