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  1. noshiewa

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Sorry people thread sort of died and I got busy with life again. If I owe anything hit me up. I didnt receive anything for my last attempt at giving away but that's not what I'm here for love seeing the free trade working. I'll grab yours niggles ill offer b. Caspi X2 rooted cuttings psychotria rooted plant delosperma rooted plant kentucky no.17 Tabbaco seed 2 unknown tricho seedlings
  2. noshiewa

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    If it's still going I'll take it but if not let's try go again 2x b. Caapi 2x psychotria 6x Delosperema seedlings tabacco seed kuntuckey no.17 Cpm seedling
  3. noshiewa

    Wanted loph seed

    Hi chasing some lophs seed all varieties and most likely bulk ;) Feel free to msg. Also interested in tricho seed and plants
  4. noshiewa

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Sorry not moving yet Add 1 x yellow dragon fruit cut 1x red dragon fruit cut Tabbaco seed Wild cube spore print 15x pere for graphs
  5. noshiewa

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Yes please infinity I'll offer 2x b. Caapi 2x psycohtria carth Small unnamed bridge pup 1 xDelosperma bosseranum Datura seed white flower
  6. Hello I have b.caapi vine cuttings rooted and growing strong in pots, if any ones interested in trading hit me up
  7. Sorry gotta get some more established and I'll let everyone know when ready
  8. noshiewa

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Yes please I'll offer Datura stramonium seed N. Tabbacum (Kentucky no.17) seed Dessert rose seed Delosperma seed Peres cuts for grafting Yellow chillie seed (not sure in var.)
  9. noshiewa

    Datura and brugs

    Hi looking to add some brugs and daturas to my collection
  10. noshiewa

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Squidygoanna can I grab the loph and add a b.caapi. t.bridge pup and a hybrid tricho pup
  11. noshiewa

    Looking for Caapi in Melbourne

    I've got caapi vines, I'll pm
  12. noshiewa

    Seeds for sale

    I'm in I'll pm
  13. noshiewa

    Trichocereus Spachianus

    I miss the big spach's I used to have would you be interested in swaping a cut for a b. Caapi vine?
  14. noshiewa

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Yes please I'll offer B. Caapi cutting with established roots Dragon fruit cut Desert rose seedling A. Acuminata seed T. Spachianus x e. calochlora seed I was a bit slow on replying to my last free seed post because I was in a car crash at the start of last month got stuffed up pretty bad out of hospital now, still in a neck brace but getting back on to stuff now.
  15. noshiewa

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Yes please I'll offer Small bridgesii tip Datura stramonium seed Mix chillies seed A. Acuminata seed Desert rose seed Galphimia gluca seed 2 x Delosperma bosseranum seedlings Morning glory seeds
  16. noshiewa

    Cacti cuts

    Hello ;) Its good to be back in the forums after bout 5 Years travelling. Some people might remember I sold up most my collection and went traveling aus bout 5 years ago, well I'm set up on a property in nortn Queensland now and I'm looking to expand my collection again :). I'm hoping to buy some of the cuts I used to own if I ever sold you a cut I'm more than happy to buy a cut back at what ever the going rate is atm plus postage, if not I'm looking to acquire these cuts if anyone could help : Bruce Eileen Psycho0 Icaro Yowie Rosie #1 #2 Pascsna Teresckii Crested optumia Goliath Spach. There's heapz more but these are the main ones I miss (Sorry bout spelling but sure y'all know which ones I'm trying to spell )
  17. noshiewa

    Cacti cuts

    Cool thanks I'll pm
  18. noshiewa

    Cacti cuts

    Cool bro sent ya a pm
  19. noshiewa

    Bulk HBWR or Morning Glory Seed

    I can get you rivea corymbosa seed when its on if you like there's none flowering ATM but should start soon
  20. noshiewa

    Bulk HBWR or Morning Glory Seed

    Is the coastal ipomea seed any good to you?
  21. noshiewa

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'll take them thanks I'll offer 3x delosperma bosseranun seedlings 1x small tbm cut Habanero chilli seed Tassie poppy seed
  22. noshiewa

    Cactus seedling pack

    I know you posted this months ago but was wondering if you had any left.
  23. Hello people I'm back ;) its been 5 years or something and I've traveled half way around Australia. I think its time to get a serious collection again :) I've still got some going couldn't give it up all together but now its time for more again.


  24. noshiewa

    doofers round broome

    Cheers for the reply bro. We r gunna get the genny out n start havin a few but was keen to see if there was any already goin on
  25. noshiewa

    doofers round broome

    Hi its been awhile but im keen to try n find a bush doof crew round broome could anyone point me in the direction of a good crew?