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    Ok, sorry to be reviving an old topic but the info in here about 4-aco-dmt is not accurate. I have tried almost every single psychedelic out there, you name it, I've tried it. I would guess almost a hundred trips over the course of about 10 years. 4-aco-dmt, although classified a research chemical (if you can classify 4-aco-dmt as a research chemical, technically, so can LSD.), it feels extremely transparent to the body, in much the same way nn-dmt feels. It is a cross between shrooms and DMT, leaning more towards DMT in visuals and smoothness, but the duration and onset similar to shrooms. I cannot praise 4-aco-dmt enough, it feels so natural, so right every single time, I cannot put my finger on it. At certain doses (betweeen 35-40mg for me), it feels like a strong ayahuasca trip, without the nausea and body load, coupled with the clearest headspace you can imagine. At about 25mg, you are in the state of smoked DMT afterglow, that lasts for 5 to 6 hours. I never feel 'worn out' like I ALWAYS do after a strong LSD, mescaline or mushroom trip, the comedown seems to ease me back very gently, and falling asleep afterwards is a breeze. One message I keep getting from my trips on 4-aco, is this is the key to unlocking the next change in consciousness for the coming of a new age. I'm not sure how yet..
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    Importing a Hookah into Australia?

    My mate recently (last week) had a bong and a pipe shipped from overseas and he received it fine. I really don't think you will have any issues.
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    Mold attack!!

    You could try cutting it off the top part with the mold and making sure it gets plenty of air and sunshine. I did this once and the top calloused over again without any mold. Mold will develop very quickly if the cactus is stored in a dark place like inside the shipping box. Especially if it is freshly cut, then packaged without letting the ends dry first. When I get any cactus cuttings shipped to me, I usually cut off the ends and let them re-calous even if I don't see mold initially, it helps stop them growing later on. Yours doesn't look too bad, as long as it doesn't continue developing, you should be fine, but if it's getting worse, you definately need to treat it - the sulfur powder as suggested should also do the trick. Also, make sure not to water them during the winter, ESPECIALLY if they have been planted from cuttings recently. I usually leave my cuttings stored unpotted until summer comes around, and by then, the ends are bone dry and beginning to develop roots. Pot them when the weather gets warmer and they will do great!
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    Can anyone send me a Cubensis spore print?

    I have cubensis cambodian I could trade for a sub print. I'll send you a PM.