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  1. can we get a thread description pop up on mouse over a thread title?

    it's a little annoying to search old threads and have to enter threads titled "what is this?" to find out it's completely unrelated to you query.


    It sheds light on another issue too and that is some topic starters that do not name a topic properly. Titles such as wtf and faaaaark simply do nothing if the topic and posts within are to be retrieved. I know you can search thread content etc but how much more efficient would searching be if a simple title search could be employed. This site is a database of sorts and its utilisation as such relies on members thinking about the broader issue of classification and descriptors rather than simply attracting a following to ones thread with a catchy or controversial word or phrase.

    Sorry, end of rant. It is a pet hate, and your point above made me think of it again.

  2. Funny you mention that. I continually find myself looking at the clock at 11.11 when I don't recall looking much otherwise. Never thought too much of it until now!

    No meditation here though, my wife likes the ol "time to lean, time to clean" so the only meditation I get is when I take a dump.

  3. Nah doesn't sound that great does it Jeans?

    I don't think you need to harden the fook up at all tipz, I would be whinging non stop. Perhaps the fish spine was an unconscious effort to help you forget your foot..... come to think of it, what the fuck are you doing going fishing with cactus spines in your foot?

    Unlucky.....Stay in bed bro!

  4. Update:

    I planted 20 of the 30 seeds and they have started to germinate. Only 3 so far but they are healthy and strong so I expect a good germination rate. Used standard take away tek without sterilisation. I will post some pics in a week or so when more come up. Fingers crossed. Now that I have a positive result I will send you the other 10 EvilGenius.

  5. Just a thought,

    You could come and install a 3KW system FREE at my place and whilst doing so save my family from a freak accident whilst risking your own life. When we post your interview on youtube anouncing you as a hero, you will be standing in front of your truck with logo in plain sight. It will go viral as your interview technique will be amusing and awkward and the scenario surrounding the freak accident will be too rediculous to be fabricated..... and we can include some cute kittens.

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  6. Bump, I was going to start a similar thread but i found this one :)

    Just wondering how you went with your experiments auxin, and if you ended up obtaining BAP Moses and what have your results been ?

    Also where would one obtain colchicine ? I have 10000 trich seeds coming and i really want to make some mutants.

    cheers - Tipz


    A gout medication called Colgout contains colchicine but requires a prescription or unsuspecting grandparents.... otherwise there is the crocus flower.

  7. Have you mulched around your plants? Cats like loose exposed soil to fick over their shit when they finnish, if its mulched it may go in the neighbours yard :devil:

    My cat hates my sugar cane mulch!.... except to sleep on cause its soft and cool.

    Edit: +1 on the multigaurd. Its tops!

  8. does it need much air exchange if i put a plastic bag over it should there be some air holes or just tape it so its fully covered??

    should i maybe put like a snaplock baggie over it and leave it open a bit??


    I would mist the inside of the bag then seal and leave for 2 weeks. If you see any funky shit going on remove the bag for a bit. Drying out is the scurge of a graft.

  9. Nothing wrong with that mate! Just pop a plastic bag over the top and tape the base of the bag to seal it up as a humidity chamber of sorts then chuck it in the shade for 2 weeks. I usually use a piece of stocking and hook it onto the spines whilst stretched over the graft.

    Make sure you update the thread to let us know how it goes.


    Edit: There is something wrong here......Horizon rolly pack

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  10. I have found that with opuntia that you only need to cut the very top off the pad to graft and try not to leave a large area to callous. The theory is that you cut just enough to yield vascular tissue and thus the graft is at the absolute extremity of the pad and has less competition from developing pups. The opuntia seems to divert energy away from the graft and eventually bypass the graft altogether if you dont continually cut the pups off but this is par for the course with all grafts really.... just seems to pup badly early on like peres.


    This is the second year for this graft from small pups. No rejection, nice growth and the only pups coming on are on the tip of the 'trunk' pad. I have done quite a few others that i cut mid pad and have rejected no matter how many pups I cut off. Fingers crossed for this one though.


  11. Aluminium would be good....or copper..... depending on the environments you are playing with. Both easily obtainable in large quantities, conducting etc but copper is a bit reactive.

    What you up to???

  12. It depends on the council but generally you can trim a tree less than 10m tall with no worries.... and if it fell over in a storm then are they going to sue Thor?

    Sounds like it was closer than 3m to your dwelling too which constitutes a case for removal but I suppose asking after the fact is frowned upon.

    Don't worry unless you get a letter or a knock on the door. In the mean time if you are still antzy, fill the hole and get rid of all evidence and play dumb....What tree sir?

  13. Oils huh... what a great idea! Yeah the physical barrier will work aswell ie. Prpagator lid. Pretty hard to mouse proof a shed as the bastards can squeeze through a couple mm gap. The only other thing would be to ensure there is nothing in your yard to attract them like bird seed. Do you live near bush or your neighbours have birds?.... or your dog leave remnants of food around?

    Shame about the plants though......always more seed to be had but when you bring the babies up it can be quite sad!

    Best of luck mate.....Bong

  14. OK results are:

    1. Frankencactus - tipz - $7.50 + $10 postage = $17.50

    2. Grafted Rebuita Helosia - Noshiewa - $10 + $10 postage = $20

    3. TBM - Tripyamine - $12 + $5 postage = $17

    4. & 5. Scop - Moses - $16 + $10 postage = $26

    6. & 7. FREE TO A GOOD HOME....PM ME

    8. Psycho0 - Echelon - $21 + $5 postage = $26

    9. T. Noncandicans - Noshiewa - $10 + $10 postage = $20

    Thanks alot everyone. I will send out a PM with details.