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  1. Can someone please tell me the specifics on lophophora seed,wondering if I can order from these guys? http://www.koehres-kaktus.de/shop/index.php I have read in the legislation thread it says something like, that you cant export any part of these cacti, and in importing it states only drugs listed eg: mescaline, nothin bout cacti or parts. Being in Victoria where one can grow it, is it possible to order seed from overseas, I think the above place is in germany im pretty sure? Anyone had success with loph seeds getting thru customs @ all?Just dont wanna order and get burnt, if anyone has the knowledge on this matter, or has successfully acquired seed from overseas with no hassles I would greatly appreciate it, if you could let me know...cheers.
  2. applesnail

    cactus sale

    selling my whole collection trichos and lophs etc can email pics so please inbox as photos not posting or can be seen on australian cacti buy and sell on fb..
  3. applesnail

    cactus sale

    free to u steve..ive got one ..ethnoob pm me yr mobile i send u a pic..bastards made me give all my cacti away because there fucking selfish fucking assholes... one blueperu left .