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  1. I don't have a pic unfortunately EG. This particular one has not flowered but some its seed grown offspring have had a flower or two last year and were white so I lost interest to be honest. They were grown from an open polinated, red flowering, plant that I believed was T.Candicans. I have since gotten rid of all but this one.

  2. I will graft these and if successful will distribute throughout the SAB community and put the updates here. If I fail I will lament the time and money wasted.

    I will send you one straight up EG if all is well.

  3. Apparently this plant has been crossed with cereus peruvianus to generate seed which does display the twisty trait. I couldn't resist for $18AU for 30 seeds delivered, I guess I will find out in a couple of years time.

  4. in what ways? ive just got seedlings coming up of the trinidad scorpion.

    got bhut jolokia and choc habenero seedlings coming up as well.

    love the flavour of the jolokias, a tiny bit in a spag bol is the bomb!


    You dont see how 1.4 million scovilles could be dangerous to a young family let alone my sensitive areas? Chemical burns anyone? Ever get habs in your eyes or your lady bits? They are just too hot for my tastes to the point of being not worth growing.

  5. This year i overwintered Aji Pineapple, Chocolate Habenero and Jalapeno.... all just starting to come on.

    Can't go wrong with chillis. Good potting mix, decent water regime and plenty of sun... never failed me yet.

    I have also grown Pasilla, Thai hot (birds eye), White Jellybean Habenero and the rainbow ones from bunnings. The 3 above are the ones that made me want to grow them again.

    Will never grow Trinidad scorpion et al, just too hot and are very dangerous in the wrong hands.

    Cheers chilli heads.

  6. G'day all,

    Yeah I know the other one just finnished and yeah I know its another thread about the same thing for all intents and purposes but please bear with me. The previous sale was a recon mission as I had not done a multi plant one before and didn't want to bite off more than i could chew... some of us simply cannot do 2 things at once.

    Anyway, I have 9 more cacti to sell. It works the same as the other sale in that you put up a bid in the thread (NO BIDS VIA PM's PLEASE) and at WED 13th Sept, 10am, if you are the highest bidder then you get the cacti, simple. Below are the pics and descriptions and postage cost for all nine.


    Cacti 1: T.Macrogonus and Echinopsis species grafted onto single M.geometrizans stock. I chopped the macro to graft something else on top and never got around to it. Echinopsis flowers readily, white flowers. Will try to preserve macro spines for postage. Postage is $10.


    Cacti 2: Rebutia Helosia grafted onto M.geometrizans. 5 years old. Has had rot (front and centre in pic 1)previously due to tight growth and being left outside in the rain but is thriving otherwise. Really needs to be in a greenhouse this one and kept dry. Postage is $10.


    Cacti 3: Small rooted TBM section with pup emerging. Despined and bare rooted. Postage is $5

    Cacti 4 & 5: T.scopulicola rooted cuts each with one pup emerging (4 a little more advanced). Pretty gnarley as I have been harvesting pups to grow out for grafting stock. Postage is $5 each.


    Cacti 6 & 7: Small Cylindro-opuntia californicus cristata rooted cuts. Postage is $5 each

    Cacti 8: T.Bridgesii var psycho0 rooted cut with one pup. About 10cm tall. Postage is $5

    Cacti 9: I grew this from seed thinking it was t.candicans (red flower) but it has a white flower so fuck knows? About 20cm tall with two basal pups. Postage is $10.

    Again, sorry for the repetition and again hopefully tickles someones fancy.

    Thankyou everyone..........Bong






  7. Snipe!

    Nice first post Bridgesoid.

    All over peeps. Results are:

    TBM: $100 + postage..... Bridgesoid

    Bridgy seedlings: $25 + postage ..... jebus

    Eileen: $17 + postage ..... El presidente Hillbillios

    I will PM the winners with the details.

    Thankyou to everyone.....Bong

  8. Agreed El presidente, Black russians are far too big for a hanging basket and you will not be able to keep them happy no matter how hard you try.

    Those strawberry baskets are prone to issues also. You need a water retentive material as water just runs out of every orifice. The only thing i have grown with minimal issue in a hanging basket is a cactus.


  9. G'Day mate,

    I reckon plant half submerged on its side with the pup pointing out of the ground or plant verticle with the pup at the top. When the large section roots the pup will get nutes from the section and the roots will shrivel and die and the pup will green up and grow as normal.


  10. Yeah the only option for taking out spines that are not brand new is to cut them off, if you try to pull them out you will rip out the ariole and damage the plant. If the spines are mid growth and bright in colour (yellow or orange) you can pull them out easily.... well that is with Trichs anyway. Never saw the need to despine any other cacti.

  11. Hey jebus,

    I am not sure as I havent packaged them up and don't know weights and volumes etc but no more than $10... and probably a fair bit less.

    Actually I will put a cap on postage, If it is less then I will reimburse you, if it is more then lucky you.

    TBM: $20 postage

    Bridgies: $10

    Eileen: $5

    Cheers guys.......Bong