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  1. apothecary
    Mucuna pruriens v. utilis & Mimosa sp (still unidentified) on the left.

    Lemon Myrtle. Nothing special, but I really love mine, my friend at State Forests NSW says he has never seen one with leaves so big.

    3 A. colubrina in the same pot and my B. caapi (oh how I love it).
    You can see a row of germinating Mimosa hostilis seed pots (from brian) in the background.

    Lobelia sp. "Blue Eyes".
    Any idea what it is?

    Red Savina seedling. These have to be the least vigorous seeds I have ever grown of anything. Germination is slow and prone to dying, and until the last few days of extreme heat growth was slow and pale. Hopefully it'll pick up now.

    Argemone mexicana seedling. Lucky to be alive. I think the soil might be infected with something, ants seem to love it in there.
  2. apothecary
    Lactuca virosa
    Datura stramonium
    Datura ferox
    Nicotiana (sp unknown)
    Trachelospermum jasminoides
    Inula helenium
    Leonurus cardiaca
    Artemisia vulgaris
    Verbascum thapsus

  3. apothecary
    Woohoo! I fuckin love spring. Some shots from the garden
    Lobelia (sp. unknown, tag said "Blue Eyes"), Red Savina, Mucuna pruriens v. utilis, Mimosa sp., Brugmansia aurea, 2x Brugmansia sp (unknown, got it from smogs ), Perilla magilla, B. caapi, D. myoporoides, N. sylvestris, T. pachanoi (UrbanTribes), 2 Dodonea sp., Borago officinalis,and some germinating Psychotria viridis

    My freshly pruned and fertilised Heimia, going very hard :D, Leonotis leonurus that I just managed to rid of red mites, bouncing back nicely.

    My D. stramonium v. tatula, the first SAB seed of any kind that I managed to successfuly germinate. Also just rebounding from a red mite attack, been pinching off the flower buds to encourage leaf growth, doing very nicely.
    Last seasons seedpods were harvest in the previous 2 weeks, fuck there is a lot of it

    Not as impressive as M S Smith photos, but I love my bridgesii a lot

    P. harmala overwintered under lights in a tiny pot. Put it out in a big pot of crappy soil about a month ago, it didn't too well for a while but under the shade of an A. baileyana prostrate it has begun shooting new branches
  4. apothecary
    Syrian Rue startin' to get big, considering it was just a tiny shoot a few weeks ago.

    Lobelia 'Blue Eyes' first flower.

    Coleus blumei purple cutting shooting new leaves, Hyoscyamus niger seedling.

    Perilla magilla growing all awesome like after pruning.

    I love big brug leaves!

    Can you just see the energy?
  5. apothecary
    Red Savina is starting to boom under the shade of a Brunfelsia americana

    Smogs gave me this damaged button on condition I graft it as soon as I got home! I kept my word. ^_^

    Young Hyoscyamus albus responding well to blooda&bone. I have some H. niger too! :D

    Borage flower with a few cacti in the background.