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  1. I've had this moustache since 2001, way before the hipsters were doing it, and way before Movember. I grew it because Proust (the guy in my avatar) and a few other writers I admire have them.


    In fact, I hate the attention it gets in November when everyone assumes I'm doing it as a one off to raise money. Last year, in December, some dickheads yelled out to me in the surf: "Oy, mate: it's not Movember anymore. You can shave the mo' off." To which my rapid and brilliant retort was: "Yeah, it's Dick-cember. Your month to shine."

    I'm brilliant, aren't I?

    And Bong: I'm not sure why the old ladies are running from you. I used to live in the SW of Sydney too and that was the standard facial hair in all males over 25. :lol:


    Your mo is great Marcel and dick-cember made me chuckle with half a gut full.

    I am way outer SW Sydney, semi rural stylings and old fashioned sensibilities and the old French Fork seems to portray me as a threat. I have never seen anyone else rocking one though. Standard goatee is the beard dejour around here though.

    Edit: The pixelation fools no-one, I am squinting and can see you perfectly.

  2. shaved it off now, i looked to much like jesus for anyone to take me seriously.

    Check out the camera skills



    Thats some picasso shit right there Hillbilly!

    I would love to be able to rock a full beard like edrifter but the hair is spindly and red on my cheeks and I look homeless :blush:

    Keep em coming!

  3. Whats the theory behind this idea?


    I was under the impression it was to stop dogs shitting on lawns as they wont go where its wet and some old bloke got muddled up and put water on his lawn... but in bottles. For some reason it caught on and became popular in the 80's. Now where the fuck did I read that?

  4. it is really course and prickly but tastes like coriander and very pungent, I have seen it at bunnings labelled perennial coriander. Personally I prefer real Coriander but it is good to have if you can't get the real stuff.


    Bunoirs.....Really? I pay rent at my local green shed and haven't seen it there but I haven't been looking either. B)

    Coarse and prickly seem to be the consensus too. Might have to cut off the serated margins and chop really fine for a salad then but thats alright I can practice my knife skills, or lack thereof.


  5. I'm pretty sure i sent you some E foetidum seed Tripsis.

    If not i always have tons, they seed like mad for 8 months of the year.


    How do they go for you shortly?.... in terms of Corriander flavour sub, ease of growth and amount of vegetative growth whilst flowering for so long?

  6. For sure! Though see how they go for you first. They might have a low germ rate, in which case maybe you would need 100.

    Ergyngium foetidum is definitely heat tolerant. I tried it while I was in southern India, in a climate which is quite tropical.


    I have read that germ rates are lowish ~50% so I will try 50 first and once I have plants I will let them go to seed and I will be sweet. I will PM you when I am confident I have enough or I will update here and you can remind me.

  7. I've not grown it, though would like to. I have tasted it and can confirm it's very much like a stronger version of coriander.


    You want some seed Tripsis? I am getting 100, don't need that many!

  8. u do know corriander is a winter veg bong? It will bolt to seed with too much heat.


    Yeah I know but how many salads do you have in winter? I know I am wanting the plant to be something that its not and that is why I was looking for an alternative.....just seeing how far I could push the envelope and have realised no matter how good a gardener I can learn to be, I will not achieve my summer goal with it without alot of space and effort. Slow learner I guess. Culantro is said to be far more heat tolerant, I will find out when the seeds arrive.

  9. G'Day all,

    I love Corriander leaf for salads etc and have tried to grow it for the past 10 years with alot of effort and heartache as it seems to bolt to seed very quickly. I have fertilised, watered, thinned out, shaded, staggered multiple plots etc etc and it is getting to the point of deminishing return. :BANGHEAD2:

    I came across a plant called Culantro (not cilantro) that is widely used in Asia and South America that is touted as Perenial Corriander (many synonyms) that tastes almost identical to but a little stronger than its brother from a different mother.

    I have read shit loads about it but no 1st hand account of flavour and ease of growth sooooooo

    Anyone have any experience with this herb? Growth tips etc.

    All 1st hand info would be much appreciated. :worship:

    Cheers and thanks..........Bong

  10. post-9715-0-38937700-1321239571_thumb.jp

    this is one week after surgery, taken today at the hospital when i went to the plastic surgeon today for a check up.

    I have a larger incision on the other side but that photo didn't work so this is half the wound at least, minus the drainage tubes which were removed today. It looked a lot worse a week ago :puke:

    Still going to be at least three weeks till i am fully functional again, and that is if they dont have to re-operate as they never found the foreign object causing the infection. I also have two collapsed veins on my left arm which fucking hurt like hell from the 7 canulas (spelling?) they put in to administer the iv antibiotics. ( they kept fucking them up )

    so there it is and sorry sly.... i had a male nurse yesterday and he wasnt too keen on me taking nude photos of him ;)

    maybe tomorrows nurse will be more co-operative :lol:


    What about your foot tipz? Whats the saying.....Photos or it didn't happen :bootyshake:

    Seriously, looks nasty man. I hope I never stick myself a quarter that bad :blink:

  11. Nice one, zelly. I'm happy to contribute if I can.


    Same here!

    I have read the thread but cant remember if the order was itemised to the greater audience. Now due to the circumstances if all are OK with it then why not list what was ordered and perhaps we can pitch in to complete the order at the very least.

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  12. When I go through stages of no time for gardening or just couldnt be assed I normally just reduce my plants down to a more managable number and wait till that time has passed to get back into it.

    Its easy to think that youve put too much effort in to start getting rid of plants but really its not that hard to get those plants again although they probably wouldnt be so big. But who doesnt like babies? The worst thing is if you try to keep them all but dont have the time then some start to die or gets diseases and thats more sad than if you just got rid of them while they were still healthy.

    Having said that gardening is one of the best things for dealing with shitty times and depression IMO. I always need to have somethings growing nearby.



    Very therapuetic for me also but preparing a vege patch from scratch or continual weeding because your neighbour doesnt mow or weed can sometimes be a burden. But then you sit down with a beer and look at it all and get the warm fuzzies as you have satisfied your passion for your hobby and invested in your entire families health.

    I like the sentence by Undercover Hippie about not always being the director but enjoy being in the audience. It is easy to get lost in trying to achieve a goal to the point of expelling all joy.