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  1. Research & Development?

    We have a winner!!!!!!!

    Well done Fenris....you get the TBM section/s.

    As before, send me your addy and they are in the mail.

    Thankyou to everyone who played and kept me stimulated for a while....... Not to mention get rid of some surplus and hopefully put a smile on someones face.

    It was fun, Cheers.................Bongchitis

  2. During growing season I fertilise fortnightly with 50% reccomended dosage of charly carp or equivalent, the alternate weekend just water. Only water once per month in the dormant period...again dependant on weather.

    Then there is the slow release 'general purpose' plant food that I put on at the start of spring and the start of summer....but just a sprinkle on the cacti.

    So many options though, this works for me, my potting mix and climate. I have only lost 1 cacti to rot (bunnings purchase rotted 1 week later) and getting OK growth, colour and flowering. I am happy cause its easy but there are better growers out there for sure!

    When certain vascular plants are in flower :devil: I just use Bloom booster or equivalent instead of the thrive but keep the same schedule otherwise. I do not alter the regime for cacti at all when flowering.

    Good Luck.................Bongchitis

  3. Another one bites the dust!

    bob-bob gets the Crested Cylindro-Opuntia....congrats mate.

    Although bob's guess was a bit general.....YES I make Ice Cream!

    ...and very cool at times both temperature and perks :drool2: .....but is very self regulating :puke:

    Send over a PM with your addy bob-bob and the cut is yours!

    One to go.

    Nice TBM section for my department................too easy! How may departments can there be in a company?

  4. I fertilise on the weekend. I water every second day or there abouts for vascular plants, depending on weather. I water my cacti once a week during growing season.

    1/2 strength thrive for everything except my cacti on one weekend.

    1/2 strength fish emulsion/charley carp on the alternate weekend for everything including cacti.

    I also use a handfull of good slow release fertiliser for all plants at the start of spring and start of summer.

    Dilute urine solution (piss in a 10L bucket) for all plants except cacti when I remember.

    Doing it all on the weekend, and alternately, makes it pretty easy to keep track of 'what you did last weekend'.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Yaaayyyy a Sydney meet.

    I am keen to meet some Sydney siders (well anyone really).

    I can be free on the 3rd or 4th...............and the 25th aswell so I will keep tabs on this thread.

    So what do guys usually do.....Botanic Gardens, Bar Crawl, Quick spliff in the park????

    I'm in!


  6. Nice one Conan, I thought that I had hidden the fact that I was affiliated with AQIS quite well.........hahahaha just jokes people! :bootyshake:

    I cant give Aunty jack the scop cut.....too general!...........but you are spot on with the rest of your post. :bong::slap:

    Oxydiser, you have given a nice clue...and I hope that my gastro has not put you off wanting to get to know me better!

    You guys are sooooooo close!

  7. Someone will get it right, I am sure of that!

    I think that my posts/language/content give it away in terms of UNI studies and let it be known that anything associated with nature is my interest/passion, not what I am trained to do!

    ....and the job hint is way too good a clue, just don't think too much!

    NEW CLUE = Everyone who voted can vote again if they wish.

  8. Hi all,

    Yep another one, you thought the colour comp was puss, you aint seen nothin yet! It is hard to find a comp with enough options to make interesting and last longer than a day or so, so I came up with this instead in order to put myself out there and to share cacti.

    20cm long X 15cm+ thick, with a small (and I mean small) pup (unrooted)............For guessing my field of expertise (what I studied at UNI)

    1 X Nice TBM section (unrooted)..................For guessing my role/department at work

    1 X Crested Cylindro-Opuntia Californicus cut, 10cm, (unrooted)..................For guessing my place of work

    There is one member who knows these already and thus voids his/her participation. You know who you are :wink:

    As before, 1 guess per person per prize and the comp keeps going until all is won!

    ....a hint for the the place of work..................I HAVE A COOL JOB!


