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    WTB: Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna)

    Hey I am trying to get some Kanna product, seed, dried or fermented herb, unsure whether Sceletium products can be ordered via Ebay from South Africa or America or UK which I have searched on google for online stores, can't seem to find any in Australia, or whether I would receive it or not through the post, living in VIC. PM if you can help please! Wanting to use therapeutically, to get off chemical antidepressant/anxyiolytic medication. From a little online research I seem to gather that 500mg of fermented kanna is a good oral dose. I am wondering what kind of dose to use therapeutically for its antidepressant action. I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I will be weaning down off the Aropax and then my gnome will try begin treatment with Sceletium, orally, or as I also read, just a pinch left in the mouth for 3o minutes. Please PM if you can help me find out where to get my hands on good quality, fermented kanna?
  2. cariboudle

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    I juzt want to express my deepest gratitude for being part of The Corroboree. Thankyou. xx Cariboudle