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  1. tipz,

    I would prefer the bridgies sold as a group but if you like a specific one then they are thus numbered 1,2 and 3 from left to right.

    Yes The TBM has a stunted base section that has the remnants of rot at the tip. It is not spreading. I took the photo with it clearly in view to give a true indication of condition. I can chop it if peeps prefer but never lost a cactus to rot so have always just let them heal themselves.


    Auction ends Next Tuesday when I log on in the morning.

  2. he wants you too put bids up in the thread not PM


    All good turkey,

    I edited after posting as I had a few PMs asking what the price was, but I don't want to be greedy and thought i might aswell let the market decide. I suppose in hindsight i should have just put a price on them but after seeing a few TBMs going for crazy money I just don't know anymore!

  3. G'day all,

    My collection is getting too big and I need to part with a couple of cacti to make way for other things. Please make an offer. Buyer pays postage. I will leave them up for a week from now and best bid wins i guess. PLEASE PUT YOUR BIDS UP ON THE THREAD SO OTHERS KNOW WHERE ITS AT without me having to go into PM mania.


    TBM, approx 30 sections. 6 years old. Hard Grown. Will be despined and bare rooted for postage


    T.Bridgesii seedlings (SAB seed). 4 years old and ~40cm. Hard grown. Will be despined and bare rooted for postage


    T.Bridgesii var Eileen rooted pup. Just starting to show growth and ~10cm. Will be despined and bare rooted for postage

    Hopefully they tickle someones fancy......Cheers, Bong




  4. Peres never worked for me. Osmotic pressure always seemed to pop the graft off irrespective of hydration levels and I found it hard to apply well directed pressure to such a small scion and base.

    As above, Trichs and small pups/1yo seedlings seem the best. I use T.Scopulicola as it has a tight vascular ring and you can pretty much position the scion and you are away. Also the strain i use is very robust and you can graft almost anything to it.

    Some tips i found to help:

    > Keep the pressure on the graft for at least 2 weeks

    > Pre cut the trich the week before so the flesh receedes/shrinks, and then shave off what you need to to get new flesh at grafting time

    > Keep the graft in as humid an environment as you can for 2 weeks after pressure released

    > Keep the graft out of the direct sun for several weeks post humidity chamber and signs of growth are present

    > chopped up stockings are excellent at securing grafts

    > Don't drink and graft :slap:

  5. i never see posts on this site talking about ordering from this nursery...but i have to say every time i have ordered from them i have not been disapointed. in fact, its damn near fucking impossible to import anything living here without paperwork, but somehow their packages get through every time.

    They have rare species and good prices and always come through....jsut want to say thanks, and suggest others who dont already know this to give them a shot :)


    I think it is the best kept secret on the net :worship: Bit of assumed knowledge here though, T and the Nursery are great, end of discussion.

  6. im predicting darklight to give yogibear an extreme atomic wedgie about.....now

    yogi you would be surprised at how many females there are that contribute regularly on the forum.

    i was just asking as i was lucky to spend some time with a kate from tasmania at ega07, who has HEAPS of cacti, think i was yarning to her crew wih torsten. actually the whole tas crew where so awesome!! one was a member here for a while, tassiejd?

    btw welcome to the forums kate and good luck! ive sent cuts to tas before with no problems?


    Teotz is a level headed :wacko: and modest :blink: female who contributes regularly :BANGHEAD2::slap:

  7. Hi all,

    Im stuck home from work in this flooded SE Qld, so thought i would make my first post! Can anyone ID these for me ? Both were collected from cuttings of large cacti, the first was almost like a climbing cactus.. ?post-5976-0-68840000-1294708037_thumb.jppost-5976-0-59476000-1294708051_thumb.jpwith flashpost-5976-0-39055100-1294708067_thumb.jpwithout flash

    Second i think is a cereus of some description?




    hey mate,

    1st one looks like Trichocereus Spachianus

    2nd one seems to be Cereus Peruvianus

    Nice specimens.

  8. I haven't cruised the link yet so sorry if its repeated or seems stupid.

    No A/C here either, all I can do is open the windows... all of them, in the cooler arvo conditions. Air flow is key, we humans have an inbuilt cooling system!

