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  1. (slightly off topic) I remember hearing/reading some time ago about a modern art movement whereby scripted film is pieced together from various snippets of cctv footage of the actors, as requeated from the cameras' owners
  2. ayjay101

    Ben Lee - Ayahuasca

    I see this as a very positive thing. (I don't like his music - why do I feel the need to state that outright??? Probably becuase I dont understand him, yet. There's always the possibility that his musical output will be modified by these expereiences as well ) Like him and/or his music - or not - this is only going to shine even more light on AYA, in the mainstream, in a bigger way than before. 'She' can and will look after herself with regards to the extra attention she will receive, I'm sure. The donation to MAPS and the Amazon Conservation cause, as well as being fan-funded will only add further exposure to the cause. The album will reach a certain 'large' number of people. The album promo on radio, tv, magazines etc will reach others. Interviews in the media will mention it.. other stories and discussions will be generated from these. Other artists will likely follow suit. I can't help it feel atm that the 'good word' is getting out via more and more channels - and not just the psychedelically-related 'good word'. The birth pangs of a science/spirituality marriage are tangibly being felt IMO. For example, 2 different neoroscientist's recent-ish accounts of NDE's, acknowledging deeper insights to the human-realty-consciousness experience: (Jill Bolte Taylor) http://blog.ted.com/2008/03/12/jill_bolte_tayl/ (Dr Eben Alexander) Then you've got others like Graham Hancock, Robert Buval, Michael Tsarion, David Wilcock, Santos Bonacci and many, many others doing awesome work to shine light on various parts of our lost history and spiritual heritage (and often with very positive things to say about the psychedelic experience). Local groups are forming in major cities to bring like-mided people together and provide exchange of ideas on these matters with international guest speakers - I've gratefully seen 4 of the above here in melbourne in the last 10 months alone!. I'm discovering that I live near centres that offer discussion groups and opportunities for further study in these concepts There are literally thousands and thousands of youtube docos, podcasts and discussion forums - presenting fascinating information on once-uncommon esoteric concepts such as: sacred geometry, the golden mean/ratio, fibonacci, cymatics, flower of life, quantum physics, forbidden archeology, psychedelics, religious/sacred knowledge etc - stuff that expands your understanding, appreciation and intuition of reality the more you open up to it (with it). Up until recently we had to go out of our way to find information on this stuff ourselves in fringe areas and communities - like this one (wonderful as it is) - it is coming out of the shadows of it's own accord now, to a much wider audience. I see reason to be optomistic about our future as this enlightening information re-surges from the ground up.
  3. You sounded very calm, rational and intelligent - as you clearly are. When speaking honestly and openly from the heart about something you care about it becomes an enjoyable experience rather than a fearful chore hey. The EGA plug was great With exposure like this we can educate the community at large that there are a number of us around that are embedded in plant use as a spiritual practice - yet we are happy, intelligent, sane, functioning & contributing members of society. Thanks for finding your path and doing what you do - it helps the rest of us immensley
  4. Outstanding representation
  5. what do ya reckon he'll do with the plants he bought? he may be in for a rude awakening lol
  6. It wasn't on 7 news in Melbourne?
  7. Hmmmm I'll be breaking my mainstream media abandonment and will tune in - just need to find my TV antenna again lol Conducting their 'research' and interviews just a day or two before this goes on air may give some early indication of the expected quality and stance Pretty weird that we'll have 2 SAB members independently on mainstream media so close together (Sunday night Safran and 7News the next night)! The melting pot keeps on warming
  8. w00t, will listen in for sure I like Sunday nights on triple j - Sunday night Safran with father Bob is usually interesting and entertaining. It's followed by The Sound Lab with Fenella Kernebone - experimental electronica ..mmmmmm.. Fenella Yes, they post podcasts of this show on the tripleJ website (a day or so aftewrwards)
  9. ayjay101

    magic mushroom induced inflammation

    Surely if psilocybin/psilocin were to blame this would be far more common and well documented. I have heard of this occurring, but only in a cpl of online experience reports, not in any printed literature. Fortunately I haven't personally experienced anything like this... that I've noticed anyway :-) Hope you're ok now, must have been very disconcerting at the time!
  10. ayjay101

    Mandrake preparation

    I've deliberately ingested metallica in the past I will NEVER do it again. promise. same goes for tropane containing plants, unless they're a minor component of a smoke mix. My 2 cents: read more about the tropanes and tropane experiences - as many as you can. Perhaps on Erowid. Then if you still must have the experience for yourself, do it safely at a mild dose with a sitter watching over you and then move on. The deliriant nature of the experience makes it hard to have meaningful and useful experiences when using these plants alone IMO. It's the sort of thing you'll easily be able to get out of your system in just one or two mild experiences, before moving on to bigger and better things. When you've danced with some of the other plant teachers and had but a glimpse of the other miraculous possibilities, you'll feel foolish for having been so desparate to have even gone there in the first place - at least that's how I feel. All the best
  11. ayjay101

