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  1. Side planting is supossed to generate a larger surface area for root development and thus greater pupping, not sure if it works but all of my cuts have 2 pups growing simultaneously, growth pattern the same as for any other pup I believe....funnily (or not) on the upper most arioles as if it were planted vertically!....all of them!

    The super pedro threw roots first and is plump to the point of rediculous but is only just starting to pup from 2 arioles.

    Psycho tip cut is getting secondary spines but no real growth or plumping.

    Kimuras are both throwing 2 pups one a little more plump and advanced than the other, same sized pups as super.

    Eileen tip is growing with no plumping, almost 4 inches with little to no roots in 2 months.

    Eileen centre cut side plantings all pupped without roots and are really dehydrated but still growing strong and look great, there must be roots there somewhere, growing faster than any other cacti I have.

  2. yep, what without said. There seems to be a window where most people here operate with there cuts and I have just followed their lead with great results. Anywhere between 15cm and 40cm seems popular. Most of mine are 20cm.

  3. This is most of what I have. Not large but some nice specimens none the less.



    Dodgy display table with established cacti


    Cuts of Super Pedro, Pedro (Kristy/Kimura), Bridgesoids (Eileen and Psyco0)


    My Favourite..........Crested Cylindro-Opuntia


    ...and a couple of the more interesting grafts

    post-962-1169852462_thumb.jpg post-962-1169852634_thumb.jpg







  4. Noice one

    Only wish i could realy enjoy.

    last pic probly should have been posted in show ur self thread. :P

    ps how do i use this pic for my avatar? I think it would suit me.

    Probably track down the owner :innocent_n::wink: and let know of your intentions, resize the pic and you are away. There are no copyrights on this pic, that I am sure of. :wink:

  5. Just playing! Plan on chopping the pedro when she starts growing vertical and putting a crested cylindro-opuntia on top.....leave the Echinopsis hybrid as is and grafting a loph to the top Myrtillocactus column when it gets a couple of cm taller.

    It's ALIVE!



  6. YES! and it wasn't very succesfull....well actually not at all for me. The vascular ring is small with no flesh surrounding it and the plant is not strong/thick so it can't hold up any more than a seedling. I found it hard to put pressure on without the zygocactus stock flexing and fucking me around. Could try an older and stronger section I guess but that reduces the chances of success.

    A big one with little lophs etc would look great but there are heaps better stock out there as mentioned in previous posts in other threads recently.

  7. ...here comes another one not like the other one do do do doot doot doot:

    My Ballzac and Noodle are a bit red

    My cough and Bongchitis are killing my head

    I need a Rev up with or without drugs, that would be Ace

    Perhaps down a strangebrew, call medicinedan or a passive prod in the right place.

    Disclaimer: Any manky red cocks eluded to above, may or may not be real. No Ballzacs were injured in the writting of this poem.

  8. I was going to say the same thing klue. Long and skinnies usually meant that I didn't have enough humidity and light. Look at the babies coming up with the darkened caps and the absence of a bulbous base.....I think they are dehydrated abhorts.

  9. I was growing one for a year and seemed to be going well, over-wintered in a pot and then exploded when planted out. Some days it seemed like 30cm growth a day!.....then last winter it was all over! Gets to negative figures and frosts bad where I am though.

  10. Yeah no doubt there has been meets, but I have only had the fire in the belly to put myself out there in the past couple of months due to a major life change, so I hadn't really been looking until very recently :blush:

    I guess the difficulty is that Apoth, Andy and the other organisers are well known and respected here and thus assured of a response due to this and the success of previous meets....this is hardly a carrott I can dangle.

    I will keep my eyes open from now on. It is good to know that the SYD meets exist.......of course they do!.....I just wasn't aware for whatever reason.

    Thanks for the link MORG.

    I hope to meet some of you soon at the next SYD meet then!


  11. Hi all,

    Title speaks for itself. My job and family make it very difficult to travel very far/long and $$$ are always a problem. Also, I have never met anyone on the forums and I would love to do so. A PM to some of the known Sydneysiders..."lets hook up" seems a little wierd and I am not that 'outgoing'.

    So, if there are meets in existance that I am unnaware of, could you let me know or otherwise shoot me a PM if you are at all interested in meeting another forum member.

    I know it sounds odd but short of setting up my own trip, only for no-one to come, I wasn't sure how to approach it so I thought that I would put this out there.

    Cheers and thanks all.............Bongchitis

  12. Does anyone see the need to verify reshroomED's credibility?

    ..........speaks for itself mate! Anyone who has been here for any amount of time it seems would have nothing but praise. Me personally, well I can only say that this is one honest/generous individual.

  13. Darkhorse.............Westies suck arse! :bootyshake: ......... and I bet you couldn't powerlift my 5 year old!........ pussy! :wink::wub:

    Edited to not give the impression that I was a paedophile! Funny what an exclamation mark and a few dots can do to a sentence!

  14. Those goggles are nuts! Simple but brilliant. Have you used them for inducing Lucid Dreaming at all?

    Anyway, here is mine:

    My journey began with basic PONG

    The gods of classic gaming couldn't be wrong

    Now my Multi-game cabinet will bring the adventure to a close

    ....and play Street Fighter 2 'till blood streams from my nose.

    Yes, a gaming tragic.

  15. I can't even comprehend what it would take for a country so large and advanced to pull up one day and say "right now we use metric".

    I guess the recent conversion to Euros is a little analogous but that is one simple conversion $ -->Euro. Changing a whole measurement system at this point in USA's life has the ability to affect the rest of the world for decades and every day that it is put off, it just gets harder!