    Prior to that, during the heat I shut up shop and draw the blinds to stop the heat getting in in the 1st place.

    Whirlybirds are tops.

  9. I reckon it would be fine! Look great for a while but I think one cut will tend to dominate eventually and may stunt the others. Could try some sort of sub soil devider that ensures some kind of equality root space wise but the cereus will probably outgrow the pot in a couple of years anyway.

    If god were real to me I'm sure he would say fuck the ethics and plant the cacti.

    What's the go with this?

    Even with a simple question like this, sometimes mysteries of the plantworld occur.

    My logic is simple, with 3 remaining cereus sections and a decorative pot one wonders of the negative stats ie root space outweigh the great looking creation of 3 cactus in one pot.

    It's easy to understand 1plant/1pot is the general go but what happens when nature turns illogical. Do some species prefer company, whether it be brother brother, sister mum, mum dad, clone clone. When one thinks the Amazon rainforest the plant species all seem to battle it out and fight. With such riches of life in that area maybe then you could assume plants are competitive little killers who compete then kill at whim.

    It raises a ethical question. Does god judge that plant for killing his neighbor? We often think as plants as peaceful, calm, nurturing........maybe they could also be natural slow and methodical serial murderers.

    Can two plants in one pot get along, maybe even prosper from some kind of symbiotic pact, biological or spiritual?

  10. G'Day All,

    Just wondering if anyone had any spare material from their scelly plant that they wanted to part with. It doesn't have to be Tortuosum either, I just like the way it sounds to be honest.

    I have read that seed can be a little problematic so would prefer cuttings but beggars can't be choosers and I would be happy with anything really.

    Have some nice cacti strains if a trade is more your style also.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers and thankyou...........Bongchitis

  11. Hi guys,

    Continuing to cull some of my collection and have a nice bit of T.Bridgesii var Psycho0 for sale. Rooted mid section about 15cm long with a pup around 30cm growing from it.

    Pretty good condition and chunky. Will be sent bare rooted.

    PM for more details, sorry no pic as my camera shit itself.


  12. G'Day all,

    Due to a change in my personal circumstance I have a room available for someone to rent out. I would be very happy if a like minded person from here would be interested. House is in Campbelltown, NSW.

    PM for details.

    Cheers and thanks.............Bongchitis

  13. Yeah thanks guys,

    Gerbil >>> Yeah the same light issues would arise but I guess having some kind of rainforest plant that fit the light/humidity profile is what I am thinking of.

    Shroomy >>> Aren't terrariums cool any more? Thanks for the offer of seeds but they are pretty easy to come by, I didn't think of coleus at all.

    Phosgene >>> I like the lily and lychen and fern ideas. Thankyou for the species names, it gives me a great start.

    I really thought I could get a cacti to grow on my desk, short of having a compact fluro in a lamp hovering inches above the cacti, I have tried just about everything. My company are OHS mad so personal electrical devices are not really permitted.

    First I tried a baby scop that just etoliated and fell over, then a pedro that suffered my wrath after a hard day with the boss, then 2 forms of Rebutia grafted to opuntia......the opuntia rejected them after 3 months inside.....and then a basic Echinopsis hybrid that is sort of sickly. I am hesitant to try a loph in case someone recognises it.

    Thanks again peeps but if there are any other ideas then send them through.

    I love this joint!

  14. Hi All,

    I have tried repeatadly to grow grafted and ungrafted cacti at work but the light levels are sooooo crap that everything I have tried so far has died or etoliated to the point of rediculous.......so I am going to try a terrarium.

    A quick UTFSE provided many mushroom posts but I will not tempt fate (at work) and I was kind of hoping that some of you guys had some experience with Aussie natives.....or at least hardy and easily grown ones.

    I would also love to have a flowering plant in there but I haven't actually seen a terrarium with flowers in it.

    Anybody got any ideas...........better still, any specimens?

    Happy to swap $$$ or cacti.

    Thanks everyone and cheers..............Bongchitis