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    Shroom cultivation

    ok,i'm understanding you, and am certainly not in any way inclined to argue! best of luck
  2. toby

    Shroom cultivation

    --hi, sterilised brown rice flour and vermiculite in a jar is technically a breeding ground for bacteria, but no more so than a bowl of brown rice, probably less so seeing as your'e going to such lengths to avoid bacteria getting a foothold..
  3. toby

    Shroom cultivation

    hi bizz, i tried to email you but it was returned, perhaps you could send an email to me?
  4. toby


    email youre address here and you can have some...
  5. toby

    peruvianus no.427

    so assuming hoping this variety? species? came from good active parents. would this trait carry to the children consistently or would it be a case of finding the gifted ones and cloning them? i don't know how long these things have been around has anybody grown them long enough to know, it would be a shame if in ten years there were thousands of these around that weren't useful,
  6. toby

    peruvianus no.427

    is it necessary to pay for a phytosanitary cert' for customs not to be a problem? spiraleyes did you buy one when yours got opened on the way the way through?
  7. toby

    peruvianus no.427

    agreed to above, the listing in sc2 is amongst kk's but conspicuosly absent on no.427, in the catalogue where other peru' varieties have a name tacked onto them this one has a number?
  8. toby


    i need to cut back a plant due to it not having anywhere to go, and don't really want to throw it away. does anyone have any tips for successful cuttings ie, soft or woody. hormone powder or no etc thanks
  9. i have a few small salvia divinorum plants to trade for any Trichocereus cutting, or 100x any seed of same (+$5) if trade for seed. email...
  10. toby

    peruvianus no.427

    i don't think it's a kk number the only instances i've seen it mentioned were sacred cacti 2 where it's said to be "commercially available" possibly refering to seed, just number no prefix, or the JLH catalogue where it's referred to the same way, i'd love to trade in the future the largest at the moment are about an inch or so.
  11. toby

    sun/heat damage

    it was really hot here today, and i had cutting healing in the same place as for the past week, this afternoon the most exposed rib and a half are yellowish and quite shrivelled ,(it was flawless this morning)my question is, is this just dehydration that will fix itself when roots form or is it wrecked completely, also should cuttings usually be left in the shade?
  12. toby

    sun/heat damage

    thanks, it is burnt from an inch from the cut right up one rib to about 2" from the tip, so i"ll hope for the best
  13. toby

    NO2 but not ch3ch2ch3?

    reguardless of how good butane is subjectively {really good} or how toxic it is or isn't 398 people DIED this way between 98 and 2000 in the uk alone, probably from form rather than function but that's beside the point, it is probably irresponsible to advocate something kills so much reguardless of how it does it.....
  14. toby

    San Pedro Consumption?

    i think from cactus garage he may often mix them up, i once enquired about peruvianus from him and he said yes, he could obtain rooted cuttings, only to write back a few days later '" I meant T.pachanoi cuttings not peruvianus ,hope i haven't mislead you. reguards peter" he also included a note about them being clumped into Echinopsis together,or something of similar spelling
  15. toby

    Growing Psilocybe subaeruginosa ?

    there is a brand of jam called bonne maman, it comes in the type of jars your'e after it used to be at franklins at marrickville metro, but that's woolworths now and i don't know any more ,maybe another franklins with a foreign food section, or definately any good deli, but you'd better like the jam$$$$
  16. toby


    i think it's kids and animals smaller frame of reference that makes them more positive
  17. toby

    Rusting Trich's

    i have this problem? around grafts i thought it was from poor hygeine when cutting or during healing, doesn't seem to spread too profusely, but yeah rust was my exact thought on what it was, is yours actually on the outer skin
  18. toby

    Growing mushrooms

    you could also use any drinking glass,and use foil then some vermiculite then foil with a rubber band around it ,[the bands usually survive in the boiling pot]then some masking tape while they incubate,i have NEVER had contams and never had a jar lid ,so it's pretty safe........
  19. i dont know about her rep in the witch industry, but she used to be a singer in a surfie band that had some chart success ,one of their albums had a sheet of purple oms for cover art, as was the style of the day ie plastikman-spastik album, i don't think it generated much attention though, so she pursued a solo career as an author [good or bad ?haven't looked] ,but most importantly she jumped onto the media machine with witchcraft as her prop, or perhaps she used magic to get on the media machine ?