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  1. Bongchitis

    why am i typing backwards

    Hahahaha, I had my 15 minutes of fame with that trick. Spun people out nicely!
  2. Bongchitis

    4 ribbed bridgesii competition

    Would love one thankyou! Hope the mid section throws out 4 rib pups!
  3. Bongchitis

    Guess the cacti competition!!

    134 Nice collection!
  4. Bongchitis

    Half pint/pint sized canning jars?

    If you are doing PF tek then you need tapered jars so you can actually get the cake out but if your doing grain then 500ml spaghetti sauce jars are the shit! Tapered jars can be bought in K-mart but when my friend wanted to start PF style some years ago he ordered 36 tapered jars with screw lids for ~$1 each from bulk canning suppliers on-line.
  5. Bongchitis

    barrel cactus?

    I have a Ferocactus that looks very similar. I would agree with Conan!
  6. Bongchitis

    Blue myrtle??? ebay

    Yeah I've had some small cuts planted for a while now, some for over 12 months and only just showing signs of growth..........probably potted them up too late in the last growing season.
  7. Bongchitis

    Ultrasonic nebuliser

    ....to clear up your bongchitis! Cheers.............Bongchitis
  8. Bongchitis

    Haiku competition

    Don't know about that Sob, I think they are quite good....but that may be more reflective of my skills than yours. btw, I already have this cut so count me out for votes please. I noticed Oxydiser voted for my prick boss poem....thanks anyway man but it was more a vent than anything!....One more: Communicator? Strategic Influencer? MANIPULATOR!
  9. Bongchitis

    Damiana plant competition

    I would love to throw my name in the hat. Thanks Torsten.
  10. Bongchitis

    Haiku competition

    and another 'difficult' boss motivated Haiku: Square peg, round hole.....fit? knowledge is power........weakling Waving goodbye soon
  11. Bongchitis

    Haiku competition

    I'll try making reference to my current situation: Yum! Chilli pizza Inevitable arse burn Very slow learner Edit: I cant count!
  12. Bongchitis

    Posting pics of illegal plants?

    yeah Ive wondered about this for a while myself!
  13. Bongchitis

    oldskool skateboards

    Your kidding aren't you??? I just recently chucked a Powell Peralta (BONES) deck out as it was getting in my way and a bit tatty, no rails etc. I knew I shouldn't have at the time, one mans trash........
  14. Bongchitis

    Best Fruit Varieties-Gardening Practices

    UPDATE: OK, It's been a while and work has been killing me but I have some progress. I now own a White Muscat Grape vine, Feijoa, The complete book of fruit growing in Australia and several new special cacti. The recent wind, heat wave and cold snap (at the same time over here ) along with my unforgiving gum trees has put to rest some of the more delicate seedlings that I had....lettuce, corriander, rocket and some of those chilli varieties above. I have however applied to council to gain advice on the trees and will have a game plan in a week or two and I have made a make-shift nursery for the next wave of seedlings. The vege/fruit patch atm consists of grape toms, Black russian toms, Leb cucumber, scarlet runner beans, pontiac potatoes, Pimiento Capsicum (squat), Flat leaf parsley, some letuce, some corriander, some rocket, mint, rosemary, basil, Golden panama passionfruit, chocolate scotch bonnet chilli, BBB Thai chilli and once the trees go there will be hopefully 1 addition per week of the above list until satisfied (never!). I am starting to plan the glass house for my cacti and tropicals and wanted to ask people here what sort of diffusive or tinted material you would use to cover the frame such as shade cloth, polycarbonate etc and what are the specs (70% heat reduction, 99% UV reduction etc etc) you have found most beneficial for the plants in question. The K-mart mini greenhouses seem to have just clear plastic and 1 minute in the sun turns it into a blast furnace. I am getting my hands on a camera in a day or so, so obviously I will post relevant pics or diagrams for perusal/critique and post other relevant pics in other sub forums.......until then, Cheers..................Bongchitis
  15. Hi All, I have been motivated to set myself up on my 1000sq.m block with as many food bearing plants as I can look after in the hope to become semi self sufficient. It is my aim to have around 10 fruit varieties that spans the entire year so that at least 2 trees at any one time are bearing ripe fruit. Winter will be a bit slower obviously. I guess I am asking anyone who is interested as to how they would approach such a project?, critique the varieties I have chosen thus far or propose your own etc etc. I am eandeavouring to use recycled grey water from my residence untill I have the ability to treat my sewage aswell for particular applications. My soil type is sandy loam with more sand than loam. There is far too much good will and knowledge here for me not to ask and it will be another portion of my life that has been enhanced by this community. My varieties are: Apple: Staymans Winesap Orange: Valencia cultivar, big fruit, great flavour Lime: Tahitian Passionfruit: Golden Panama Grafted Strawberries: Hokowase and Sweetie Blueberry: Southern Highbush of some sort, low chill Grapes: Seedless sultana (cant remember the variety name atm) Peach: Yellow fleshed, freestone, low chill Cacti: Hurry up and grow guys! (Cereus and Trich) .......and shit loads of veggies and herbs that I have been playing with for years. Any info, thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated. Imagine not having to go to the shops for any 'fresh' produce. Making a complete 3 course meal from stuff you grew yourself, awesome!
  16. Bongchitis

    Mystery Echinopsis Competition

    Fantastic, Count me in please PD!
  17. Bongchitis

    Un-honoured Trades

    ....as described. 3 months, several PM's, with replys of "send it tomorow"....and still nothing. What have been other peoples recourse, I am reluctant to cop it on the chin. Cheers..............Bongchitis
  18. Bongchitis

    Un-honoured Trades

    The trade is now complete, was actually in transit whilst i was writting my last post so I should have been more patient I guess. Thanks for the advice to those who gave it and thanks for the cacti to the one who sent it, was in lovely condition and exceeded my expectations. Cheers all....................Bongchitis
  19. Bongchitis

    Un-honoured Trades

    Thanks for the advice, I may need a mods help soon but I will leave this up for another couple of weeks in the hope that the individual is reminded and acts on his own accord. I know this person is busy, and also well respected from what I can tell, so I am thinking there may be some roadblocks in the way but I just want the truth.....or cacti, whatever is manageable....no hard feelings! I too have taken a long time for a trade but it was a little more complex than chucking a cactus in a box and I tried to keep the recipient up to date........that is all one can do. 2 years for an exxy item and still waiting??????? I feel kind of petty but it is a matter of principle now. Anyway, I will wait and see, they haven't been active here for 10 days. Cheers................Bongchitis
  20. Bongchitis

    Macrogonus competition

    Would love to get a macro! Thanx.
  21. Bongchitis

    Growing cacti in the ground

    No problems SW of sydney where it gets to -3 deg C and frosts like a mofo. I actually over wintered baby pachanoi and Bridgessii in unlidded chinese containers 2 winters ago with no probs......yep lucky! Everything in the ground so far is thriving, but I have really sandy loam, which would help alot.
  22. Bongchitis

    Any idea's?

    Looks a little like Rocket flowering.
  23. Bongchitis

    *** QUICK AUCTION ***

    $96.................Spent + 1 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Nah....F#%k it, I can't log on again so $100. Lets see if that will last.........don't think so!
  24. Bongchitis

    *** QUICK AUCTION ***

    $95............I'm spent! 6.30?????......The last auction had midday down for finnishing, that is why I went stoopid!......so here goes again.
  25. Bongchitis

    *** QUICK AUCTION ***

    Shit Kenny, we will see who got that one! good luck and nice bidding war.