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  1. ayjay101

    Psychedelic library for sale

    There were but Flux got in first.. Thanks mate PM'd
  2. ayjay101

    Psychedelic library for sale

    BUMP 22/6: All remaining titles - $80 the lot (Moving house so want this gone)
  3. I have heaps of cactus plants to sell. I simply can't cart them around with me any longer so I'm selling them off. Since my family break-up I've tried to move them with me from rental to rental but it's just too hard. There are many varieties and sizes to choose from, including some collectible species and many named clones - including: Urban Tribes 1 Bridge Ubran Tribes 2 Bridge Bruce Yowie "Incredible Hulk" Scop "Bendigo Bridge" Eileen Macrogonus Psychonaut Super Pedro Juuls/J3/Pach etc crosses Roesii 1 and 2 Norma (Rosei) ..and a lot of unnamed Bridgesii, PC, Cuzco, Peruvianus etc There are many potted and many bare-rooted plants available. There are also a lot of smaller crosses and "scrap" cuttings available. Some plants are marked/scarred, but they will heal themselves with love and time. Prices are from 50 cents per cm for common varieties and $1 per cm for others... or make an offer on the spot. I'm selling them from Menzies Creek (Dandenong Ranges Vic) this coming weekend (Sat 21st and Sun 22nd) - feel free to come along. PM me for details. I've advertised elsewhere, but if anyone from this group is interested in a particular plant I will hold for you as a priority. I can also provide better/specific photos on request. Hooroo for now
  4. ayjay101

    Psychedelic library for sale

    Yes, its still available. Someone else is interested but I they haven't claimed it yet. I'll mark it as yours now and will PM. It's a good price considering its a signed copy PMd.
  5. ayjay101

