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    Hope i'm not too late! My favourite - Just because of the multiple pups that have recently popped up
  2. Paradoxical

    Lepista sublilacina purple mycelium

    Cool, can't wait till this strain is available
  3. Paradoxical

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    Awesome Kierbob, thanks for the update pics! After I gave my bags plenty of fresh air they have been fruiting like crazy!
  4. Paradoxical

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    I have recently started growing mushrooms, and have run into a potential problem and i need some help. Let me explain: I isolated a white oyster strain from a super market variety, and passaged this to grain in a jar. Once the grain was colonised I used that jar to inoculate four other jars. My technique was very sterile as I had access to an autoclave, and sterile room. I then pasteurised some pea straw (following RR videos), and used the colonised grain jars to make four straw logs. three of these logs were placed into a plastic tub, and the fourth log was placed on top of the tub due to space. these were left in a room which does not get any direct sunlight and is pretty dark the colonisation appeared to go well. I then had to go away on holiday for a week. When I came back the log on the top had fruited with white oyster mushrooms - great! but the ones in the tub had not, and had a lot of what looked like aborted pins - I assumed that there was not enough air exchange in the tub (no holes) So i then brought some more tubs, filled them with water soaked perlite, and placed two logs in each bin. I have been giving frequent air exchanges with the lid. So now the good bit! The three other logs have started to fruit as well, but the mushrooms do not appear like white oyster mushrooms, they blue in colour on the top kind of like blue oysters. So is this contamination? or is it due to the different fruiting conditions ie light? The original log that gave white oyster mushrooms, appears to still be fruiting the same type - i.e. not blue at all Has anyone else had this happen to them? Has any one got any advice for me please? Cheers in advance.
  5. Paradoxical

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    Hey Kierbob, Yeah that is the same isolate that I gave you. I don't know exactly what temp they were are, I just placed them in the only really suitable place i had. My house is pretty cold though. Good luck on getting those bags and buckets to fruit!
  6. Paradoxical

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    Thanks ace1928, Its good to know that this has happened to other people. They do appear to look like a form of oyster. I tried to isolate a single strain from the supermarket ones, and did two agar transfers, so I wasn't expecting to get much variation but I guess nature has a way of working its self out. Cheers
  7. Paradoxical

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    Okay thanks. What do you think about the different coloured mushrooms? Are they just different due to environment, or do i have a contamination?
  8. Paradoxical

    Help with Oysters and potential ID

    Yes the first one to fruit was just out in the open. I have been three air changes a day, one in the morning, and two in the evening. So should I just leave the lids off the tubs? or just take them out of the tubs?
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    give away

    Awesome, thanks heaps tipz. very much appreciated! Will pm you my details.
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    give away

    I am a new enthusiast to cacti! I have a couple growing at present, and have just started going a bit cacti crazy - getting into growing from seed and am preparing to attempt to start grafting. I would love to add this to my mediocre but slowly growing collection. I see that I am late to the game and four people are already ahead of me....
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    Meet up: Melbourne

    Bummer, I really wanted to come as I haven't been to a meet for a while, but I will be away that weekend. Hope its nice and sunny
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    Stimulant use for ADHD sufferers.

    I would agree with this statement completely. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 30yo. When i began taking the meds it was great, I was so much more productive it was ridiculous. But after a year I looked back and I realised for me to be that productive I had to lose a certain part of my personality (or dampen down). So then it became a trade off between being the bubbly person I am or being the productive version of myself. In the end I chose the first and stopped taking my meds.
  13. Paradoxical

    Melbourne Cacti Clearout! Potted and Cuttings

    -Trichocereus 'Yowie', 90cm tall, potted, $45 -Trichocereus scopulicola, 1100cm fat log calloused and ready to root, $30 -Trichocereus 'Psycho' x pachanoi, 40cm cutting, $20 Pm'd
  14. I am probably 'preaching to the choir' here but the general consensus is that set and setting play a significant role in a situation where psychedelics are experienced. Most importantly this includes the frame of mind that the individual is in. Being under the influence of psychedelics when you have unresolved issues, or are experiencing hard times, or for a large number of reasons you do not under stand your own mind (and are not stable), normally results in those things getting brought forward and you are forced to face it. Now wether you are actually capable of dealing with what ever comes up is another question. The second thing is dosage, most people that take psychedelics do so in a responsible and cautious manner. I assume its because of the first point that I was taking about. Unlike alcohol, which is generally consumed to excess and causes sedation and inebriation, at higher doses psychedelics can quickly overwhelm an individuals senses and frame of reference to the situation they are in. Psychedelics do not have the depressant effect of the bodies central nervous system that alcohol does, and what that means is when combined with a situation when an individual is overwhelmed and having a bad-trip (I hate to use that term), they are still very capable of doing any thing they can to try and escape the situation they think they are in - that may be running away, trying to self harm or hurting others close by (I have been in a situation where this occurred as a consequence). Thirdly, how an individual deals with the trip in the following days can also have a significant effect on their life and frame of mind, especially if they had a highly negative experience.
  15. Paradoxical

    A.anisopetala ponderings

    I did watch a talk given by Raph Borges and David Nickles last year, about chromatography and mass spectrometry analyses preformed on a number of plants including A. anisopetala. Here is a link to the video http://disinfo.com/2015/04/vines-minds-dmt-nexus-aya2014/ They mention that in their analyses Alicia anisopetala was not found to contain any harmala alkaloids, despite being used in similar manners to Banisteriopsis caapi.
  16. and Peak experiences and the afterglow phenomenon: When and how do therapeutic effects of hallucinogens depend on psychedelic experiences?
  17. Also in that same edition is: Classic psychedelic use is associated with reduced psychological distress and suicidality in the United States adult population (From another independent lab) and Psilocybin-assisted treatment for alcohol dependence: A proof-of-concept study (From Rick Strassman's lab)
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    ID number-2 please

    Thanks Psylocke.
  19. Paradoxical

    ID number-2 please

    Straight after the great success of the last ID request that I had, I found this beautiful cactus hiding in plain sight at another friends house. Any ideas of what it could be? Im not any where near an expert, but the ribs do not appear to be Trichocereus, mainly due to them being so skinny. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, P
  20. Paradoxical

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'll take bardo's offer. I will offer seeds of the following: pilosocereus azureus Datura. Strammonium, Datura. Metel Artemesia annua N.rustica & tabacum seeds Catnip seeds
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