  9. Aren't all these side effects part and parcel of taking drugs? ...and the guy who took a good dose of T.Bridgesii in a difficult part of his life was not doing himself any favours IMHO. These drugs cause you to reflect on life/love and all things important, if you are not happy or satisfied with these aspects or are not being true to yourself, it can be awfully confronting.

    With respect to lingering side effects.....Good E, Big Day Out a couple of years ago, Boiler Room............I could not stop grooving to the music that was still in my head for days, not to mention the tight jaw and pleasurably tense muscles at the base of the skull & behind the ears. These side effects could be viewed as fantastic or a complete pain in the arse depending on your frame of mind.

    I have never had a negative psychadelic experience unless I took too much :shroomer::puke: or had shit going on!

    I know this is a bit of a hijack, and not specific to T.Bridgesii, but it keeps coming back to dose, mindset, setting and the fact that everyone is different!

  10. Yep, I say shake aswell!

    I wait until 25% colonised and shake once and then the whole jar explodes with growth and colonisation seems to be complete after 2-3 days post shake.

    Make sure you leave enough room (headspace) in your jar to shake effectively and distibute the myc though.


  11. Greeny,

    I use DEBCO CACTI & SUCCULENT MIX straight from the bag for all my cacti and never had a problem. They look healthy, but I think it is a little more water retentive than specific mixes some of the guys here use....I just water less often!

    If you are worried about the water, add 10% Coarse Sharp Sand or Pearlite for extra drainage and aeration.

    I am sure others will chime in with some tips!


  12. EMERALD Green it is ....................Greeny! Check Your PM's.

    So fitting that you should win!

    Thanks to those who put a smile on my face too.......Labia Pink :wink: , China White :devil: , Smegma :puke: ....and what the fuck is Greeny Mauve? :huh:

    Thanks too, to all who played, didn't quite last as long as expected so I might start up something else to fulfill my need of constant stimulation.

  13. Hi All,

    I've really enjoyed all these competitions of late and the opportunity to win some cool stuff just by typing a few words. I thought I would set one up too......but I am simply out of ideas. The number out of the fez has been done and so to the poems so can anyone guess my favourite colour. The only rule is that it must be the exact descriptor of the colour I am thinking of ie. Dark pink is not the same as Magenta!

    YES, it is absolutely lame but you get a tip cut, 50cm long, postage paid from this plant

    post-962-1170407336_thumb.jpg post-962-1170407388_thumb.jpg

    There are no time limits, the comp will run until someone gets it right. It should be pretty easy considering my gender and interests!



  14. I too get that verigated look after a really bright /hot day as my collection is in full sun for 1/2 day. Typically gone in a day or two unless I get another hot one or it is badly scorched. I have a Cereus Peruvianus monstorse that refuses to root and I have burned him several times and he is scared :slap:

  15. Aahhhhhh I see. Our cuts are obviously from older arms, some of the new growth looks beautiful and green. Perhaps not enough of a root system on my cuts to deliver enough nutes yet. Cool B) .

    Thanks for the pic kenny. I think I had only seen the wide shot of the whole plant where all growth appears yellow/green, though i do look with my elbows at times :blush:

  16. Looking good kenny!

    Mine are not as advanced pup wise, but have 2 per cut just popping out.....just like yours, the fatter cut is more advanced. Camera availability is sparce for me and thus the glut of pics in various threads from me recently, all about opportunity. But I will take updated pics of the logs soon as the pics above were just after potting up.

    Do you (or anyone else) expect to see a colour change to a deeper green or is this a variant characteristic? In the top pic, back right corner, I have a fat scop cut from a mates plant and in the other rear corner is a std aussie scop which is dark green. I expected a colour change once I planted the fat scop as they are now both being grown with the same sun, water and fert regime....the fat scop is still that yellow green as is the Kimura!

    Perhaps I need to wait longer!


  17. Yep, use it on just about everything but only dilute (piss in a 10L bucket approx) and only as an adjunct to normal fertiliser regime as your concentration varies greatly during the day and from person to person so you can't rely on it if you are growing for optimum. Seems to work well for me this way!