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  1. NSF

    suitable Aussie alternatives to plug spawn

    Put a tarp down when you are cutting in the bush, cut up your logs in one spot, you'll get a few litres of sawdust that way. If you need more, then cut very short discs off one log. More cuts, more dust. Aussie enokii definitely grows on euc.
  2. NSF

    VIC - $100 flow hood / uv light

    They're used extensively in orchid culturing, most of the scraps us amateur mycologist scrape up were previously used for orchid tissue cultures. "most" <-- some
  3. NSF

    some fungi I found

    Looks to me like you have... - not sure - the red ones: Mycena viscidocruenta - Possibly a russula - Aseroe rubra - Lycoperdon sp.
  4. No apology necessary, you are entitled to the IP that you've created. There's no doubt that market value is the driver for T.m, I just really love B.e in terms of aesthetic and food application. Inoculating seedlings in complete sterility...wow! Is the mycelium visible on the roots once it takes hold? Could you please share macro or microscope photos of it by any chance?
  5. @ Zen Ped - For me it's about ease of proving and harvesting. The ever looming theory that B.e doesn't fruit until the host reaches sexual maturity is a little scary though. I do have a dog who has great seek 'drive' so she could be trained to locate truffles...I suspect she'd eat them though. @ Mimzy, as for boletus, we found some in SA this year but had real problems getting A. a clean culture and B. getting it to then take to the agar. We even used modified Melin Norkrans medium agar. Are you inoculating the roots with an agar wedge or is a matter of watering with a solution? Or is that intellectual property that I'm asking about?
  6. Great business venture Mimzy, best of luck with it. Personally, I'd love to see chestnuts and Boletus edulis but that's just me. (Cantharellus cibarius would be fantastic too) Which species of Oak are you starting out with? Q. ilex? I think if you could get magnatum happening you'd have a bit of a unique offering to the market. As etherealdrifter talked about you might need to offer a whole lot of services including soil testing, trufferie design...well at least soil care, weed removal and irrigation. You might also want to warn people about how long the land needs to be free of trees prior to planting inoculated trees. The $30 charge would need to reduce based on volumes ordered I feel.
  7. NSF

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    That largest mushroom appears to have contamination on it. If I were you I'd rip them off and then spray the whole block in a diluted bleach solution. Also, sniff what you rip off, if it smells bad, it is bad. But that contam may have just flourished in the high humidity high CO2 environment, it might not take hold with more fresh air and lots of light (which you do have, I can see the windows).
  8. NSF

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    I'd try having them out of the tubs altogether. You can still sit them on some damp perlite, maybe put that on the lid of the tub, upside down. Then sit the block on top of it. Re-wet the perlite as needed, maybe lightly mist the block too.
  9. NSF

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    To me it looks like still nowhere near enough air. When you say you've been doing air exchange...how many? How often? The one that fruited first...was this just left out in the open air to fruit? Not in a tub at all? Maybe as soon as you get a block to pin you should take it out of the tubs to mature the fruit.
  10. NSF

    Cool mist humidifiers for Martha in Australia?

    I've got one I could sell you. Hmmm now you'd probably like pics and I don't have any...hmmm, I'll have to sort that out.
  11. NSF

    Cordyceps gunni + unknown

    Other cordyceps options maybe: C. hawksii C. subsessilis Were the gunii found near Acacia?
  12. I'm yet to hear of anyone, even experienced cultivators, who try these to have success at growing anything more than contams.
  13. NSF

    More King Stropharia Porn

    How are they on the taste buds?
  14. NSF

    Agaricus austrovinaceus

    What can you tell us about this species ZPBG?