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  1. Glitter shitz are the last thing to worry about if using vermiculite. I reckon you will get 2 mouthfulls in and give up.... awfull stuff. But if you make a tea out of a crumbled cake you will experience something. Definitely not as much bang for your buck as fruit but works a treat apparently.

  2. ZPBM,

    I reckon someone so aggressive at knowing what you are doing has an awful lot to hide themselves. It would appear that the exhibited bravado/craziness puts people off from taking note of what they are doing, kind of like a reverse psychology thing. Perhaps they are lawfully scaring everyone away and may well be a brilliant ploy to disguise a meth lab, hydro house etc etc.

    1/2 an acre would be perfect to do this kind of thing. Assumed too pricey for the average cook/grower. Plenty of space between houses so plenty of privacy once he has scared you all away. Can't hear noises, smell stuff.

    Perhaps you do need to get those cameras going, give him a bit of a scare. hahahah

  3. What about those water absorbing crystalls you add to potting mix. Hydrate with very weak nute solution, drain excess fluid then plant. This way you have air pockets between crystals and it doesn't go all rank. Similar to the agar agar I guess but not just a slug of jelly.

    +1 on the light issue aswell. Cut the toe out of a sock and put it over to cut the light... easy to remove/replace. Did this with my sons bean sprouting experiment for school.

  4. 8 germinated and looked very healthy until a day of 38 degC sun after being moved, for christmas festivities, by the missus.... all dead! I have 10 left that I was going to send to EG but I will plant these out myself now... sorry EG!

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  5. Hops have nowhere near the oils that MJ does though. The oils on humulus cones are only around the base. Anyway, this is an interesting turn in discussion. ..... llet me know know how you go if you get around to it (maybe we could swap some bottles).

    I brewed a barleywine last year with my neighbour, and we're sampling the first of it it on Australia Day (will keep sampling every three months, to see how it matures) but we carbonated it. Oops, I didnt know that it was supposed to be a still beverage... just assumed it should be carbonated as that's how the Murray's Anniversary Ale is presented.

    For an ethno brewer such as yourself, you might be interested in a book I bought a few years ago titled "Sacred & Healing Herbal Beers" by Stephen Harrod Buhner. There are at least 10 pages discussing Gruit & related non-hop beers of a similar nature. Actually, the whole book is about non-hopped beers from ancient times. Where the hell can we get Myrica Gale from though, to make Gruit ? The book can be found here, cheap as chips:


    My next experimental potion is going to be LOADED with high grade middle eastern saffron. That could be a lot of fun.

    Im also keen to try another member's recipe (FM?) based around Blue Lotus

    And me & a mate are slated to try producing an drinkable beverage with nothing but native fruit & herbs specific to the Ryde district (hence my other thread about getting some Smilx) to present to some of the district's regeneration volunteers

    Anyway Bongchitis, I have a ton of wormwood and other dried herbs if you want some for experimentation. Let me know if you want me to post a list up here and I'm happy to share (ie for free) if you are sure youre going to use them in making unique alcoholic beverages.


    Firstly, thanks for the generous offer of info and herbs, much appreciated. I was under the impression that Gruit was just a term for a non hop bittered brew, I didn't know it was a specific ingredient that led to its name. I need to read more methinks... but an Aussie ethno 'gruit'sounds cool B)

    You are correct on the oil content i guess... and you would need an ounce or two to make it worthwhile, but again if you are not carbonating it doesn't matter. Nothing wrong with carbonating a BW though, i just dont believe its as common as presenting it still.

    I remember reading FM's topic on various brews a long time ago and when wanting to find it again I couldn't... something in the title about Egypt????? I believe he used saffron aswell in one of them, should be awsome once refined!

    Like the idea of the native bevvy aswell mate and posting a list would be great. There is also a little info on Aussiehomebrewer about this stuff. Couple of guys here are members there aswell.

    Cheers mate.......bong

  6. My understanding is that, for oral consumption, the lipid solubility of THC dictated that a fatty carrier is required for successful absorbtion. And while I'm sure a high-proof alcohol would strip much of the desired oils, a Barleywine (typically what ? 10%?) seems to be a poor choice. Ideally, a high alc whisky blended to create a home made Baileys woiuld be my choice of carrier if I wanted to do green shots.

    Im also wondering that if the Braindeath recipe was followed, surely the plant oils would be disasterous for your beer's head retention. Nothing a bit of force carbed nitrogen wouldnt fix if you had a keg setup B)

    EDIT: And I didnt try my Wormwood Ale this weekend, going to give it another week in the bottle to condition. This is the first of what will be many ancient ale reproductions that I'll be experimenting with in 2012.


    A few things pertinant to the above:

    1. As long as the goodies are extracted from the plant material they are orally active. Eating a chunky bud is less than triumphant. Lipids are typically used as they are selective (for lack of a better term) for the THC without extracting chlorophil, sugars etc for use with cooking. High proof alcohol would be the best non lipid solvent but you asked about beer!... and you still have the water component which will pull all of the above anyway.

    2. Plant oils ie. Hops (mj's cousin) actually promote foam stability and increase head retention... but it doesn't matter as Barley Wines are seldom carbonated and even if they are the high alcohol works against head retention.

    3. I am really keen to see how your recipes go as this kind of thing is close to my heart as an ethnobot and brewer. I want to do a gruit eventually so why not an ethno one?

    It was just a suggestion anyway man, take it or leave it but it has been done succesfully which gives me hope!

    Cheers brother........bong.

  7. Try looking up Braindeath Barley Wine.

    Expensive brew at a couple hundred $$$ per brew but you wouldn't need much. I am a brewer and am looking into a Belgian Dubble with the same ethno additive when coin permits.

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