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  1. Thanks guys,

    Yeah Coloidal Silver, Golden Seal, Grape Seed Oil, Garlic etc seem to pop up everywhere I look but this herb seemed to hold much promise and sounds like a nice plant to grow.

    A naturopath friend said that tinctures are freely available to practitioners so I may go with that in the short term.

    Teo, I would love some seed and/or 'erb if it is not any trouble. Let me know what I can do in return, me offering you plants seems like offering ice to eskimoes though. I'm sure we can sort something out via PM if you so desire.

  2. Hi,

    Have been diagnosed with systemic candidal infection which has plagued me for some time....until now. A general high water, high vege, low sugar and processed foods type diet is called for but I have also heard about this herb that is supposed to be a valuable weapon in the treatment arsenal.

    Anybody know more or can provide viable seed or dried herb for this plant. I can trade Trichocereus plants and seeds, money or Psylocybe Cubensis spore prints (for microscopy only of course )

    PM me if you can help please.


  3. Whilst individuals can do heaps to reduce their water usage and save money (and we should)it shits me when certain industries have exemptions from the restrictions.

    I work at an un-named multinational manufacturing plant where there is no focus at all on reducing the use of water. There are cleanliness requirements which is understandable but hoses are left to run, tonnes of water at a time are used to wash out tanks several times a day etc.

    It is very upsetting to see this practice in action. How do we expect people to respect water at home when there is shift after shift of abuse at work. It creates a culture/mind set that the water crisis is not a crisis at all.

    This is but a single factory in Australia, I shudder to think about the national impact of water abuse by industry. Government just loves to pick the 'low hanging fruit' to solve issues ie hassle the average Joe, but maintains the status quo wtr industry.

    Perhaps it's time to quit!

  4. I am a cacti newbie and didn't realise you were talking about Trichocereus Peruvianus, The ones I saw were definately not Trichs, Thin ribs like a Cereus but almost monstrose like in appearance. Could be something completely different also I suppose. A pic will tell more than a thousand words when my shift rotation ends!

  5. I have seen a few of these 'bumpy' Peruvianus around my area and all have the yellow (or very pale green/yellow) colouration. The colour drew my attention to start with and then realised they were all from what appeared to be the same species. All of them have one growth parameter in common though.....big plant, not so big pot. Pic soon.

  6. I have developed much more intricate theories relating to strings whilst peeling a carrot

    As a man of science it still amazes me the stuff people theorise about to explain the world. Reading that kind of thing makes me realise how un-intelligent I really am and that my knowledge doesn't count for a whole lot.

    I still like Quarks the best though!

  7. Planthelper has said a couple of times that he has smoked shrooms with good results. Not sure if they were cubes or not or any other info. I will leave it for him to elaborate if he reads this.

  8. Thanks Rev,

    yeah, it was more of a ponderance really, instigated by overhearing a conversation at the pub!. You are right about the time of year though, but nature can be circumvented when the only concern is temp .

    I believe this person was thinking about the bag'o'mulch from bunnings type material. If I ever see him again I might suggest a 100% mulch substrate to either prove encouraging or discouraging and perhaps post the results here when he gets back to Amsterdam.

  9. Hi all,

    I was just wondering what the general consensus was concerning the replacement of straw with sugar cane mulch in a 50/50 mulch/moo poo mix. Has anyone tried this? I thought the sugar content in the cane would be great but perhaps the wrong sugar for the cubes.

  10. Spot on smogs! Just want to do something for our community and others like it. But rather than re-invent the wheel (start my own work on this plant for eg), perhaps assist on current projects with the few skills and skinny wallet I posses.

    The wiki is a great start and I will add to it soon with my experiences, but I guess I would like a more of a 'real time' involvement.

    Sorry to hijack.

  11. Appart from buying stuff from SAB, what can one do to support such projects. Obviously $$$$ are crutial but how does a community member know what work is on the 'burners'and which projects need time or expertise to complete.....or is this the intelectual property of SAB.

    Can understand if it is but I'm sure there are a few around that could help directly.

  12. Nice link man, quite a few surprises for me on that list. It is obviously not policed to any degree except for imports and the odd commercial pot grower.

    Foxglove...hahahahaha, now everyone with a cottage garden is a criminal.

  13. hahaha. Can you feeeeel the love?

    btw smogs, nice lizards, great table and bad pants (pink cords?)!

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  14. What about a glass pipette and rubber pipette bulb, CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. Can fill the pipette in one go rather than the whole 'eye dropper' approach of the turkey baster. Is faster, easy to control (with practice) and better than anything else my gnome has used....except a sep funnel.

    Teo, PM me.

  15. Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis....whatever man. I made my point without the need to be corrected on the un-neccesary differentiation of species. I was just eluding to the fact that Cannabis sp was not on the list in the Vascular plants section where other prohibited plants are covered ie Salvia sp. It is too widely used to ignore and yes there is plenty of info out there (not all good or reputable) but isn't the whole idea of this project to cut through the shit and have relevant info that is trusted by us, it's ultimate beneficiaries!