    Katie & Tom split

    you weren't making a point, right humans kill people men rape women children kill animals people who take psychedelics are racist the list of offensive and meaningless statements could go on EDIT: I'm tryng to mate, but 'tis a bit hard to free our mind when we're imprsoning ourselves at the same time
  12. ayjay101

    Magic mushrooms found in Wattle Glen police search

    The primary police function is clearly not our safety. It's revenue raising and law enforecement. I was chastised by cops the other day for stepping out onto a tiny mall-street against the flashing red man, when there wasn't a car in sight. Common sense told me to cross the road as it was completely safe, but the cop called out and made reference to the fact that he was 'right there' as if to say that his function was to catch anyone wrong-doing. Forget about how absurd it was that we would all stop and wait for a light to change before we could walk across a 3-meter wide mall street with no cars in sight. I wanted to discuss it with him, but figured he'd book me for j-walking so I just let him embarass me in front of everyone there instead. Anyway I hope this guy doesn't get strung up for growing mushrooms. I wonder though what prompted the weed warrant in the first place - 4 plants isn't exactly a farm. I also wonder what a 'large amount' of dried mushrooms is? Mushrooms are simply not in the same category experientially. Most drug-takers aren't looking to strip away their belief structures and stand naked in the blinding light of our own inifinite existence. (or so I've read)
  13. ayjay101

    Computer nerd wanted

    Haha I've used the fridge/freezer method before too, with minor success before the boards heats up and crashes again.
  14. ayjay101

    Computer nerd wanted

    Good luck watertrade, FWIW I've had reasonable success recovering files in a similar situation with Recuva. Its a freeware app and does its best to piece files back together without the corresponding FAT data. I managed to scramble back some gigabytes of files after a fuckup when my workplace cutover to a new network a cpl of years ago.
  15. ayjay101

    stingray shoes, grow your own

    either that, or perhaps we open a big gay chook house so the males chase all the cock they want
  16. ayjay101

    Police warn of drug's dangers

    Oooohh sounds like something I wanna try... hallucinations, fear and paranoia... mmmmm yummy, makes me wonder why people even want the stuff in the first place. But the kicker - 'Inability to concentrate'.... buahahahahahahahaha!!
  17. ayjay101

    stingray shoes, grow your own

    Haven't launched a pesticide attack yet though I cam close earlier this year. Bought some stuff but later thought better of it before using it. So far the chooks we keep have helped out a bit as well as flicking the slugs over the fence etc - but then buy owning chooks we are supporting an industry that slaughters 1/2 of the species at birth, since the males don't lay eggs and aren't as desirable. Great quote I don't accept that all of humankind is consciously exploitative and cruel, and besides - why define your moral behaviour relative to others? A little light is surely better than none, even if only to serve your own rightousness. Once you have been awakened to a lighter path but consciously choose to stay on a darker one, you are narrowing your opportunites for improvement. There are many other valid reasons why you wouldn't want a beef taco or a peasant housemaid - that go far beyond the happiness of the slaughtered animal or the rights of the imprisoned slave. In your example of the taco - your own health, the supporting of industries that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, clearing of land, your own finances etc. In your example of the housemaid - your own finances, the loss of connection with your own basic life experiences, continung/setting the precedent of keeping a demographic down in society, removing the person from their own family & demographic, etc
  18. ayjay101

    stingray shoes, grow your own

    Fuckin A. However, I understand the hypocrisy that comes with it. Whilst I am vegan and feel I am doing the world a good turn in not contributing to meat, dairy and related industries I am not oblivious to the fact that I sleep in sheets and wear clothes that were hand stictched by slaves in a far-off land; live in a house that is constructed of natural resources torn from nature; burn copious amounts of fossil fuels in my home life and trvael etc; have my superannuation invested in multi-national corporations that couldn't give a fuck about the wellbeing of anyone etc, the list goes on and on
  19. ayjay101

    stingray shoes, grow your own

    fuck me. what the fuck is wrong with us?
  20. ayjay101

    Melbourne Fungi Workshop. Who's comin!

    I went along solo to this last weekend For the record peeps, these sessions rocked! Allison the presenter was a total champ. Choc-full of info and well worth the time & money. I learned heaps and had a great weekend.
  21. ayjay101

    Sub burbing

    Switch your phone to Airplane mode first - problem solved. I even do this when I'm carrying my phone around in my pocket.
  22. I’m gonna miss this wonderful circus one day lol
  23. ayjay101

    Fungi books?

    CSIRO's Mushroom Field Guide List