    Psychedelic library for sale

    It's all yours, I'll pm.
  6. ayjay101

    Psychedelic library for sale

    It's Vol 6. I've updated the ad.. Cheers
  7. Hi, EDIT 22/6: All remaining titles - $80 the lot I'm selling off my psychedelic library. Wanted to offer them here first. Feel free to pick any single books out. Or if you want the lot in one go please make an offer via PM. There's lots of good titles in there and some rarer ones too that I've collected over the years. Titles: Inner paths to outer space. Strassman et al. $20 Entheogens and the future of religion. Hoffman, Wasson, Mckenna etc. $15 Psilocybin Mushrooms of the world. Stamets. $25 Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Growers Guide. Oss & Oeric (McKenna). $10 Shroom. Andy Letcher. $15 Buzzed. Kuhn et al. $15 High Priest. Timothy Leary. $15 TIHKAL. Shulgin & Shulgin. $30 Ketamine. Dreams and Realities. Jansen. $15 The journeybook. $20. Rak Razam et al. $15 Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms. Stamets. $30 Plants of the Gods. Schultes, Hoffman, Ratsch. $30 Your brain is God. Timothy Leary. $15 Insight Outlook. Hoffman. $15 The constituents of medicinal plants. Andrew Pengelly. $15 Visionary Plant Consciousness. Mckenna, Weil, Alex Grey, Kat Harrison etc. $15 The brotherhood of the screaming abyss, signed by authour Denis McKenna. $30 The Yage letters. William Burroughs & Allen Ginsberg. $10 The doors of perception. Huxley. $10 Trouts notes on Cactus Cultivation. Keeper Trout. $10 Trips: How Hallucinogens Work in Your Brain. Cheryl Pellerin. $25 Flesh of the Gods: The Ritual Use of Hallucinogens. Wasson et al. $15 The center of the cyclone. Original Hardcover. John C Lilly. $20 The invisible landscape. Terrence & Dennis McKenna. $10 The sacred mushroom. Andrija Puharich. $10 The cacti handbook. John Ellis. $10 The Mystic Mandrake. Original Hardcover, 1968. (Collectable; In excellent condition) Thompson. $50 True Hallucinations. Terrence McKenna. $15 Dopeland - Taking the high road through Australia's marijuana culture. Birmingham. $10 Peyote and other psychoactive cacti. Adam Gottlieb. Soft cover. $10 Psychedelic monographs and essays - vol 6. Lyttle. $20 True Hallucinations & The Archaic Revival. Terrence Mckenna. Hardcover. $15 Entheogenesis Australis 2009/2010 handbook. $5 Victorian Fungi. Very Rare soft cover with beautiful hand drawn sketches. Willis. $75 Readers Digest Nature's Medicines (not pictured). $10 Materia Medica of western Herbs for the Southern Hemisphere. Ringbound. Fisher & Painter. $40 New Scientist magazine - Special Edition - What is Reality? Scientific American - Special Collector's Edition - A Matter of Time New Scientist - Special Report - Memory - Forget everything you thought you knew All books are in good or above condition. Will post from Melbourne, prices are exclusive of postage. Thanks, hooroo for now Ayjay
  8. Hey all, Just wanting some advice on the behalf of the missus please. She's getting a new tattoo around her lower calf and is struggling with intense pain and leg spasms. Any recommendations please on some local anasthetic or something to consume to reduce the pain, sensitivity or leg spasms? She's tried the local lidocaine creams and some panadeine forte but it hasn't helped. Shes had to cut her sessions short so far and may need to spread the rest out into smaller, more manageable times.. but the tattoo artist is an interstate trip away so it's not ideal.. she's been able to get tattoos in other areas without this problem.. Thanks in advance
  9. https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/victoria-park-overdose-nine-snorted-date-rape-drug-hyoscine-found-in-delivered-parcel-ng-b88704302z Victoria Park overdose: Nine snorted date rape drug hyoscine found in delivered parcel Grant Taylor, Gabrielle Knowles and Rourke Walsh Thursday, 4 January 2018 7:30AM They say no one had ordered the dangerous substance to the house. A drug that put nine young backpackers in hospital — including three who remained in intensive care last night—has been identified as a common prescription medication that is also known to be used illegally as a date rape drug. The West Australian understands authorities were surprised by the test results which identified the drug as hyoscine, commonly used to treat motion sickness. But the drug is also popular with criminals in countries such as Colombia because of its ability to put overdose victims into a “zombie”-like state, making them easier to rob or sexually abuse. The seven men and two women who overdosed on Tuesday night were all aged between 21 and 25 and included five French nationals, two Germans, one Italian and a Moroccan. There are fears more could be at risk as police try to work out what the drug was. 2:40 | 7-News-Perth Play Video There are fears more could be at risk as police try to work out what the drug was. The group became violently ill about 9pm after taking the drug together at the home they shared on Colombo Street, Victoria Park. Within minutes they suffered extreme symptoms, including seizures, paralysis, overheating and hallucinations. Doctors say it was lucky no one died as a result of the overdose. The Italian victim, who only wanted to be known by his first name, Simone, said the drug had arrived at their house through the mail in a package addressed to someone who did not live at the property. The Victoria Park home where numerous people were found in an unconscious or semi-conscious state.Picture: Mogens Johansen/The West Australian Despite not being the intended recipients, the man said they decided to open it anyway and found a white powder that was wrapped in a piece of paper with the word “scoop” written on the outside. Another name for hyoscine is scopolamine, possibly explaining the presence of the word “scoop”. Believing the powder was cocaine, the group divided it into nine equal portions before snorting it up their noses. Simone said he became paralysed and was unable to scream for help. “We were powerless, we couldn’t do anything,” he said. The alarm was eventually raised by another housemate who had been out for the evening and came home to find her friends in urgent need of medical care. Backpackers arrive at the Victoria Park property after spending the night in hospital.Picture: Mogens Johansen/The West Australian Neighbour Mark Evans described confronting scenes as a string of ambulances arrived at the property and began ferrying the backpackers to hospital. “It was carnage ... some of them were strapped to the stretchers and were totally unconscious. Two other guys were fitting and flailing around with their arms and legs and pulling strange faces.” RPH emergency physician David McCutcheon said it was not yet known whether any of the patients would suffer lasting injuries, such as damage to their internal organs. “They were brought to us in a state of agitated delirium,” Dr McCutcheon said. “They were hallucinating, their hearts were racing, several of them had to be put in a medically induced coma for their own protection and I really need to emphasise how seriously unwell they were. A backpacker pays the taxi after returning from a night in hospital.Picture: Mogens Johansen/The West Australian “Several of these people would have died I’m pretty sure without medical intervention and three of them are still in a critical condition. “They are still requiring full life support in ICU.” Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Budge said the incident served as a timely warning to all drug users about the dangers of taking any illicit drug “The message to anyone who is taking illicit drugs is that you could be the next one if you continue to take illicit drugs,” he said.
  10. ayjay101

    Poppy Seeds - retracted

    Yeah was thinking of getting them going ASAP... spring or summer is the norm, but the temps have been up around here and I've heard peeps have had luck out of season with diff varieties
  11. ayjay101

    Poppy Seeds - retracted

    Edit - retracted. Was looking for poppy seeds for an ornamental garden bed but didn't realise the legal implications. D'oh.
  12. Hi All, I have some awesome second-hand psychedelic artwork by Gerhard Hillman (http://www.naturesface.com.au/) to sell. Fossil (Mounted on wood backing) - $50 Greenant (Framed, no glass) - $60 - SOLD Mushroom dreaming (Framed with glass) - $60 - SOLD Each piece is in good condition. Selling due to moving house and downsizing. Would prefer to pickup/drop-off in Melbourne if possible. Thanks, Hooroo for now
  13. ayjay101

    Fresh Acacia Floribunda seed giveaway

    Thanks to all that have responded, the Australia-bound seeds will be sent off tonight. Overseas-bound seeds were sent last week. Also, we still have thousands of seeds left over, so PM me if you'd like some.. Here's a photo of the floribunda across my front yard: Hooroo for now
  14. Hi all, I have an abundance of Acacia Floribunda seeds to giveaway again this year. They were collected late December with my 5 year old daughter, Chi. She will also be helping me bag them and send them out. It would be really cool if you could send something small for her in return for the free seeds - a card, a picture, some small trinket, whatever. If interested, please PM me. Hooroo for now